SOS Round 1: Week 2

Sons of the Sea Round 1: week 2

Week one Note: Players that didn’t get to turn in their Kois for round one, will be allowed to bring them next week.  They must have the correct date stamp on them, and your name.  We are only going to do this, for this one week, due to the storms on the east coast

This week, Im really going to make your work for it!  I love lobster!!  I really love BLUE lobster.

Please bring me Sunday 9/4/2011 2:00pm pst/11:00am est Your 3 biggest blue lobsters.  These need to be dated between 8/29/11 – 9/3/11.

Congrats to Feesh  his koi came in at 178 stones, and has joined  Pfloyds Holy Mackerel  in our hall of fame.

You can see these fish on display at the Son’s of the Sea in Trinsic


Each week you will give you a new fish to catch.

This will be a point based event. Each week you turn in the fish i ask for, you will earn points.  Fish turned in must be caught that week of the round.
Do not cut up fish, You need the date stamp for it to count.

Points – You earn points by the size of your fish. The bigger your fish, the more points you earn.
Each week the person with the biggest fish will get 25 point bonus, and their fish on display at the SOS

Kick off event Winner Pfloyds Holy Mackerel  187 stones

Round 1: Week 1
Fish needs to be Dated 8/22/2011-8/27/2011
This weeks fish: Giant Koi
Bring me your 3 top fish
Sunday Aug 28th 11:00am Pst 2:00pm est

Winner Feesh Giant Koi 178 stones

Round 1: Week 2
Fish needs to be Dated 8/29/11 – 9/3/11.
This weeks fish Blue Lobster

Bring me your 3 top crusttations!

Sunday Sept. 4th 11:00am Pst 2:00pm est

 Sunday 8/28/2011 Points standing  * 25 pt bonus for biggest fish.
Temper 147
Beckett 215
Fredericks 174
Quiggy 134
Pfloyd 391
Raistalin 224
Capt Bluehook 229

Feesh 257  482 *25= 764
Asu Vaynyr 345 410=755
Wind of Aragon 45 42 = 87

Ok.. gets to fishing!  See ya Sunday!

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