Royal Investigators Announcement & Event Sunday August 22 8pm PST

Date and Time: Sunday August 22nd at 8 pm PST
Meeting place: Front of Castle British Trammel Facet.
Event Type: Royal Investigator Training & Mission Discussion
Contact Character: Royal Investigator Commander Daeryn Whyte



Hear ye! Hear ye!

Queen Dawn has sent out a proclamation!

Know this:

We have selected a new Royal Investigator Commander to further establish the Royal Investigators and to institute a training regimen to recruit and improve Royal Investigators.

We searched far and wide to select somebody who could lead Royal Investigators and We have selected Daeryn Whyte of Vesper.  Based on her years of experience maintaining a private security firm in Vesper, Daeryn is the most qualified to become the Royal Investigator Commander.

Please welcome and congratulate her on her new position!

-Queen Dawn


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