2014 February 27th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – Capricorn – here

New Magincia – Dimitri – here

Minoc – Fyre Falconsbane – absent

Britain – Night Shift – absent

Trinsic – tinkerbell – here

Moonglow – Pfloyd – absent

Skara Brae – GANI – here

Vesper – Angelica – absent

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – here

====Meeting Script====

Terance the Royal Advisor says: ALL RISE!
GANI: hail to the king
Terance the Royal Advisor: Hail my King
King Blackthorn: Hi Everyone !
Capricorn: hail
GANI: hail
tinkerbell: Hail sire
King Blackthorn: You can all sit
King Blackthorn: *look around*
tinkerbell: ty ty
King Blackthorn: *Take note of the presence*
GANI: present
King Blackthorn: Jhelom check
King Blackthorn: New Magincia Check
tinkerbell: *wonders what Town Rex is aligned with…*
Tiberius Rex: Cove, of course
Capricorn: grins
King Blackthorn: Scara Brae
King Blackthorn: Check
GANI: no governor in cove
GANI: aye
Tiberius Rex: there is now
<8136007>GANI: cool
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Trinsic
King Blackthorn: Check
tinkerbell: *smiles*
<8136007>GANI: points
King Blackthorn: I am very busy today
King Blackthorn: as you can see I was a little bit late
King Blackthorn: *look at his watch*
GANI: np sire
King Blackthorn: *look at his schedule*
tinkerbell: *nods*
Dimitri: Weve been drinking a lil bit
King Blackthorn: *Look at the person standing in front*
tinkerbell: *looks like she needs a drink*
GANI: heheh
King Blackthorn: Psst.. Terrance
tinkerbell: *smiles at Cap*
King Blackthorn: Terance
King Blackthorn: Did we expected someone ?
Terance the Royal Advisor: yes sire?
GANI: wake up terance
Terance the Royal Advisor: Other than the missing goveners?
King Blackthorn: Yes…
King Blackthorn: *Look at the empty seats*
Terance the Royal Advisor: hmmm Not that I’m aware of Sire
GANI: last day of office again
King Blackthorn: Other than the other Governors
Terance the Royal Advisor: ahhh
King Blackthorn: Could you take care of that person for me I do have a tight schedule today
Terance the Royal Advisor: I”m sorry sire, not sure what you mean?
King Blackthorn: Just go see what he wants and report to me please
Terance the Royal Advisor: ah
Terance the Royal Advisor: Yes sire
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: Ok
King Blackthorn: So now we need to start
King Blackthorn: My advisor will take care of the other person
Capricorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Let’s start by the city report,
King Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming tonight
King Blackthorn: Let’s start by Capricorn
Capricorn: ok sire
King Blackthorn: Governor of Jhelom
King Blackthorn: please your report
Capricorn: the citty has been quiet
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Capricorn: i have gone to minoc 2 times to help there
Capricorn: when called
King Blackthorn: Minoc ?
Capricorn: it seem that town has need of leadership
King Blackthorn: *note*
Capricorn: and that lady friend of that Aydenn bloke has some cursed gem
GANI: sea serpent invasion sire
Capricorn: it seem to draw them i ask her to give it to you mages
Capricorn: but i dought you have receved it yet
King Blackthorn: Ok
Capricorn: that is my report i do have some other items ide like to bring up
King Blackthorn: ok For now Let’s keep it at report
Capricorn: ok sire
King Blackthorn: Next Governor
Dimitri: Magincia is well. Nothing out of the ordinary in the past few weeks…
King Blackthorn: Magincia yes please
King Blackthorn: Good to hear
Dimitri: However we are still in need of some basic things…
Dimitri: We require a Mage, Alchemist, and perhaps a fish monger to give our economy a jolt
King Blackthorn: I did start the process to consult some of our Architect
Terance the Royal Advisor: Excuse the interuption
King Blackthorn: But they got many more things right now to do
Dimitri: Seeing as how I am funding the Arcanists Guild weekly, the least they could do is provide personel
Dimitri: *nods*
Terance the Royal Advisor: Is the request for buildings or those who sell?
