2014 April 24th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – Capricorn – here

New Magincia – Aftershock – abs

Minoc – Bonarz – abs

Britain – Night Shift -abs

Trinsic – tinkerbell – here

Moonglow – Pfloyd – abs

Skara Brae – GANI – here

Vesper – CeSari – here

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – abs

====Meeting Script====

Capricorn: hail
Terance the Royal Advisor: Welcome Sire
King Blackthorn: Hi everyone
GANI: hail to the king
tinkerbell: *waves*
Silk Falconsbane: Hail
King Blackthorn: Please have a seat
King Blackthorn: *look around*
tinkerbell: *bows*
GANI: *ducks*
King Blackthorn: Not a big audience this time
Capricorn: sadly no
tinkerbell: *hugs king*
Silk Falconsbane: maybe they got the sickness
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Let’s get going
King Blackthorn: Maybe they will come later
tinkerbell: *nods*
Capricorn: never know
King Blackthorn: *Don’t like late people…*
King Blackthorn: *Take presence*
King Blackthorn: Capricorn
Capricorn: aye
tinkerbell: *eats ducky*
GANI: geez
tinkerbell: *burps*
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell
tinkerbell: *smiles*
tinkerbell: yes sire?
King Blackthorn: GANI
GANI: aye sire
King Blackthorn: 3 present
Capricorn: just so you know i licked every duck of the one hue
tinkerbell: how many gov’s do we have sire?
GANI: excuse me be right back sire
Capricorn: all them ar seated sire every town this time
tinkerbell: i think he had too pee
King Blackthorn: Yes
King Blackthorn: We do have all seat
King Blackthorn: This time, but seems like they are busy tonight
tinkerbell: ok…….
King Blackthorn: I hope for a good cause
tinkerbell: *smiles at king*
Terance the Royal Advisor: Sire?
King Blackthorn: Let’s get started
Silk Falconsbane: uhoh
King Blackthorn: Yes Terance
Terance the Royal Advisor: Shall I inform the Commander of the Shadow Guard
Terance the Royal Advisor: that he is not needed tonight?
King Blackthorn: Yes please
Terance the Royal Advisor: *too many empty seats*
You see: Terance the Royal Advisor
King Blackthorn: Let’s start by the town report
King Blackthorn: Starting with GANI
King Blackthorn: please
GANI: aye sire
GANI: some of my citizen are sick
GANI: citizens
King Blackthorn: *take note*
tinkerbell: *wonders how many she has…. wishes we cold see that*
King Blackthorn: Any cause found ?
GANI: fertilizers
King Blackthorn: Is it taken cared of ?
GANI: use by farmers
King Blackthorn: *take note*
Annie Oakley: GANI i will go find him
King Blackthorn: Any action taken ?
GANI: veggies eaten by citizens made them sick
tinkerbell: syuck them too their chamber pots i bet
GANI: we found a sample at the market and took it to be examined
King Blackthorn: And the result ?
GANI: archibald got the sample
King Blackthorn: Is it something we can cure ?
GANI: he is examining it
King Blackthorn: Please communicate me result as soon as you can
tinkerbell: *thinks cure potion*
GANI: we dont know the results yet my lord
King Blackthorn: Last thing I want is epidemic !
GANI: indeed sire
King Blackthorn: I am saying that to all of you governors
tinkerbell: *thinks she should order her citizens too eat all meat*
GANI: it might take couple of weks for he result
King Blackthorn: Thank you GANI
tinkerbell: *claps*
Terance the Royal Advisor: welcome
Terance the Royal Advisor: have a seat
kirito: Wow!
GANI: we will inform yu once we fing out the result
King Blackthorn: ok
kirito: idk how im here but im here i was lost then poof
kirito: im here lol
King Blackthorn: next
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: You report please
tinkerbell: well… the scribes have been hounding me about the book bag…
tinkerbell: but other than that we seem ok… no sickness in my city
King Blackthorn: Good to know
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: So Right now maybe only Skara Brae
GANI: so far
Terance the Royal Advisor: eep! so far?
King Blackthorn: I will try to make things faster
King Blackthorn: As we are not sure exactly what is that fertilizer
King Blackthorn: We should take care of that as fast as possible
tinkerbell: *thinks they used the wrong poop*
King Blackthorn: Thank you Tinkerbell
