2014 March 27th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – Capricorn – here

New Magincia – Aftershock – abs

Minoc – Bonarz – here

Britain – Night Shift -abs

Trinsic – tinkerbell – abs

Moonglow – Pfloyd – here

Skara Brae – GANI – here

Vesper – CeSari – here

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – here

====Meeting Script====

King Blackthorn: Hi
Capricorn: hail
Bonarz: Hail King!
Dr Zoidberg: hail
GANI: hail to the king
Pink Ninja Gecko: Hail
King Blackthorn: You can sit
King Blackthorn: please
GANI: ty sire
Capricorn: sire
King Blackthorn: *look around*
Capricorn: beor we start town reports
King Blackthorn: Small meeting today
Pink Ninja Gecko: Aye
Pink Ninja Gecko: all is quite in the realm
Capricorn: lord bonarz
GANI: tinkerbell should be here
King Blackthorn: Attendance
Capricorn: has requested to leed minoc
King Blackthorn: first
King Blackthorn: Jhelhom is here
King Blackthorn: Skara Brae – GAN
GANI: aye present sire
King Blackthorn: And
King Blackthorn: Pink Ninja Gecko Governor of Yew
Pink Ninja Gecko: Evening Sire
You see: Pfloyd Duke of Moonglow
GANI: pfloyd is here sire
Capricorn: chuckles
King Blackthorn: Done with presence
Pfloyd: Sorry im late
King Blackthorn: Why does bring you late ?
Pfloyd: late dinner
King Blackthorn: *look at governor of Moonglow*
GANI: tink too
King Blackthorn: ok please have a seat
Pfloyd: thank you sire
Capricorn: tinker bell also told me she would be late if she could make this time slot
GANI: women
GANI: heheh
King Blackthorn: Thank you Capricorn
King Blackthorn: *take note*
King Blackthorn: First
King Blackthorn: I would like to congratulate all the new Governors
Uriel Serrafin: *cheers*
King Blackthorn: As our previous meeting was not officially planned
Bonarz: *claps*
King Blackthorn: but a little of an emergency
Capricorn: sadly none are here
GANI: np
King Blackthorn: So
Capricorn: yes sire
King Blackthorn: Terance is proceeding with Bonarz
King Blackthorn: Next topic
Capricorn: would you like my report then
King Blackthorn: First
King Blackthorn: Would like a general report
Capricorn: ok
King Blackthorn: about Pirate and Serpents
King Blackthorn: matter
King Blackthorn: I got a report from Bernard
King Blackthorn: He said it went amazingly good
King Blackthorn: Is that true?
GANI: woot
Capricorn: aye
King Blackthorn: I am very glad to hear that
GANI: great help me Lord
Capricorn: i was a little leery about giving that thing back to a water monster
King Blackthorn: So do you confidently think the treat is gone ?
GANI: indeed
Pink Ninja Gecko: I was unable to attend sire, my squire did not recieve note of the goings on until it had completed
Capricorn: who knows what they will do next now
King Blackthorn: At least it is back
King Blackthorn: Correct?
Pink Ninja Gecko: aye
Capricorn: aye
King Blackthorn: Great
King Blackthorn: What did you thought about Bernard ?
Capricorn: and we got a nice reward from the beastly
GANI: he was great
Capricorn: he was ok a little up tight
Pfloyd: agreed hehe
King Blackthorn: He is a new promoted
King Blackthorn: Head of the royal guard
GANI: received good guidance from him
Pfloyd: i would follow him
King Blackthorn: Very strict
GANI: ty for sending him with us
King Blackthorn: and not a big laughter
GANI: very focused
Bonarz: i blame that on me
King Blackthorn: Welcome back Terance
GANI: gratz Bonarz
Uriel Serrafin: Bonarz the GUV!!!
Uriel Serrafin: *claps*
Bonarz: should have single clicked
Uriel Serrafin: *claps*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Congrats Bonarz
Bonarz: Thank you all!
Terance the Royal Advisor: *makes note*
Capricorn: congrats
King Blackthorn: Congratulation Bonarz
Capricorn: now time to work
King Blackthorn: You may have a seat
King Blackthorn: And we can follow
King Blackthorn: So yes
King Blackthorn: Bernard is not really an humorous guys
King Blackthorn: He is strict and want things done
GANI: aye
King Blackthorn: But I think he is the perfect person for this position
King Blackthorn: ok
GANI: yes
King Blackthorn: So one more topic clear
Pfloyd: yes
King Blackthorn: Ho!
King Blackthorn: Be sur eyou will meet him again in the future
GANI: his very welcome Sire
King Blackthorn: So anything else to add on the Serpent pearl topic ?
King Blackthorn: Before I change topic?
Pfloyd: none here
King Blackthorn: Perfect
King Blackthorn: So now
GANI: same here me Lord
King Blackthorn: I would like each of you to introduce yourself briefly and your city report
King Blackthorn: as We have a new Governor
King Blackthorn: and he may not know all of you
King Blackthorn: so first Pink Ninja Geclo
King Blackthorn: Gecko
King Blackthorn: Go ahead
Pink Ninja Gecko: Greetings, I am Pink Ninja Gecko, govenor of Yew, report is all calm and normal… nothing out of
Pink Ninja Gecko: order
Pink Ninja Gecko: welcome Bonarz