King Blackthorn: So I will keep an eye on this thing
King Blackthorn: Sure Terance
Dimitri: We have a few open plots of land as well..
King Blackthorn: So… Would some publicity
King Blackthorn: to hire them good ?
Dimitri: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Try to make some Advertizement
King Blackthorn: And see please
King Blackthorn: If we can concentrate our ressource to other thing
King Blackthorn: it would be the best
Dimitri: Lastly, our bench has gone missing
King Blackthorn: Is that your report ?
King Blackthorn: Anything else ?
Dimitri: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Dimitri: Not a problem
King Blackthorn: Trinsic
tinkerbell: well… the town is not burned down…. otherwise the same.. the scribes still want book bags
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Same as last Meeting
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: It is on the list
tinkerbell: sorry too be boring but yeah
King Blackthorn: *Look down to the last row*
King Blackthorn: It is on the list
tinkerbell: figured you had a full plate so why add anything hehe
King Blackthorn: Thank you
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Next GANI
King Blackthorn: Governor of Skara Brae
GANI: All the same me lord city is very quite
King Blackthorn: Great
GANI: Just funding guild of assassin
King Blackthorn: Quiet means no problem
GANI: no problem sire
King Blackthorn: As I told everyone
King Blackthorn: Festival, Contest, Events inside of town is a good way to populate
King Blackthorn: and make some life
King Blackthorn: Ok so now
King Blackthorn: I got some question
King Blackthorn: Have you heard of the other governors ?
Capricorn: some of them
Dimitri: They come and go…
King Blackthorn: It seems always the same governor assist to the Meeting
tinkerbell: just some rummors
GANI: nope just the ones here are active
GANI: aye
tinkerbell: *smiles*
Capricorn: i see yew some times
tinkerbell: *wonders if Kahlan is a govener*
Capricorn: i dont theink any one ran for brit
Capricorn: nope
GANI: dont think so
King Blackthorn: I heard something
King Blackthorn: Very suprising …
King Blackthorn: I have no clue if it is true …
tinkerbell: *looks interested*
King Blackthorn: It was brought by some of my Messenger
King Blackthorn: There is a rumors of some immigrant
King Blackthorn: Did anybody heard about it ?
tinkerbell: *shakes head*
King Blackthorn: I don’t know
Capricorn: tf has gaind some members from other shards of late is a ally of mine
GANI: hmm
Capricorn: but yes some are moving here
GANI: thats about it
King Blackthorn: I think it is a great new for us.
tinkerbell: cause we’re sweet hehe
King Blackthorn: Next
Capricorn: the shard took a nice healthy blow to the balls when zkv got tys house and shut down the abyss access
GANI: everyones being helpful to them
GANI: aye
tinkerbell: *nods*
Capricorn: that was one the nicer perks to this shard
GANI: indeed
King Blackthorn: Thank you Governors of Jhelom
Capricorn: some shard dont even have ahomes down there
King Blackthorn: Now
Capricorn: let alone access
King Blackthorn: lets move on and I will ask each of you for other topic or things to add
King Blackthorn: Let’S start by GANI
GANI: aye sire
King Blackthorn: governor of Skara Brae
King Blackthorn: Do you have any thought
King Blackthorn: or any issue to communicate
GANI: no sire
King Blackthorn: Great
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell
tinkerbell: *hugs King*
tinkerbell: na me good
tinkerbell: sire
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell anything to add ?
tinkerbell: *hugs King*
tinkerbell: na me good
tinkerbell: sire
King Blackthorn: Perfect
tinkerbell: *knows she forgot again*
King Blackthorn: Dimitri from New Magincia
Terance the Royal Advisor: *thinks about moving Tinkerbell’s seat down a few*
Dimitri: Nothing other than what I have previously stated
King Blackthorn: perfect
tinkerbell: *stiches her name in seat*
Capricorn: * chuckles *
King Blackthorn: Capricorn
King Blackthorn: Governor of Jhelom
tinkerbell: *bolts seat too floor*
Capricorn: aye sire if you ahve a short time
King Blackthorn: Sure
