2014 October 2nd

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – dsNchanted – abs

New Magincia – Aftershock – abs

Minoc – Vacant

Britain – Night Shift –abs

Trinsic – tinkerbell – here

Moonglow – Pfloyd – abs

Skara Brae – GANI – abs

Vesper – Vacant

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – here

====Meeting Script====

Capricorn: hail
tinkerbell: Greatings M’lord
King Blackthorn: *!*
tinkerbell: *bows*
King Blackthorn: Hi !
tinkerbell: *smiles*
Anifarra: Your grace
King Blackthorn: We ean sit
Welcome back your Royal Highness
King Blackthorn: *Look around …. wondering …*
Capricorn: should be short at least
tinkerbell: *looks worried*
King Blackthorn: *Look in the crowd … notice someone …*
King Blackthorn: Is that you ?
King Blackthorn: *Ask Tinkerbell: is it the previous Governor of Jhelom sitting there?*
tinkerbell: *nods*
Capricorn: hail sire i juat came to see how things are going
You see: Grizly
King Blackthorn: Well thank you sir.
You see: Governor of Vesper
King Blackthorn: As you can see *Turn at Trinsic governor* it is quiet here recently…
tinkerbell: *loos pritty*
King Blackthorn: I do not know why…
tinkerbell: i think we need some new blood
Capricorn: i see i will try to run next cycle
King Blackthorn: *Turn to Tinkerbell*
tinkerbell: *see’s a Tycoon before her with a question*
King Blackthorn: Did you heard the town cryers shouting about the meeting ?
tinkerbell: *nods*
tinkerbell: and Sherry too
King Blackthorn: Hum …
King Blackthorn: What could be the reason …
King Blackthorn: Look at the person standing in front of the meeting table
Mordenkainen: greetings M’Lord
King Blackthorn: *Whisper to Tinkerbell do you know that person?*
tinkerbell: not shure M’lord… we also have 3 towns showing no trade deal when there coffers are full
Grizly: *huff….Puff*
Grizly: i… made… it
tinkerbell: me talked too him… he wants too be Govener of Minoc
Dreanor: should have portals up to get here
Grizly: Vendor Buy Bank Guards Recdu Recsu
Grizly: My Leige
Mordenkainen: i’ve come to inquire about the governorship of vesper
King Blackthorn: Vesper
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Didn’t we had a person last meeting for Vesper?
tinkerbell: na that was Minoc
King Blackthorn: Just a minutes sir
King Blackthorn: I will start the meeting and come back to you in a minute
King Blackthorn: So I declare this meeting officially open
tinkerbell: *smiles*
Grizly: *cheers to that*
King Blackthorn: I will make it brief as… Look around at the empty seat… I think you understand why
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell any news from Trinsic ?
tinkerbell: well sire.. the new trade orders have my people hopping
Pink Ninja Gecko: Evening Sire
tinkerbell: *looks at PNG*
King Blackthorn: Hi Pink Ninja Gecko !
Grizly: Gecko your armor is beautiful!
King Blackthorn: Long time no see
Pink Ninja Gecko: Evening Governor Tinkerbell
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yes my lord, it has been quite to long indeed
Pink Ninja Gecko: I appologize for my absense as of late
tinkerbell: *wishes she knew how that tell command worked*
King Blackthorn: Great Tinkerbell
King Blackthorn: I do believe trading between city is great
Pink Ninja Gecko: Where might the other govenors be my lord
King Blackthorn: for economy and making stronger link !
Pink Ninja Gecko: Very Much So!
tinkerbell: yes my coffers are overflowing
King Blackthorn: Very good !
King Blackthorn: *turn to Yew governor*
Pink Ninja Gecko: To have citizens, a marvelous dream
King Blackthorn: I would like to know as well …
Pink Ninja Gecko: The trade deals have been going swimmingly, although our citizenship is down
King Blackthorn: Anything else Tinkerbell about Trinsic ?
tinkerbell: you have citizens… 53 trade orders done… there has too be some
Pink Ninja Gecko: many have come at the hands of my inner circle
Pink Ninja Gecko: trying to revitilize our precious economy
tinkerbell: well… aside from having twice the orders filled of any town we’s sweet
King Blackthorn: ok
Pink Ninja Gecko: Anifarra, Nice of you to make the meeting this evening
tinkerbell: there was talk of my doing a fishing event…
Anifarra: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Fishing contest ?
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: That would be wonderfull!
King Blackthorn: Is there any plan as of now for it ?
King Blackthorn: Long time no see this governor…
Pink Ninja Gecko: Govenor of Skara Brae
tinkerbell: the gov of Skara… i think he lost intrest
Dreanor: i would be happy to lend my assistance if needed my lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: I believe he is ill with Ebola my lord
