Old Characters

There are many characters who will come and go.  Here is a list of those who has been sighted on Pacific.

This list is not complete – we will gladly add more to the list if you send us an e-mail.

MultiShard characters:

Melissa: Servant of Nosfentor
Lord Casca (Dead)
Inu the Crone
Queen Dawn
Queen Zhah

Pacific-specific characters:

Mysterious Stranger
Zevoz (Dead)
Nexus Spirit (wandering other shards now)


Omo Trovi

Omo Trovi keeps himself busy these days but interestingly enough, very  little is known about him. From  bits and pieces gleaned in conversation  with him over time, he apparently hails from somewhere in Ilshenar and  thinks he’s very “ancient”.  He is a wandering chronicler, observing  and listening to events as they unfold.  From time to time, he tells  stories of things he has heard about or seen happen.  Be sure to ask  him about the pink ostard armor suit sometime!  He has an interesting  friend that he calls on to help him from time to time, A Mysterious  Stranger.


A Mysterious Stranger
A person of apparent great power and knowledge.  Virtually nothing is  known about this person other than one quiet comment “I was not a good  person in the past.  I am working hard to redeem for what I have  done.”  He comes and goes at will, usually bringing news about the  nefarious Agents of Corruption that seem to be plaguing Britannia.  His  book has a mysterious phrase as well, “Noli Timere Obscuritatem”, which  translates to “Fear not the darkness.”


Amelia Varaeli’n

Amelia is a Fortune Teller wise beyond her years, though she will hardly show it. Born to be half elf and half human, she has experienced both the privileges and the consequences of each race. Given her long life and spontaneous nature, Amelia will often poke herself in to other peoples’ business quite regularly. She is always seen with a book of notes which she regularly adds to, and rarely parts with. Amelia is currently residing in Moonglow, just north of the Lycaeum, and trying to cope with her neighbours there.