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Bonarz: Thank you Gecko
King Blackthorn: GANI please
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yw Friend
GANI: Im Gani Governor of Skara Brae and All’s is quite in my City
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: Pfloyd please
Pfloyd: Welcome Governor Bonarz, I am Pfloyd, Governor of the Magic Isle of Moonglow
Pfloyd: Nothing unusual to report
Bonarz: Ahh thank you nice to meet you Pfloyd.
Pfloyd: Likewise
King Blackthorn: That is nice to have all city without problem
Pfloyd: *smile*
King Blackthorn: please Bonarz
King Blackthorn: Could you introduce yourself
King Blackthorn: and as for report
Bonarz: Hello all, I’m Lord Bonarz. Not sure what to report yet, as I just accepted this position.
King Blackthorn: Tell me what you know
Bonarz: Will have a full report next meeting
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Bonarz: I know my city has been under siege.
King Blackthorn: Please keep an eyes
King Blackthorn: and if anything unusual came to your eyes
King Blackthorn: report to me please
Bonarz: I most definitely will Sire!
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: and Capricorn Governors of Jhelom
Capricorn: hail sire
King Blackthorn: Your report
Capricorn: the pirate atacks have lessened with the un rest in the sea as of late
Capricorn: but i would expect them to ramp back up not that that settled
Capricorn: now even
King Blackthorn: You would still keep patrol ?
Capricorn: surely sire
King Blackthorn: *note*
Capricorn: the farm ilsand is the most un guarded part
Capricorn: and has a dock the like to use
King Blackthorn: ok
Capricorn: that where the moor there ships and camp out
Capricorn: ill keep my guards wacthing it
King Blackthorn: Thank you
King Blackthorn: Perfect
Capricorn: i have kept praying to the dark goddess for all the towns to have stables and certin items
King Blackthorn: ok
Capricorn: i wonder if we should not arange some sort festivle or scrafice to apees her and get her to come help
King Blackthorn: Doesn’t most major city already have them ?
Capricorn: vesper just got its not long back
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: *take note*
King Blackthorn: Talking Festival
Capricorn: jhelom has neather stable s clean up offcers or a trash can
King Blackthorn: Spring is coming
King Blackthorn: Any city are planning festival
King Blackthorn: or any entertainment ?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yew Could provide baking goods
Pink Ninja Gecko: 🙂
Bonarz: bleh
Bonarz: i’ve sampled those once
Pink Ninja Gecko: muffins are great
Bonarz: that was enough
Capricorn: i was thinking we could start to do some sore city hunt night
Capricorn: sort
King Blackthorn: That is great
Capricorn: maby once a month
King Blackthorn: I think
Capricorn: some think like that to drum up intrest
Capricorn: that all i got sire
Bonarz: We could hold chicken fighting events.
Capricorn: i like that
GANI: woot
Capricorn: would be good thing
Pfloyd: chicken or chicken lizard?
Capricorn: for easter we could do bunnys
Bonarz: Battle Chicken to be technically correct.
Capricorn: bunny fights
Pfloyd: i stil havent been challenged from years ago
King Blackthorn: Yes I like the idea of tournament
Bonarz: I’ll get some chickens going….
King Blackthorn: between city
Bonarz: You just wait!
Bonarz: Aye that sounds like fun!
King Blackthorn: or only inside city
GANI: *sounds Great*
Bonarz: Why not both?
Pfloyd: it could be a battle royale
Capricorn: can you sire make a chicken fighting ring
King Blackthorn: Don’t forget that governors got responsability toward Citizen
Bonarz: Maybe host small ones within the city to name champions of the cities…
Bonarz: Then the champions of the cities goto a final battle.
Pfloyd: can you mirror the one outside of Luna?
King Blackthorn: Why don’t we use the one in Luna ?
Capricorn: its not a real town
King Blackthorn: If I get to meet the governor there
Pfloyd: we could
King Blackthorn: We could borrow
Capricorn: we could use the pit at jhelom
GANI: can yu handle the announcement sire
Bonarz: Was just going to suggest that.
King Blackthorn: Or if not possible I could probably try to talk with the architect
Bonarz: Fighter pit in Jeholm.
King Blackthorn: With a proper proposal
King Blackthorn: I could surely help
GANI: excellent tool for ppl to have citizenship
King Blackthorn: Can someone send me a proposal
Capricorn: surely
Bonarz: Most definitely.
King Blackthorn: I think is it definetly something that would entertain our citizen
King Blackthorn: *take note*
GANI: indeed me Lord
Bonarz: Maybe even promote titles for citizen’s who are the reigning champions
King Blackthorn: *take note*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Perhaps pass out wearable shrouds or equipment for winners and runner ups
Bonarz: Would generate interest in citizenship across many cities