Dreanor: in the fishing contest
You tell Pink Ninja Gecko: Are you serious?
King Blackthorn: He is ill ?
King Blackthorn: Are you serious ?
tinkerbell: *shrugs*
Pink Ninja Gecko: I was playin a part my lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: I believe he is well
Pink Ninja Gecko: I saw him this mroning
King Blackthorn: ok
Pink Ninja Gecko: in the feilds of britannia
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: So about you Pink Ninja Gecko?
King Blackthorn: How is Yew ?
tinkerbell: well atleast we know he’s not dead
Pink Ninja Gecko: I am an aquarious, like many of the yew citizens, we like assorted pastas and long walks on the
Pink Ninja Gecko: beach
Pink Ninja Gecko: the trade deals
Pink Ninja Gecko: are going well
Pink Ninja Gecko: increasing in volume
Pink Ninja Gecko: day to day
Pink Ninja Gecko: we should see a staedy flow of
Pink Ninja Gecko: income
King Blackthorn: Very good !
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yes
You see: candelabra
Pink Ninja Gecko: The trade deals have brought much needed prosperity to our city
Pink Ninja Gecko: Thank you my Lord
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Great to see that !
tinkerbell: hugs the king
King Blackthorn: That was the goal and I am glad it does what it was meant to do
King Blackthorn: But still I do believe we may need to attrack more people
tinkerbell: i love the way it acales too the character
King Blackthorn: in our city
tinkerbell: *scales
Pink Ninja Gecko: YES!
King Blackthorn: First before talking about this
King Blackthorn: I would like to tell everybody here
tinkerbell: i have even been doing them… and i’m a crafter
King Blackthorn: that I do believe the Bloudhound clan
King Blackthorn: was takken cared off
King Blackthorn: There may be some wandering around
You see: decorative carpet
tinkerbell: the hellhound clan m’lord?
King Blackthorn: but I used some of my guard
King Blackthorn: YEs
King Blackthorn: I always confuse them
King Blackthorn: Too many clan and name
tinkerbell: *giggles*
King Blackthorn: I am a chess person and love strategy
King Blackthorn: name …
tinkerbell: *thinks of the Eldurane Clan*
King Blackthorn: Is not my stregnt
Pink Ninja Gecko: i am but a pawn in your legion my lord
King Blackthorn: I do believe you may have seen the armor
King Blackthorn: that I order to make
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yes i have come across its beauty
tinkerbell: *thinks she’s the queen… Giggles*
King Blackthorn: in my workshop
King Blackthorn: I am doing a reform !
Capricorn: the cocktrice?
King Blackthorn: with my guard
Pink Ninja Gecko: The chest peice is currently missing
tinkerbell: yes sire… and it needs help
King Blackthorn: The chest piece is currently being restored
King Blackthorn: as some damaged was made to it
tinkerbell: *thinks she should build him a real suit… not for show*
King Blackthorn: Bernard will still be the leader
King Blackthorn: As he is my most trusthworthy guard
King Blackthorn: but the whole system will change
tinkerbell: *looks intrested*
King Blackthorn: Just like a chess game
King Blackthorn: where strategy and surprise arise
King Blackthorn: *Look happy*
tinkerbell: *thinks Queen takes Knight**
King Blackthorn: But still some work to do
Pink Ninja Gecko: surprise does arise from time to time
King Blackthorn: They do
Pink Ninja Gecko: Qualities of the Prince
King Blackthorn: And we need to catch them before
Pink Ninja Gecko: Defend the land in times of peace my lord
King Blackthorn: This is what I want to hear!
tinkerbell: you have a son?
King Blackthorn: Me?
Pink Ninja Gecko: What of Minax my lord
King Blackthorn: Minax
King Blackthorn: Yes
tinkerbell: who’s the Prince?
King Blackthorn: It is something we need to take cared off !!
King Blackthorn: And that is EXACTLY why I started to think about a reform !
King Blackthorn: Minax!
tinkerbell: *wonders where he got a kid*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Perhaps public executions my lord for Minax follwoers
Capricorn: i think he is saying he got with minax
King Blackthorn: About prince
King Blackthorn: We do not have a Prince
Pink Ninja Gecko: Machiavelli wrote Qualities of Prince
Anifarra: The progency of Minax, then?
Pink Ninja Gecko: he is a long time forgotten scholar in these lands
Anifarra: That would be Exodus
tinkerbell: weoh…
Anifarra: Child of Minax and Mondain
King Blackthorn: ok
tinkerbell: sounds like one ugly kid
King Blackthorn: It does
Anifarra: Indeed
Capricorn: the king might got in there 2 at some point
Pink Ninja Gecko: Youve cat to be kitten me right meow
Anifarra: A cursed child whose soul was corrupted by a daemon influence
