New plotline fiction: “The Masquerader”

Here is a new piece of fiction in reference to the ongoing plot that began a couple weeks ago. An announcement will be made soon in regards to when the next event will take place, but please keep in mind that things are a bit hectic this week because of the Town Hall that is taking place in Fairfax, Virginia. This fiction will be leading into the event that will be taking place the first week of September. An announcement on a specific date and time will be made on this website. Here’s an excerpt:

Kelvin narrowed his eyes as the daylight crested the mountains and bathed the grassy clearing in front of him. Standing alone was the small tower that had been described to him by Commander Valthos.

“Finally,” he sighed just as he caught sight of the tower in the distance. Kelvin had been sent by Commander Valthos to locate a man only known as Aganon. Although the commander had conveyed little about him to Kelvin, he knew that he was apparently a skilled alchemist capable of identifying the unusual substance that had been recovered from the corpses of both the orcs and the poisonous beasts that had been responsible for the recent attacks on miners over the past several weeks. After personally delivering the substance to Aganon several days before, Commander Valthos had heard nothing from him since. Kelvin was now tasked with locating Aganon and reporting back to the commander.

As Kelvin approached the tower, he noticed that it was quite decrepit and poorly maintained. The stone of the building was covered in a thick moss and a stale air wafted from the open windows. Small pieces of rubble littered the grass; a result of the stone walls slowly decaying over years of disrepair. Kelvin looked through the open entrance and called inside, “Sir Aganon?” he said in a raised voice. “Kelvin Hale, on behalf of Commander Valthos. May I come inside?”

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