Capricorn: ok we need to boster the towns
King Blackthorn: How would you suggest that ?
Capricorn: i think you could greatly improve the towns but leting the loyalty be built
Capricorn: buy ading gold to the cittys stones
Capricorn: as is every one in her e fully funds what trade deals are made
GANI: i second that
Dimitri: *nods*
tinkerbell: yeah 2 mill a week…
Capricorn: and honestly you dont get much for your gold
tinkerbell: *think she can afford it but why*
Capricorn: if the citizens put in and got loyalty for it on the stone
Capricorn: othey than just dumping it in the stone
tinkerbell: *nods*
tinkerbell: good idea
tinkerbell: *opps…*
King Blackthorn: *look at previous notes*
Capricorn: ide like to see the trade deals afect the town more
King Blackthorn: Didn’t you already brought that up ?
Capricorn: ahh i prayed to the dark godess about it
King Blackthorn: I think I remember you already proposed it
Capricorn: not sure if i ever offred this way befor
Capricorn: i think if you set a deal you should see some change in the towns npc
King Blackthorn: No problem, but this is a change that could be very hard to make
Terance the Royal Advisor: I hear bribes of shoes work with with the Dark Godess
Capricorn: she can do any thing
tinkerbell: *agrees that gold on city stone shopuld give loyalty*
Terance the Royal Advisor: Not that I would know anything about that….
King Blackthorn: *listen to Terance*
Capricorn: i just think it would be a bigg help on this shard
Capricorn: we need to do some thing and i am open for ideas as well
King Blackthorn: I will write it down, but not guarantee anything
King Blackthorn: One of my question is About Pirates
Capricorn: aye i under stand she is a fickel godesss
King Blackthorn: Are they gone ?
tinkerbell: *thinks fishstink kills enough…*
Capricorn: you know i think they are off doing some thing else none this last week or 2
King Blackthorn: That is a great news
Terance the Royal Advisor: I believe it was Sea Serpents my King
Capricorn: no raids or any thing
Capricorn: tey may have fled
Capricorn: for now
King Blackthorn: About Jhelom Our Governor told us there was Pirate
GANI: just sea serpents at minoc sire
Dimitri: *wonders why I can have my own special throne here, but no bench in Magincia*
King Blackthorn: and he needed to bribe them to get them out of their town
Terance the Royal Advisor: Oh that….
Capricorn: aye and they have sliped off some place
Capricorn: hard to say when they will come back or next strike
King Blackthorn: please report to me if they came back
Capricorn: gani is a port town as well
tinkerbell: can’t speak for pirates sire… but i capture all i can
King Blackthorn: GANI
GANI: aye sire
Capricorn: so he should be on the look out 2
King Blackthorn: Governor of New Magincia
King Blackthorn: Please look up for Pirate in your Town as well
Dimitri: Aye?
GANI: we will do sire
King Blackthorn: Next topic
Dimitri: We have a trade agreement with them, Im not too worried
King Blackthorn: The most important
King Blackthorn: That is a good strategi
Dimitri: They supply us with liquor
King Blackthorn: but please report if they overdo it
King Blackthorn: or if they become too greedy
Dimitri: *nods*
Capricorn: ohh hell they selling my bribe booze to you guys
Dimitri: Seems like they keep increasing their rates
King Blackthorn: Now
GANI: hmm
Capricorn: thouse greedy bastards
Dimitri: *grins*
King Blackthorn: Sorry we need to go to another topic
King Blackthorn: Capricorn talked about Minoc
King Blackthorn: I am very interested
tinkerbell: *feels good she has Eldruanes armys on her land*
King Blackthorn: Seems like a big issue
King Blackthorn: You were talking that you went there twice !
Capricorn: aye we will need your army
King Blackthorn: What is happening ?
Capricorn: to ring it here safly
Dimitri: Seems like the serpents are attracted to the gem… Why not move the gem somewhere…
King Blackthorn: As The governor of Minoc is not there
Dimitri: And lure them into a trap
Capricorn: ok it all started with a treasure hunter
tinkerbell: move it inland Sire
King Blackthorn: Yes
GANI: its right in the town
