[EM Event] Templar Mission 4: The true form of the evil…

Hi Templar Of The Alliance!

After a long City Council Meeting that took place on January 15th, a decision was taken and we will go further ahead in our investigation in Trinsic. We will go and give a short visit to the old man that live in the basement of the Trinsic Blacksmith.

Beware that we are not going there to fight, but to find more information about Sorgrus The Vile and what can he do… or where can we find him…

I call everyone available to give me an hand. The meeting will be January 19th (Monday) @ 7pm PST in the Blackthorn Castle Courtyard. I want everybody lined up in row for my arrival and I don’t want anybody late!

Signed: Bernard Commander of the Templar

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