How to interact with NPC (also called Oracle).

It is easy, but you need to know how to do it. Every shards got their way to make player deal with NPC (Oracle which are Yellow named NPC), here you will know how to deal with them on Pacific Shard.

  1. You have to watch for word in bracket ” ” so you know to which word the NPC (Oracle) will react to.
  2. When there is a question asked to the player you will most likely see the choice at the end of the sentence like (Y/N) or (Yes/No) or maybe (Agree / Disagree). I think you get the point 😛 There will be hint answer.
  3. It is always good to use the word often use during the current events.
  4. It is not only word but can be many words!
  5. Always good to say greeting to NPC (Oracle) like Hi, How are you?, Hello, How are you doing?.

For now this is what I expect from you while interacting with NPC (Oracle), if any change are made to this, I will make sure you know about it.

EM Orix