10-6 / 10-7 / 10-8 – (7:30pm PST)

10-6 / 10-7 / 10-8 – (7:30pm PST)

There will be a couple of different Mini-Events taking place these days.

The 8th will potentially be a new story line event.  If not, it may instead occur on  Sunday the 9th.  (But as of now it is planned for Saturday the 8th.)

(P.S.  I will come up with a day and time that is convenient to do Main story line events on, to make it a bit easier for people to not miss the story events.  Mini events will come and go, changing each time and will be announced days ahead of time.)

I’ve met quite a few of you, but I hope to meet more of you as time goes on.  (Also, THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA.)

EM Leonidas

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