[EM Event] Ongoing Event “Barok returned, what does he want…” INSTRUCTIONS

Hi Templar,

After receiving a messenger from Cove about the current situations, I learned about some interesting things that was found and that an investigation or search was currently ongoing,

Here are the instruction that I was talked about:

1 “Protector Of Secret” are keeping the 9 keys.

They are keeping the keys as they are protecting it with clues. So if you understand the clues and follow what they say, you will find an Item which will come out of the ordinary at that location.

2 “Protector Of Secret” appear only when the respective city mark is found.

All the mark were found, so all protectors should be in their respective Cities. Those protector are all in the same type of area in each town at the exception of 2 which are in the “INN” of those city. For example if you find one protector in a “Bank” all the other cities will have their protector most likely in the “Bank”.

3 When the mark is found the protector will guide you to the key.

Same as #1 the protectors give clues that guide you to the Item. The Item will be in the SAME city as the protector is in. 

4 The keys will help you to decipher the code to open the unknown.

When you find a key, it is important that you note the city in which you are and the name of the item you found in that city.

5 The protectors are hiding in the 9 royal cities, but appear only when the respective mark of that city is found.

Same as #2.

6 The code is known to be one word.

The item name and the mark in Cove will help you to find the keyword that will be use to enter the supposedly room in next event.

I do believe that is what I understand from those 6 instructions that were found.

I have decided to give you until March 26th, 2015 to find the 9 keys and try to solve the puzzle that is the keyword.

Sign: Heckles

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