New Section: Plotline Fiction

A new section has been added to the website titled “Plotline Fiction”. This section will include short stories and fiction that relates to upcoming or ongoing plotlines or events. Keep checking back on a regular basis for more.

Here is an excerpt from a short story that is related to an upcoming plotline that I’m working on:

“How did I let you convince me that this was a good idea, Arthur?” Byron asked. “Especially with all that’s been going on.”

“All that’s been goin’ on?” asked Arthur, fully aware of what Byron referenced. “Whatever do you mean, my friend?” he said in a sarcastic tone.

With a deep sigh Byron abruptly halted his work and left his pickaxe posted firmly in the side of the mountain. The inevitable argument that he was about to have with his mining partner at least gave him a moment to rest.

Arthur turned towards Byron and spoke through gritted teeth, “I’m not playing games with you right now. You know damn well what I’m talking about.”

Arthur chuckled slightly, knowing that yet again he had aggravated his timid mining partner. “Oh, ya mean the Orcs? Alright, so there have been a few attacks on miners. Ya ‘spect us to stop working? Ya ‘spect us to –

“I expect us not to be doing this in the dead of night when we can’t see them coming,” Byron interrupted. As he spoke he was becoming increasingly angry with Arthur. “I expect us to be doing this with a larger crew of miners and I don’t know, maybe not within walking distance of an Orc Fort?”

“We’ll see’em comin’ Byron,” Arthur replied with half a smile. “They’ll have torches.”

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