Pink Ninja Gecko: Minax must be stopped
King Blackthorn: So this was one message about guard reform
tinkerbell: well we bottled him up
King Blackthorn: Now
Pink Ninja Gecko: My Lord, a war with Minax would bring much affluence to the crafters of my city
King Blackthorn: IT could for sure.
King Blackthorn: But we are not here yet
Mordenkainen: At this time i would like to withdraw my petition to the governorship of Vesper Good Evening Lords and Ladies
King Blackthorn: Good evening !
King Blackthorn: Hi
King Blackthorn: Look at the person in front of the table
Dreanor: good evening my lord
You see: Mordenkainen
You see: Mordenkainen
King Blackthorn: What are you here for?
Dreanor: i come with tithings from the glorous lord Nechiro
Dreanor: Ex ruler of the Fallen Lords
King Blackthorn: Nechiro
King Blackthorn: YEs
King Blackthorn: What is it about him ?
Dreanor: He wishes to be made blue again.
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Dreanor: although
Dreanor: he has killed many in the name of honor only
Dreanor: his killing are still few
Dreanor: only around 3000
Dreanor: have come to their demise
tinkerbell: excuse me sire….
Dreanor: at his hands
Capricorn: you can get a kings pardon now
Capricorn: from the vice
Dreanor: in return for being made whole again in the community
Capricorn: and viture
Dreanor: he will obey only you
King Blackthorn: Listen carefully
Dreanor: ?
King Blackthorn: You would like me to give you pardon for all your sin and you will oobey only me?
tinkerbell: *pouts*
King Blackthorn: *looks confuse*
Dreanor: doing your bidding
You see: decorative carpet
Dreanor: and no longer being a thorn in your side
Dreanor: back one
King Blackthorn: It is not easy decision to take right now
King Blackthorn: I will need some time.
King Blackthorn: *take note*
Dreanor: as you please my lord 🙂
King Blackthorn: Thank you for offering me this option sir.
Dreanor: whence shall i return?
King Blackthorn: Probably next meeting
King Blackthorn: I believ
King Blackthorn: believe
Dreanor: until then
King Blackthorn: So
King Blackthorn: next topic
King Blackthorn: Entertainment
King Blackthorn: Fishing
tinkerbell: well… we lost the new govener…
King Blackthorn: was brought by Tinkerbell
King Blackthorn: Yes I was about to bring it to the table
King Blackthorn: and he withdraw
tinkerbell: :: pouts
tinkerbell: *pouts*
King Blackthorn: We need to keep an order in the flow of the meeting
Capricorn: its not for everyone
King Blackthorn: I can’t jump in and out from important topic
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: And this individual
tinkerbell: maby do new bussiness first?
Anifarra: Perhaps an agenda scribed in books
King Blackthorn: Who asked for Kings Pardon
King Blackthorn: I am definetly not sure
King Blackthorn: about this one
tinkerbell: me no think it a good idea….
King Blackthorn: I do not know this individual
Capricorn: you can get a forged one from the vice and viture now
King Blackthorn: He could just bring bad
Capricorn: clears all crimes
King Blackthorn: And I heard in the land of Felluca
King Blackthorn: many things changes
Capricorn: aye
tinkerbell: too set a murderer of 3000+ people lose on the land…
King Blackthorn: But I CERTAINLY don’t want to mix both !
King Blackthorn: Let’s come back to a brilliant idea from Trinsic governor
Anifarra: The Warders of Skara Brae still defend the virtues in Felucca
tinkerbell: *thinks it sounds like a bad idea*
King Blackthorn: Fishing !
Anifarra: I could ask one to report on the conflicts there if your grace wishes it
You see: SunWolf
King Blackthorn: Certainly you can ask if you want
tinkerbell: yes sire…
King Blackthorn: Fishing
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Do you plan to do it ?
You see: Frott
tinkerbell: was thnking on big fish contest… gunna have too talk and see
tinkerbell: GANI seems too have lost intrest
tinkerbell: atleast he has not come too me
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: So Do you believe you could organize it with little help ?
tinkerbell: me could prolly do it on my own… but might need a little support
King Blackthorn: I could probably request Alfred The Referee
King Blackthorn: From Luna Fair Ground
tinkerbell: he would make a fine judge
King Blackthorn: He could definetly be of help
Capricorn: he ran a fun event
King Blackthorn: and he knows the entertainment job
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: I would have to ask him
tinkerbell: *hugs*
King Blackthorn: And the authority of Luna
King Blackthorn: Do you have any time planned ?
King Blackthorn: Or perhaps a meeting with him ?
King Blackthorn: would be nice ?
