2014 September 7th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – dsNchanted – abs

New Magincia – Aftershock – abs

Minoc – Vacant

Britain – Night Shift –abs

Trinsic – tinkerbell – here

Moonglow – Pfloyd – abs

Skara Brae – GANI – abs

Vesper – Vacant

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – abs

====Meeting Script====

King Blackthorn: !
King Blackthorn: *Scratch his forehead*
tinkerbell: *hugs*
Beorn: Hail
King Blackthorn: Where are the other governors Tinkerbell from Trinsic ?
tinkerbell: Ummm…. no idea…. late?
King Blackthorn: Let’s have a seat
Welcome back your Royal Highness
tinkerbell: *looks at empty chairs*
King Blackthorn: Do you have time to wait 5 minutes Governor?
tinkerbell: *Hugs King…*
tinkerbell: shure… np
King Blackthorn: How have you been?
tinkerbell: perty good…. doing alot of BOD’s
King Blackthorn: I received good and bad comments from Bernard
tinkerbell: what’s the scoop?
King Blackthorn: It is very important that I speak about this.
King Blackthorn: I prefer to wait the other governors before telling the report
tinkerbell: kk… np… me can wait a while
King Blackthorn: How is Trinsic?
King Blackthorn: Any plan of festivity for the coming of Fall?
tinkerbell: well… i still have people that prefer too sell from the roofs…. still seem affraid
King Blackthorn: I will request that we look at it one more time …
tinkerbell: ty…. i mean they still work… so it doesn’t hurt much… just seems weird
King Blackthorn: I agree it is not good practice to sell from their roof
tinkerbell: *wonders if there is any word on the Book Bag idea*
Dark Messenger: sorry i am back 🙂
King Blackthorn: Trinsic Governor, you remember about your Book Bag request
King Blackthorn: ?
tinkerbell: i do… do you?
King Blackthorn: I did ask my scribe and tailor to look at this case
tinkerbell: *crosses fingers**
King Blackthorn: and they didn’t find any good way to do it to be usefull for everyone.
King Blackthorn: So I guess this case will be on hold for now… Not sure in future.
tinkerbell: a bag that would hold any blessed idem so it doesn’t end up all over you’s pack?
King Blackthorn: This I didn’t look at this case.
tinkerbell: well and rune books as well as spell books… verry usefull
tinkerbell: *thinks she’s a crafter how is it not….*giggles*
King Blackthorn: Look like it will be a quick meeting tonight
Dark Messenger: mighty king blackthorn i did have a question
tinkerbell: yeah as a prize it woldn’t work…. too many would want it
King Blackthorn: *look at the audience*
King Blackthorn: Yes ?
tinkerbell: *wonders if we have a new govener….*
Dark Messenger: and i did mention this to gonernor of trinsic as well that i was interested in the position of..
Dark Messenger: governor of vesper
King Blackthorn: That is very good news
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Unfortunetly today I will not be able to proceed to vote
King Blackthorn: as only one Governors is present …
tinkerbell: *rasises hand*
Dark Messenger: yes that is quite understandable
King Blackthorn: I would like more opinion
King Blackthorn: *Look at Tinkerbell*
King Blackthorn: Yes ?
tinkerbell: me was voting for him
King Blackthorn: Thank you Governor
Dark Messenger: i am a ma’am
tinkerbell: sorry her
Dark Messenger: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: but I will wait more governors
King Blackthorn: As nobody come
King Blackthorn: I will give you my report
tinkerbell: *perks up*
Dark Messenger: thank you so much king blackthorn
King Blackthorn: Were you there when Governor of Yew lead some citizen to the Ter Mur Cave ?
tinkerbell: no.. unfortunatly RL squashed me that night
Dark Messenger: when we ambushed the hell hound clan i believe?
tinkerbell: *listens*
King Blackthorn: I read that you decipher a puzzle to get to a Cavern
King Blackthorn: In the Moonglow area
tinkerbell: *looks interested\*
Dark Messenger: yes
King Blackthorn: Anybody in the audience participate in this investigation ?
tinkerbell: does it still work?
