2013 August 29th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Britain – Night Shift – abs

Jhelom – Capricorn – here

Minoc – FOX II – abs

Moonglow – Pfloyd – here

New Magincia – Brigindo – abs (Dimitri filled in)

Skara Brae – GANI – here

Trinsic – Vacant NONE

Vesper – Clarkj

Yew – Frei – here

====Meeting Script====

Dimitri filling in for Governor Brigindo of New Magincia brought up the issue of lack of leadership and trade deals. The elected governor has been absent. Brigindo plans to run for governor of that city in the next election.

Pfloyd, Governor of Moonglow brought up the issue that he felt that the high taxes have made it difficult to do trades. Governor Pfloyd also brought up that a fair amount of gold has gone missing from the city’s treasury.  King Blackthorn made a note to bring this up with the Royal Accountant.

Frei was appointed Governor of Yew by King Blackthorn. Governor Frei brought up the issue that many of Yews buildings are on fire. Fire that can not be put out. King Blackthorn made a note to get this issue investigated.

– Requests a stable

Capricorn, Governor of Jhelom brought up that there are several angry farmers whose cows have been killed. And that killer fey were recently found in Illsh. He felt the two incidents may be connected. Pink Ninja Gecko explained that a man named Aydenn purchased some bottles which caused the two incidents and it is believed he has one more bottle.

King Blackthorn: Aydenn needs to be ‘convinced’ to give up that last bottle

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====

Governor GANI of Skara Brae:

– Skara Brae Banners to be placed at; the mint, boat docks, community center, moongate, ferry crossing (both sides)

– decorate city with different kinds of flowers and trees

Governor FREI of Yew:

– Requests a stable


Sign: Terance, The Royal Adviser