“A Royal Disappearance (Part 2)”

By EM Orix

It was a beautiful day, only bird could be heard chirping… Vladimir of his first name was walking around in the prominent city of Britain. Passing by the bank and then the arch, he turned right and this is where he met with another person. This person was wearing a small buckler wearing a strange mark of a Hell Hound head.

“I am ready sir!” said Vladimir with confidence.

“Isn’t it time? Let’s finish it quick and get away.” Whisper the man with the buckler.

The man with the buckler stay still, but Vladimir start walking and pass in front of the Bakery, then made a slight right to the Bow crafter to do a briefly stop. Vladimir opened the wooden door and dropped a gold coin on the floor. Everybody turned faces toward him wondering what was going on… Except one man that made a head shake and left the building in a fast pace.

Vladimir continued his walk and did another stop at the amphitheater and repeated the same pattern, he oppened the door briefly to drop a gold coin and got going again. Then, he got to the Mage shop and again… did the same thing as the previous places, he went inside and drop a gold coin on the floor then got a head shake from one of the priest.

Finally, Vladimir exited the Mage shop to end his walk in  the stable.

Entering the stable, as expected 4 person were waiting… an archer from the bowcraft shop, an artist from the amphitheater, a priest from the mage shop, the animal trainer from this stable and of course Vladimir who were a pretty normal middle class man with some special leadership skills.

They started mumbling about some kind of secret plan for about a quarter of an hour and then left the stable toward blackthorn castle. All of them except the animal trainer that for an unknown reason left a little bit later bringing a pack horse with him. He then stopped just before crossing the Blackthorn Castle bridge leading to the courtyard.

About half an hour passed they met the animal trainer for a brief moment and everybody went their own directions. Vladimir went to the Inn, where he walked around for a bit and then left like everybody else on his own…