[EM Event] How can we get under the sea?

After some altercation from a Kraken near Trinsic dock (Fiction is coming), Alfred decided to spread the word to the authority so it can be brought to City Council Meeting and thought about.

The result was that investigation needs to be done. Where to go and from what to start was a little bit ambiguous at first, but as we are talking to a underwater species call for help, our best bet is to go to the possible source and dive underwater. Maybe nothing will be found, maybe clues will be found… If we don’t try we will not get anything.

The main concerns of his majesty was how to dive as we don’t have enough diving gear for our Templar of the Alliance if we have any…

So what was asked is to go meet with the Royal Alchemist named Mathias and see what he has in his bag to allow us to accomplish our task which is to go underwater to investigate the Kraken problem. Apparently he told his majesty that he may have a solution for us.

———————————————————————————————————-All Templar or the Alliance as to meet with Mathias the Royal Alchemist at the Blackthorn Castle Courtyard on Saturday Nov.22nd at 7pm pst. This is our first mission to get ready for an important investigation. Useful skill will include but not limited to: Combat skills and Stealing

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