King Blackthorn: Capricorn please
tinkerbell: your welcome sire
King Blackthorn: your report
Capricorn: hail sire
Capricorn: well i did make the sickness event
Capricorn: it would seem we need to find the chemist that sold the fertlizer
GANI: was great help capricorn ty
Capricorn: befor he can sell more to some other farmer
King Blackthorn: Do we have any clues where they can hide or be ?
Capricorn: it was young man was about all the info the lady had
tinkerbell: *thinks… no poop in her fields for a while*
Capricorn: she was ill at the time nad may give more info if she felt beter
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: What about Jhelom ?
Capricorn: all is quite in jhelom at the moment
King Blackthorn: Is it comtaminated ?
GANI: Ruben is the name of our guide sire
Capricorn: not that i ahve seen
GANI: he help a lot
King Blackthorn: ok great
Capricorn: or ben told of
Capricorn: i think the guid guy is sick as well
GANI: yep
King Blackthorn: Have you seen him after that first time ?
Capricorn: he got the stuff on his skin
GANI: no sire
Capricorn: and was scracthing
King Blackthorn: Can it be that bad ?
Capricorn: hard to say what it will do to him
King Blackthorn: just touching it …
Capricorn: well it was not a drecit contact thing with the food
tinkerbell: *wonders if he’s becomming a lizzard man*
GANI: he is at the inn in skara so we told him to stay
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Please GANI
King Blackthorn: for now
King Blackthorn: I would like you to stay alert
King Blackthorn: any change
GANI: will do sire
tinkerbell: me keep me eyes open too
Capricorn: ide like to talk a moment about chickens if i may
tinkerbell: *burps*
King Blackthorn: And both of you Tinkerbell and Capricorn
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Yes Capricorn I got this topic in my next things to talk
Capricorn: ok ill wate
King Blackthorn: But first I would like to finish what I was saying
King Blackthorn: Are you finish with your city report Capricorn ?
Capricorn: aye sire
King Blackthorn: You all know Bernard ?
Capricorn: they guard?
tinkerbell: *shrugs*
King Blackthorn: Yes
Capricorn: the even
Capricorn: from the serpents
Capricorn: event
King Blackthorn: Yes one of my Town guard
GANI: heheh
GANI: think i remember
King Blackthorn: He will probably meet you in about 6 days from today
CeSarie: sorry i’m late
Terance the Royal Advisor: Welcome
King Blackthorn: I will arrange a meeting
GANI: we will look out for him
King Blackthorn: Then you can probably investigate more about this issue of Skara Brae
GANI: ty sire
King Blackthorn: I will tell him what I know about it
King Blackthorn: that you told me, but let him know about any change
GANI: will do sire
King Blackthorn: Hi CeSarie
GANI: *pokes*
King Blackthorn: *Hate late people*
King Blackthorn: Can I know the reason your late ?
King Blackthorn: *wait*
CeSarie: k
tinkerbell: *thinks the king is not on gen chat*
CeSarie: i also hate that i was late
King Blackthorn: *In the mean time*
King Blackthorn: Terance
GANI: *get the whip*
King Blackthorn: Can you give a message to Bernard to go to Britain HAll in 6 days about same time
tinkerbell: *reaches in her pack for a whip*
King Blackthorn: That we have a case to investigate
Terance the Royal Advisor: yes Sire
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Capricorn: you should up grade his out fit as well
King Blackthorn: CeSarie ?
CeSarie: yes?
King Blackthorn: Can I have your City report please ?
tinkerbell: *looks at ducky*
tinkerbell: *burps*
King Blackthorn: *take the book*
tinkerbell: oooOOOooo then those are the good ones
CeSarie: this book will tell some of the problems
tinkerbell: *looks over kings sholder*
Terance the Royal Advisor: *glares at Tink*
GANI: lolz
tinkerbell: *smiles at terrance*
King Blackthorn: Thank you very much
CeSarie: . sorry also need to read in the journal as can’t see the blue ink on black
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Do your city got any problem ?
King Blackthorn: Sick people ?
tinkerbell: with the poops
King Blackthorn: Animal with diseased ?
CeSarie: very little population that i can see