tinkerbell: not as yet… will prooly have for next meeting
King Blackthorn: What about letting him know you want to meet with him and get to meet him
tinkerbell: but he can call me anytime on gen chat
King Blackthorn: Great
King Blackthorn: Anybody in the room opposed about Tinkerbell having little help from Alfred theReferee ?
King Blackthorn: for a fun Fishing contest?
Capricorn: none
tinkerbell: lol… not me
King Blackthorn: Perfect
Anifarra: Best ask Alfred the Referee’s wife
King Blackthorn: Hopefully we could manage to make it in Trinsic ?
tinkerbell: lol
Capricorn: i was told he did a good job with the last contest
King Blackthorn: Do you think it can be possible ?
tinkerbell: i would say so… or maby my fishing house in malas
King Blackthorn: I would prefer to make it in your City
tinkerbell: *nods*
King Blackthorn: as we try to PROMOTE
Capricorn: you got nice harbor
King Blackthorn: But I foundly prone for getting more trafic in city
Pink Ninja Gecko: My lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: sorry for the departure
King Blackthorn: so Doing it away would not be a good ide
tinkerbell: yes makes it easier too find
King Blackthorn: Perfect I will let Alfred know about it
tinkerbell: kk ty ty m’lord
King Blackthorn: Where it the Yew Governor?
Anifarra: The guard evicted him
King Blackthorn: Why is that ?
King Blackthorn: hooo
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Can She come back ?
King Blackthorn: I had an important question for her
tinkerbell: kk he’s on the way\
King Blackthorn: I just though about maybe Archery contest
King Blackthorn: ?
King Blackthorn: Yew … What a biewtifull place for it
You see: stone table
King Blackthorn: Welcome back Yew Governor
Pink Ninja Gecko: Ty My Lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: Forgive my departure
King Blackthorn: I was talking to Trinsic Governor about fishing contest
Pink Ninja Gecko: FIshing!
King Blackthorn: and it will most likely happen
Pink Ninja Gecko: Excellent
King Blackthorn: and I was wondering in a near future
King Blackthorn: What does Yew governor would think about Archery contest?
King Blackthorn: Do you think you could make one with some help?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Archery indeed, we have the craftiest Elves in the land
Pink Ninja Gecko: I would love to my lord
Anifarra: There are archery buttes behind out Thistledown Estate
tinkerbell: *doubts it… there in trinsic*
Anifarra: Next to Greymason’s lodge
Frott: *smirks*
Pink Ninja Gecko: EXCELLENT!
King Blackthorn: Iwill write it down
King Blackthorn: and will definetly think abou tit
Pink Ninja Gecko: Anifarra is my ministress of Events
King Blackthorn: and make sure you get the help you need
King Blackthorn: Great
tinkerbell: *claps*
Pink Ninja Gecko: I may have made that word up my lord, but we smith a lot of linguistic babble in yew
Anifarra: I will have to examine is more closely, make certain there is enough space
King Blackthorn: First we will make Fishin in Trinsic
tinkerbell: *makes note: make archer*
Frott: *seconds that note*
King Blackthorn: perfect
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: So any other topic to bring on to the table governors?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yes My Lord
King Blackthorn: It is becomming the time
Pink Ninja Gecko: Minax is a formitable Foe… as such
King Blackthorn: Yes Yew Governor
tinkerbell: nope… my merchants say this has been the best they have done in years
Pink Ninja Gecko: We may require the aid of battle steeds equiped with magery and melee attacks
King Blackthorn: Pink Ninja Gecko
Pink Ninja Gecko: Yes My Lord
tinkerbell: *wonders where ya get those*
King Blackthorn: I am not sure if you were there when I brought it on the table
King Blackthorn: But I request reform of my guard
Pink Ninja Gecko: Wonderful my lord
Only the Governor of Britain may sit here!
King Blackthorn: as With new threat
Pink Ninja Gecko: Sorry i have Lag-alepsy
King Blackthorn: I believed
King Blackthorn: we need a stronger Kingsguard
Pink Ninja Gecko: YES! My Lord!
King Blackthorn: I am currently working on it
King Blackthorn: And Bernard will be the leader (Commander)
tinkerbell: *wants one of these new horses*
King Blackthorn: but much will change
King Blackthorn: Soon enought you will knoe about it
Pink Ninja Gecko: That is excellent news, leave it to the King to apply strategery to strategic cichiations
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: On this note anything else to bring to the table?
tinkerbell: book bags?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Just that you look dashing my lord and Ty for you time
