All About Puzzle (Part 2)

By the order of Bernard the head of Royal Guard, a group of Britannians went back to the Spiral mountain in Ter Mur to discover more about the secret room that was apparently a puzzle room.

On their way to the center of the spiral mountain some mercenary showed up preventing them to get to the top. Without fear Britannians climbed pushing back all mercenary. Once on the top they enter the cave where is located the puzzle room.

A big room where you can see 5 flaming pillar with 9 tower representing the 9 governed city of Britannia. each labeled with a color mark and a rune on the ground. In this room only the puzzle master has power to use this room properly. Shade from the abyss, the puzzle master can see in the future and open the gate to where your path should go. Not really convinced about it the clan member that uses this room has no choice but follow the master lead as of where to go next. Puzzle that seems random every time someone enter the room, the smartest will use it safely, but the other may have some issue… Smart or ….. it is up to the person to see.

As for this time Moonglow was the Britannians destination. Complex, but yet doable, this time the puzzle was to follow a story by a skull and match city and relics. With their hard work, they did solve the puzzle and reach the other side.  Chaos was there…

Average size cave, the Moonglow commander was awaiting them with a horde of Hell hound. Helpless talk… Citizen unsure of the situation, tried to talk to the commander without any success and the situation quickly became chaotic. What the Britannians found was a piece of a strange armor which nobody had a clue to who it was belonging… Could it be the thing that King Blackthorn is after? Could it be the thing that was stolen from the Castle Blackthorn? By now you must know the answer from the City Council Meeting.
To give all that up and leave it as it is… Or to go back and fight to find more.. is your choice and perhaps the choice you will take with Bernard and King Blackthorn.