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: Please beware that Skara Brae
King Blackthorn: got something that look like Epidemic
tinkerbell: burn the fields
King Blackthorn: not sure yet, don’t tell population not to alarm anybody
King Blackthorn: but keep an eye open
King Blackthorn: ok
tinkerbell: Sire we should burn there fields
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: That could be a way, but for now a little too radical
King Blackthorn: I would prefer to wait Bernard Report first
tinkerbell: *gets out kindleing*
tinkerbell: smiles
King Blackthorn: So next big topic
King Blackthorn: I received a proposal from Capricorn Governor of Jhelom
King Blackthorn: About Chicken fight
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: It was really interesting
GANI: *woot*
King Blackthorn: Maybe he would like to introduce it ?
tinkerbell: *does a little faery dance*
Capricorn: sure but it is pritty open to change so far
King Blackthorn: No problem
Capricorn: we need to set some rules
King Blackthorn: Just let know people of the main idea
Capricorn: and a structur for it to work
Capricorn: structur
Capricorn: any how
King Blackthorn: Yes that is what your request was about if I remember
King Blackthorn: A set of Rule
Capricorn: ide say no healing
Capricorn: no bard
Capricorn: we can hold them in th arena
King Blackthorn: Could I propose something ?
Capricorn: aye sire
King Blackthorn: We could debate here for rule
GANI: *listens*
King Blackthorn: Would take some time
Capricorn: we got time sire
King Blackthorn: *look at his agenda*
King Blackthorn: *sweat*
GANI: 25 minutes to go
Terance the Royal Advisor: *raises eyebrow*
tinkerbell: i agree with the no healing and no bard thing….
King Blackthorn: What I would suggest perhaps
King Blackthorn: if you want
GANI: ppl asking about preban chickens too
Capricorn: aye
King Blackthorn: Is to shorten the meeting and you governors present could write up a rule set in a book ?
Capricorn: i noted that
King Blackthorn: Governors could discuss the rule
King Blackthorn: and make a book
GANI: okies sire will do
King Blackthorn: and then present it to me
King Blackthorn: and I can officialize it
Capricorn: sounds good
GANI: ty sire
King Blackthorn: What about tournament structure ?
King Blackthorn: Do you have Arena ?
Capricorn: one other thing do we want to try for town champions then a kings battle
King Blackthorn: Town champion and king battle
King Blackthorn: looks great
Capricorn: is arena in lost lands works greaat
King Blackthorn: Shouldn’t be any problem
Capricorn: dont have to be guilded to fight that way
King Blackthorn: *Psst Terance*
King Blackthorn: What do you think ?
King Blackthorn: About Lost land
King Blackthorn: For me to go there
King Blackthorn: I would need some escort for sure
GANI: Guards?
King Blackthorn: Guard yes
Silk Falconsbane: hope he is cute
Capricorn: its a pritty safe part
GANI: will get the a team ready
King Blackthorn: I don’t know if I understood well
King Blackthorn: Town champion and King
GANI: cap?
Capricorn: ok i was thining each town
Capricorn: can have battles then pick a towns champ
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: I follow
Capricorn: then you host the kings cup to speek
King Blackthorn: ok
GANI: cool
Capricorn: then winers of that might scroll with name on it here some place
King Blackthorn: Where would be the king cup ?
Capricorn: or some thing like that
King Blackthorn: I would not let chicken fight in my castle
Capricorn: ll land arena unless you can find a beter place
GANI: luna arena?
Capricorn: see problem
Silk Falconsbane: the areana there
Capricorn: the ne w have one will work
King Blackthorn: Luna Arena would be a nice place
Capricorn: its same as the lost land one
King Blackthorn: Lost Land I don’t really like that
Capricorn: ok well then haven
Capricorn: you cant get them to fight in tram other wise
King Blackthorn: I understand
Capricorn: unless your guilded
King Blackthorn: Tis could be discuss probably later
Capricorn: new haven arena wouls work well
King Blackthorn: but I did love this proposal
King Blackthorn: and if all the town participate
GANI: thall be great
Capricorn: ide hope every town could find a champ