Anifarra: Just one note of warning your grace
Anifarra: October is the month of necromancy
King Blackthorn: *Look at Tinkerbell as it is a very old topic that is not likely to happen…*
Anifarra: When dark spells and dark rituals gain in power
tinkerbell: *can hope*
Anifarra: Butcher daemons are being summoned in the graveyards
King Blackthorn: Yes
Anifarra: And grims stalk the fields
King Blackthorn: Please everyone
King Blackthorn: be carefull
Anifarra: So be wary
King Blackthorn: in Cemetery
King Blackthorn: and make fine Pumpkin pie !
tinkerbell: *looks for keys too Mtn. Dew Truck*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Are there any additional foes my Lord that might be lurking in the coming days?
King Blackthorn: I did not heard from any
tinkerbell: can we get bones yet?
King Blackthorn: I know the Hellhound clan *Hope he got right name* is under control
Pink Ninja Gecko: This is pleasing (actually disappointing) to hear my lord, safer kingdom for all
Pink Ninja Gecko: All Kill
Pink Ninja Gecko: I Wish To Secure This Down
Pink Ninja Gecko: All Follow Me
King Blackthorn: As for foes…
King Blackthorn: I think it is quiet for now
King Blackthorn: hopefully it will stay like that
King Blackthorn: we never know
King Blackthorn: With Minax around
King Blackthorn: Anything can be possible unfortunetly
Pink Ninja Gecko: Indeed, the calm before the storm
tinkerbell: *still thinks the King needs a real suit of armor*
King Blackthorn: Think about our situation as a good Chess field
King Blackthorn: Or game
tinkerbell: *can see the board*
King Blackthorn: You play it everything goes well until the little one come to backstab you and checkmate you
tinkerbell: *looks out for the bishop*
Pink Ninja Gecko: Is Bernard’s loyalty in question my lord
King Blackthorn: No it is not
Pink Ninja Gecko: Might i ask a question
King Blackthorn: Bernard is my most Trusthworthy
King Blackthorn: But
King Blackthorn: the people that use to go with him
King Blackthorn: I have some issue
King Blackthorn: and got some report from BErnard
Pink Ninja Gecko: Understood
King Blackthorn: So we need to change some aspect of how we did things
King Blackthorn: What is your question?
Anifarra: What? Those who wish to kill first and negotiate with spirit speak after?
Pink Ninja Gecko: Citizens can be fickle my lord, suseptible to the insideous nature of greed
King Blackthorn: I know this
tinkerbell: all my Citizens are generous
King Blackthorn: But still had to do a more structured Guard
Pink Ninja Gecko: Agreed My lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: perhaps the Govenors might be
King Blackthorn: And make more ways to make them proud of their work
Pink Ninja Gecko: granted a regiment
King Blackthorn: and make them more likely to go in front line
King Blackthorn: Incentive to make them feel in need
King Blackthorn: Not that they are not in need, they are
King Blackthorn: but something to increase motivation!
Pink Ninja Gecko: Incentives are nice my lord, we can be greedy leviathons needing governance
tinkerbell: something too reward also
King Blackthorn: But I am sure you will all understand when time comes
tinkerbell: *has some nice prise ideas*
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell anythin to add ?
King Blackthorn: *Look at hourglass*
tinkerbell: nothing m’lord just thinking
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Pink Ninja Gecko: Thank you My Lord
King Blackthorn: Pink Ninja Gecko?
Pink Ninja Gecko: I am fresh out of words my lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: All has been addressed
King Blackthorn: So I will call this meeting over
tinkerbell: *gasps in disbelief*
King Blackthorn: and Will thank all that comes!
Anifarra: I think it is time for the king’s mulled wine
Pink Ninja Gecko: WINE!
tinkerbell: *raises glass*
King Blackthorn: Stand
Pink Ninja Gecko: debauchery my lord
Pink Ninja Gecko: must commence
tinkerbell: *hugs king*
King Blackthorn: Stand
King Blackthorn: Thank you all and we will see next meeting
Anifarra: Good evening your grace
tinkerbell: *bows*

** City issues in the air **

Britain: Hellhound Clan seems to have backed off and matters solved.

Trinsic: A Fishing Tournament is in process to be made to bring more people to               this town.

Yew: Discuss about a Archery Tournament in near future. 

General Idea from Governors:

-Holding Chicken Fight between all city (King’s Cup), Rule set currently in construction. Nothing said about it in this current meeting.

NOTE: Eminent Guard Reform at Castle Blackthorn.

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====



Sign: Royal Scribe