King Blackthorn: Treasure hunter?
Capricorn: we went looking for his dead brother last hual
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Capricorn: and found a ship wreack in the lost lands
tinkerbell: *listens?*
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Capricorn: we gathreed this cursed pearl
King Blackthorn: A pearl
Capricorn: it was in brit for a short thime
tinkerbell: *remembers hearing something about that*
Capricorn: and i ask that you should be give it
Capricorn: i was not herald
Capricorn: then it shows up with aydeen
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Capricorn: i tell you he need jailed
King Blackthorn: *Recognize the name Aydenn*
Capricorn: any how its is in minoc now
Terance the Royal Advisor: Aydenn? Him again?
tinkerbell: move it inland Sire
Capricorn: in the gemoligest shop
Capricorn: his love intrest
King Blackthorn: Ok so now the serpant
Capricorn: she is kinda cute
King Blackthorn: in Minoc
Capricorn: aye
Capricorn: they seem to be drawn to the thing
King Blackthorn: But are we sure there’s a link ..
King Blackthorn: Proof ?
Dimitri: *pokes Cap for more booze*
Capricorn: no proof sire ither than monsters cam out when we toook it sea monsters
King Blackthorn: Do we have proof of this serpent and pearl ?
tinkerbell: move it too skara and find out hehe
King Blackthorn: But if we take the pearl off …
Capricorn: that is an idea
GANI: plz no…
Dimitri: *hic*
King Blackthorn: It would be by boat …
Capricorn: aye bad idea
King Blackthorn: From minoc
King Blackthorn: Would it be good ?
Capricorn: take it over land
GANI: nope
tinkerbell: no.. i recomened by land
Dimitri: Why not give the pearl to the pirates… it will lure the serpents to them…
King Blackthorn: I agree
Capricorn: ohh place it in the desert
Dimitri: And perhaps an end top the serpents and pirates?
Capricorn: is a shrine there in the burning sand
Terance the Royal Advisor: Welcome
GANI: hail gecko
tinkerbell: who
King Blackthorn: Hi
Capricorn: near brit
Pink Ninja Gecko: has it started yet?
King Blackthorn: *Look at his watch*
Terance the Royal Advisor: yup
King Blackthorn: Why is that delay governor ?
King Blackthorn: We are almost done ….
Pink Ninja Gecko: I appologize for the tardiness
King Blackthorn: Please take a seat
Pink Ninja Gecko: The
tinkerbell: *hands Pink some notes*
King Blackthorn: *continue on the topic*
Pink Ninja Gecko: road to Britian was littered with acidents
Pink Ninja Gecko: an unfortunate
Pink Ninja Gecko: cattle herding incident
King Blackthorn: So
Pink Ninja Gecko: that is all clear now
Pink Ninja Gecko: but why i am late
Terance the Royal Advisor: ahh thougth i smelled soemthing
King Blackthorn: The option your suggesting me
King Blackthorn: is either bring the pearl to Desert
King Blackthorn: or ?
<8136007>GANI: thall work
tinkerbell: move it by land too skara… and we’ll know if there is a connection
GANI: thall work me lord
Capricorn: ide place it at 65.55n 37.37e sire
Pink Ninja Gecko: Lord what are my other governors opinions on this matter
King Blackthorn: Where is that location ?
Capricorn: if they come up river
King Blackthorn: ok
Capricorn: to the shrine of compassion
Capricorn: then we will surely know
King Blackthorn: *take note*
Capricorn: and we can defend the river
Capricorn: easyer
tinkerbell: be shure too lets us know if you do it sire…
tinkerbell: *thinks fishstink is gunna open up whoop butt*
Capricorn: no sea monster would dare the sand
Pink Ninja Gecko: To be honest my Lord, moving the pearl to the desert would be a much safer plan
King Blackthorn: Is there anybody that are curently doing research on this matter ?
Pink Ninja Gecko: it is away from our citizens
tinkerbell: *likes the skara plan better*
Capricorn: poor gani
Dimitri: What harm could come from giving the pearl to the pirates?
Pink Ninja Gecko: I have dispatched some rangers my lord, but no news as of yet
tinkerbell: if they figure out how too use it… never know
King Blackthorn: *hum ..*
Capricorn: there is some odd feel to the thing
Dimitri: I think the serpents will make short work of the pirates that seem to be out there
