All about puzzle… (Part 1)

By EM Orix

People started to gathered in the wide Hall so the meeting could be finally held and we could discuss more about the matter that we had on hand… The disappearance of some very valuable belonging to the king.

What the government with the help of their citizen could find is a path leading to a group called “The Hellhound Clan”. Who are they? not so many really know about them. Talking with citizen and villager only tells us that they are low profile and will usually not bring trouble as long as you are not troubling them. They are a limitless network that spread everywhere. They usually hired people to do their dirty stuff to protect themselves. They are Britannia’s Mafia.

With that information on hand, what could be our next move? Perhaps giving them a short visit as we know that Ter Mur division is recruiting.

Up we go to the Spiral Mountain, after a few altercation with some of the clan member we could climb up to the peak and meet him, Ter Mur Division commander. Trying to use diplomacy was not so successful, so we had to go to the next step to finally make him flee inside the mountain.

Quick enough we could follow him. In a dark and unknown area where we were definitely not at advantage we took out our torches and start walking and got to a small intersection, one way leading to a dead end wall and the other one leading to a wall similar to the dead end one, but with some breach in it.

We continue our journey toward the second path and cross the wall… At that moment, we again met him the Ter Mur Division Commander, this time was not a friendly visit…Right after seeing us, with one breath, he shouted some weird word that brought us some more visit, but unfriendly one. After a tough battle we finally could get to him and try for a second round of speaking without success, but a terrible failure that made us fight against him.

Nobody left, for the moment, we could only inspect the cave as quick as possible to find out that the opposite path dead end was no more a dead end. Interesting enough entering that room was weird… A large room that went deed in the cave… Pillar identify by cities name, and a Skull Head welcoming us to the puzzle room…

What kind of puzzle could it be? Why City name? Could it really be the answer to the disappearance at  Castle Blackthorn?