EM Plot line: Recap of 8/12/10 event


Thanks to everyone that could make it to the first event in my plot line that began on 8/12/10. Here is a brief recap of what transpired for those that could not attend or might have missed certain parts of the event:

1. Players were tasked with investigating recent attacks on miners at the recommendation of former Chaos guard captain Alexander Valthos.

2. One of Valthos’ informants directed players to a cave near the Shrine of Spirituality in Ilshenar. Players met with a miner that explained that he and two of his friends had just been attacked by a clan of Orcs.

3. After finding evidence of an attack inside the cave, players were attacked by a group of poison elementals and plague beasts. No Orcs were located in the area.

4. A few players suggested that the group investigate the area around the Cove Orc Fort. Once there, players found evidence of another attack on miners along with a green in color unknown substance spilled on the ground.

5. Once inside the Orc Fort, players were confronted by a large group of Orcs and poisonous creatures. There was a large amount of the same green colored substance inside the fort. Additionally, several Orcs seemed to be affected by the substance.

6. Outside of the fort, players were attacked by Byron the Miner. He was overly aggressive and quite strong in comparison to the typical miner.

7. After regrouping, players recovered several vials of an unknown substance from the corpses of the attackers. These were turned over to Alexander Valthos. A few players also recovered green colored Orc Helmets that were covered in the unknown substance.

8. A few players suggested that perhaps the substance was being used to control both the Orcs and Byron the Miner. Others believe that it was a trap set by an unknown individual. Others even proclaimed that Alexander Valthos himself could not be trusted.

Alexander Valthos conveyed to the crowd that he will attempt to have a former associate identify the unknown substance. Keep checking Pacific.UOEM.net for an announcement this week in regards to when the next event in this plot line will take place.


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