King Blackthorn: I think it would be great to build better relation
GANI: indeed
King Blackthorn: So the next step is the Rule Set Book
Capricorn: this frist time we may let the gov compeet
tinkerbell: how long are we thinking till the event… so we can get peeps ready?
King Blackthorn: Am I understanding correctly?
Capricorn: in case none will fight for there town
GANI: very soon
King Blackthorn: Great
King Blackthorn: So as I said
Capricorn: you can start the pe fights any time
Capricorn: and get town champ after we set rules
King Blackthorn: Good
King Blackthorn: So now any other questions ?
GANI: im good
tinkerbell: *thinks she will ask GANI later*
King Blackthorn: Before I declare the meeting over for today ?
kirito: i dont have a question but a statment
King Blackthorn: CeSarie ?
CeSarie: ” raises hand
King Blackthorn: yes ?
kirito: if i may speak sire
King Blackthorn: Any questions ?
CeSarie: people visiting Vesper can not look at the bullitin
CeSarie: unless they are a citizen
kirito: no im not asking that
Capricorn: all the towns are like that
tinkerbell: *nods*
kirito: i would like to thank everyone thats helped me so far
King Blackthorn: Thank you Capricorn
kirito: im new to the game 4 days new
CeSarie: well i have know idea what folks are citizen of my fair city
kirito: and alot of ppl have helped me and im very thankfull for it
CeSarie: if there are any, i don’t know them
tinkerbell: *wishes we could atleast tell how many citezens we have*
CeSarie: how can one appoint helpers of the town if we don’t know who they are
Terance the Royal Advisor: Glad to have you kirito
kirito: thats all i have to say
tinkerbell: *Smiles at Kirito*
kirito: hands to urself buddy lol
King Blackthorn: If you leave message to them before meeting and group event
King Blackthorn: you can ask them to report to you
King Blackthorn: CeSarie
King Blackthorn: GANI any questions?
CeSarie: i never see anyone in the town sir
CeSarie: could be because of the time difference
King Blackthorn: I will look into this
CeSarie: thank you sir
King Blackthorn: If I can be of any help
King Blackthorn: GANI any questions?
GANI: no sire
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell any questions?
tinkerbell: nope… me’s good sire
King Blackthorn: Capricorn any questions?
Capricorn: sire might help if and in know your bussy person if youd talk in chat some
Capricorn: just to maby wake the pop up to that your here
Capricorn: not sure if it would help but works for tinker everyone loves here
Capricorn: her
tinkerbell: *blushes*
King Blackthorn: I think I understand what you are requesting
King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do
Capricorn: other that that where do we leave the rule book
King Blackthorn: Governor Capricorn
Terance the Royal Advisor: *clears throat*
Terance the Royal Advisor: *points at the hourglass*
Silk Falconsbane: he should have a mail box in his castle 😛
tinkerbell: *hands Terrance a cough drop*
King Blackthorn: I would like to get it in the mailbox in front of the house next to the Britain Councelor Hall
Terance the Royal Advisor: umm err thx
Capricorn: ok sire
tinkerbell: *smiles*
GANI: cool
Capricorn: we will get ti made to night
King Blackthorn: Thank you very much
King Blackthorn: So I declare this meeting over
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your presence
GANI: i second
tinkerbell: *hugs King*
Terance the Royal Advisor: All Stand!!!
CeSarie: I second the motion
Capricorn: thank you
GANI: all rise

** City issues in the air **

  • Jhelom: Pirates raiding farm is stable no problem as of now. (Continue…) <Situation Stable for now>
  • Trinsic: Nothing special
  • Skara Brae: Population getting sick because of a possible Fertilizer that make its appearance. <Investigation Going On Now>
  • Vesper: Nothing Special

General Idea from Governors:

-Holding Chicken Fight between all city (King’s Cup), Rule set currently in construction.  

Chicken Fight Tournament among cities is approved by the king (To be prepare and dealt with by governors / King to be invited for the Final)

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====



Sign: Terance The Royal Adviser