Okami Oni Storyline

Every spring, the Okami Oni, a wolf demon of the oriental lands, awakens from it’s winter slumber, wreaking havoc upon many towns and cities. The Mayor of Makoto-Jima, Mayor Konayuki, has gathered a crowd to help fight off and eliminate Makoto-Jima’s issues involving the Okami Oni. So far, a young Okami Oni has been found and slain after it did damage to Makoto-Jima’s livestock.

Mayor Konayuki has recently called any of those with interest to further talk to the townsfolk of Makoto-Jima for their stories involving the Okami Oni. These stories involve: Takeda the stablehand with his loss of horses,  Utada the geisha with her loss of a customer, Takashi the guard with the loss of his fellow guard, and Kimchi the child with the loss of her family.

A Okami Oni den was discovered in the Tsuki Wolf country, they are believed to be distant ancestors. There they found an ancient stone gate spawner that led to the den where Tsuki Wolves and Okami Oni were found and slain. After investigation, a box of belongings was found with the belongings of Kimchi along with a tuft of Okami Oni fur. A Peculiar Okami Oni attacked upon the discovery of the box and the Mayor declared that the Peculiar Okami Oni was Kimchi and that the Okami Oni were not just wolf demons but that they were a species of werewolf.

Further investigation is being held.

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