Capricorn: at least sashes
Bonarz: As opposed to just one city
Bonarz: Well…
Capricorn: aye it should be citty wide
Bonarz: I would suggest it be something that can be taken and given to another.
Bonarz: Without having to be a trade deal
GANI: sashes or footwears
Bonarz: A sash for instance….
Bonarz: What if they do not want to give it back?
GANI: have time limit on them
Pfloyd: i would love a magic battle chicken lizard mask
Bonarz: ahh
Capricorn: it could be dated
Bonarz: Time limit…
Bonarz: aye
GANI: just like the festival and deco
King Blackthorn: I can see if we can give clothes, but it may be hard
Capricorn: say some thing i won the chicken fight on 5 /15 /14
King Blackthorn: Or maybe just give for a certain period of time
Bonarz: could make it expire
GANI: aye me Lord
Bonarz: the sash would have an expire date on it
Bonarz: only good for say…2 weeks or a month….
Bonarz: whatever the period between battles is
Bonarz: then the sash would disappear
King Blackthorn: but
Bonarz: and a new champ would have to be named
Pink Ninja Gecko: People like items they can wear with pride without worry of it disappearing
King Blackthorn: I don’t think I can do anything about prizes in that case
Pink Ninja Gecko: pride for winning for their city
King Blackthorn: I do have other things, but if you do want to think about it
Bonarz: maybe a title to be worn on the character sheet?
GANI: then how bout city plaque with there name posted
Bonarz: that has an expire date as well….
King Blackthorn: and give your own
Dr Zoidberg: may i make a suggestion?
Capricorn: we got time to think up a suitable prize
King Blackthorn: Thank you Governor Capricorn
King Blackthorn: First we need a proposal
Bonarz: maybe a board located in each city with the champions names
Capricorn: aye
Bonarz: bragging rights?
GANI: thall be cool
King Blackthorn: I would like details
Bonarz: just a posted message board
Bonarz: ok
King Blackthorn: and where would be a good place
Bonarz: we can work out the details
Bonarz: and let you know
King Blackthorn: to build
King Blackthorn: And material
Pink Ninja Gecko: Battles would take place in the dueling arena
King Blackthorn: you want to use
King Blackthorn: to make the battle ground
Capricorn: might i add
King Blackthorn: So I can consult my architect and get their price
King Blackthorn: Yes Capricorn?
Capricorn: could the king if it could be done have portable batel ring much like a ship that could be placed in the town hosting the fight then taken buy the king when fight is over
Capricorn: or a arena master
GANI: lmao
Capricorn: chickens dont need much room to fight in
King Blackthorn: I would really prefer if we can use what we already have
Capricorn: ok sire
Pink Ninja Gecko: The animal dueling arena
Pink Ninja Gecko: is a perfect place to t have it
Capricorn: we can just make them out barrels for the time being
GANI: thats what i did in my last tournament
Capricorn: it is a cock fight
GANI: water barrels
Capricorn: hay bales some thing
King Blackthorn: so
Terance the Royal Advisor: ahem…
King Blackthorn: any other comments ?
Terance the Royal Advisor: *points to hour glass*
King Blackthorn: *look at his watch*
King Blackthorn: !!
King Blackthorn: I forgot !
Capricorn: chuckles
King Blackthorn: I have an appointment
King Blackthorn: With The Queen
Pink Ninja Gecko: ooooooo
GANI: heheh
Pink Ninja Gecko: i see
Capricorn: have at her sire
King Blackthorn: Her fisherman
Pink Ninja Gecko: *wink*
Bonarz: rawr
Terance the Royal Advisor: *thinks she may have wanted that pearl*
GANI: till next
Pink Ninja Gecko: aye
King Blackthorn: were compromise in the problem we had
King Blackthorn: Then need to meet with her to let her know everything is taken care of now
Terance the Royal Advisor: A few of their vesals ended up in splinters
King Blackthorn: I will let you know when the next meeting
Capricorn: ohh
Capricorn: hey
Terance the Royal Advisor: All rise!
King Blackthorn: Thank you

** City issues in the air **

  • Jhelom: Pirates raiding farm is stable no problem as of now. (Continue…) <Situation Stable for now>
  • Minoc: Serpent problem, invasion like is now over. The population is going back to normal life little by little.
  • Moonglow: Nothing Special
  • Skara Brae: Nothing Special
  • Vesper: Nothing Special
  • Yew: Nothing Special

General Idea from Governors:

-Holding Chicken Fight between all city, like tournament. Request would maybe be special arena. Issue is we already have arena we can use, but still waiting on a complete proposal.

Stable in the cities that doesn’t have it already. (On the list of ideas for now)

NOTE: Those issues are not being actively reviewed to be solve as of now due to prioritizing progress.

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====

Chicken Fight Tournament among cities “Waiting proposal


Sign: Terance The Royal Adviser