Capricorn: i just hit it with my drinking stick
Terance the Royal Advisor: remember what happened to the last thing that was broken?
Terance the Royal Advisor: that mirror
Pink Ninja Gecko: Aye
GANI: aye
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: The mirror yes
GANI: that was a messed
King Blackthorn: That was terrible
Capricorn: you know it might be some kind egg
King Blackthorn: Eggs …
GANI: thats what im thinking
King Blackthorn: The thing in itself need research I think
Capricorn: well it pritty dam bigg for a pearl
King Blackthorn: We don’t know at all what we have
tinkerbell: *agrees*
Pink Ninja Gecko: We will research more Sire and dispatch the news back to you
King Blackthorn: I would really prefer to get some research one on it
King Blackthorn: before moving it around
tinkerbell: study… yes sire… move it too Skara….
King Blackthorn: and spreading the plague
Capricorn: you should send some you battle mages to look at it
GANI: geez
tinkerbell: *giggles*
King Blackthorn: Was it not the reason to put it in Minoc
King Blackthorn: With this gemologist ?
King Blackthorn: You said Governor of Jhelom
Capricorn: she just took of with it
Terance the Royal Advisor: Forgive me Sire… *points to the hourglass*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Eliza is a bit suspect and usually at the center of such concerns
Capricorn: i tryed to warn her
GANI: report next meeting
Capricorn: if she was not plesent to look at id might not have let her make of with it
Pink Ninja Gecko: Aye.
Capricorn: but it was not going to my town eather ;]
Capricorn: * shruggs*
Terance the Royal Advisor: Forgive me Sire… *points to the hourglass*
Terance the Royal Advisor: *again*
King Blackthorn: So what about letting her do her research
Pink Ninja Gecko: Agreed
Capricorn: if you think that best
King Blackthorn: and plan the next move after
Pink Ninja Gecko: i would prefer it to remain and have Eliza conduct the research
Dimitri: Can you provide some guards for her place?
tinkerbell: but i still think we need too move it… inland would be good
King Blackthorn: Eliza is the Gemologist and minoc is a proper Miner City
Pink Ninja Gecko: Aye my Lord
tinkerbell: yes sire
King Blackthorn: Isolate the thing
King Blackthorn: May be good but first we need to know more about it
King Blackthorn: What do you all think?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Agree Sire
Capricorn: she could set up cam p in th e sand as well
GANI: agreed
tinkerbell: Aye Sire…
Dimitri: If you can provide the security…
tinkerbell: *still thinks we need too move it*
King Blackthorn: I will try to send a message to Minoc Governor
King Blackthorn: to get the Security improved
King Blackthorn: but please could you if you have time look after as well
Pink Ninja Gecko: Aye Aye Sire
tinkerbell: we try
King Blackthorn: *Look at his schedule*
Capricorn: well hopefuly we all here re win out respective town s
tinkerbell: *hic*
tinkerbell: *needs a cup of tea*
Capricorn: good luck all
King Blackthorn: I am running out of time
Terance the Royal Advisor: tea? *raises eyebrow*
GANI: election begins tomorrow
King Blackthorn: Yes
King Blackthorn: The election as well
Terance the Royal Advisor: Good luck to all of you in the upcoming elections
Capricorn: ill probly need it
King Blackthorn: So I will wish you good luck
tinkerbell: yes… ty m’lord
GANI: ty sire
King Blackthorn: And hope to see you in the next term
Terance the Royal Advisor: ALL RISE

** City issues in the air **

  • Jhelom: Pirates raiding farm in hope for bribes (Continue…) <Situation Stable for now>
  • New Magincia: Reconstruction of the city (Mage, Alchemist and Fish Monger needed. Also requested a bench on the beach) <Governor Working on it>
  • Minoc: Serpent problem, invasion like <Asked to look after city until Eliza do her research>
  • Trinsic: Nothing Special
  • Skara Brae: Nothing Special
  • Yew: Nothing Special

NOTE: Those issues are not being actively reviewed to be solve as of now due to prioritizing progress.

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====



Sign: Terance The Royal Adviser