“A Royal Disappearance (Part 1)”

By EM Orix

The dawn already hit… very quiet at castle Blackthorn. The royal guardman were patrolling as usual. Walking around in a circle pattern in the courtyard, walking around the meeting room following the wall, walking around inside and outside following the thick stone wall to make sure everything was in order.

Nothing to be too worried about, one man dressed in an average class citizen came out of the dungeon. As soon as he was done climbing those large and very impressive stairs, one of the agent of the crown, his name was Oliver, stopped him.

“HALT!” Oliver shouted.

“What is going on sir?”

“At this time of the day we do not allow people wondering around the Castle”

“Well I would need to go home” Answered the citizen.”

“Do so and remember that it is NOT ALLOWED to wonder around here at this time of the day!” said Oliver with a firm voice.

“Sure! Have a good evening sir.” The man walked away…

The man started by going through the Alchemist and Mage room where the dungeon entrance was following by the Royal Bar, then he crossed the kitchen where he saw a lot of gorgeous food and finally he pass by the workshop. A lot of things caught his attention, who wouldn’t be impress by such a gorgeous place?, but his favorite was without a doubt the workshop. Tailor, tanner, ¬†fletcher, woodworker, blacksmith, they were all at the same area. Guardsman looking at him going out, not much time to look at everything in more detail, he noticed only one thing, ¬†a very gorgeous piece of armor on the blacksmith table, it was of a metallic light blue close to turquoise color.

“Please proceed sir! This is none of yours.”Making a noise with his throat, said the guardsman.

Quiet, the citizen start walking at a fast pace and finally reach the bridge to the large city of Britain…

What could that all mean…?…