Beorn: Sadly I did not
Anthar: No, milord.
Dark Messenger: i wasnt there for the second time we went there due to work related situation
Beorn: What is important about it if you dont mind me asking?
Dark Messenger: but yes i know about the puzzle room
King Blackthorn: I heard from Bernard that he suspect some citzen to use very aggressive way of doing things
King Blackthorn: And he wasn’t pleased at all
King Blackthorn: So am I !
King Blackthorn: not pleased to heard that
tinkerbell: agressive how?
Dark Messenger: yes well… the first time we went there the commander actually attacked us first
Dark Messenger: with his hell hounds
King Blackthorn: He suspect that they didn’t try negociating
King Blackthorn: or very little
tinkerbell: *thinks some are too eager too kill*
King Blackthorn: And perhaps the cause could be that Yew Governors had to leave and was not there
King Blackthorn: So the situation was out of control
King Blackthorn: That is something I think it is innaceptable from citizen
Dark Messenger: there was a quite a few of us that were trying to talk to the commander but we were out..
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: I think it is VERY important to know why we investigate and what to ask
Dark Messenger: numbered my lord… by citizens that were wanting to fight
tinkerbell: *thinks the tounge has more force than the sword*
King Blackthorn: But as not many people are here tonight
King Blackthorn: I will close this discussion
Dark Messenger: *must go attend to rl things for a moment*
King Blackthorn: ok no problem
King Blackthorn: You are ok to leave
tinkerbell: *sighs*
King Blackthorn: Ok
King Blackthorn: Then Tinkerbell
tinkerbell: me sad too see no others show…..
King Blackthorn: Do you have any news from Trinsic ?
tinkerbell: just the scribes on my butt…. other wise perty good… there is some rumors…
King Blackthorn: Rumors?
King Blackthorn: What kind of Rumors ?
tinkerbell: rumors that i could be in danger from the hell hound clan… but only Rumors M’lord
King Blackthorn: I will take note of that
King Blackthorn: and I will try to find another date to do a meeting
King Blackthorn: hopefully more people will come.
King Blackthorn: More Governor will attend
tinkerbell: i thought Sunday would be easy for all….
King Blackthorn: I did believe that too
tinkerbell: maby wednesday?… NOT Tuesday tho
King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do
King Blackthorn: *look at his schedule*
tinkerbell: well… tuesday if Hubbie day if you know what i mean
tinkerbell: is… not if
Dark Messenger: *has returned
tinkerbell: *Smiles at the Soon too be Govener*
Dark Messenger: wednesday seems like an excelent idea m’lord
Dark Messenger: *work calling me in 8am-12 cst*
King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do, I do believe I may need to let Bernard know about situation and
King Blackthorn: Tell it at his next meeting with you guys on 13th
King Blackthorn: or 14th
tinkerbell: *makes note*
King Blackthorn: He is planning to go on another trip
Dark Messenger: so next week same time
King Blackthorn: I would say please listen to the town cryer
King Blackthorn: All the details will come
King Blackthorn: bt yes
King Blackthorn: 13 or 14th
tinkerbell: or sherry the mouse statue
King Blackthorn: yes
Dark Messenger: *writes down a memo*
King Blackthorn: I do believe 6 pm or 7 pm
tinkerbell: that way ya can have it in you’s house
Dark Messenger: indeed i dont have one actually
King Blackthorn: I believe it is time to close the meeting tonight
tinkerbell: *HUGZ King*
King Blackthorn: I prefer to tell more details in presence of more governors
King Blackthorn: Please stand
King Blackthorn: Thank you for coming !
King Blackthorn: I will see you later
tinkerbell: i understand…. but we should make Dark a Govener… he showed up
Dark Messenger: she *giggles*
tinkerbell: SHE… my bad
King Blackthorn: Yes but I really prefer to listen to other governors opinion before
tinkerbell: *looks at Dark…*
King Blackthorn: I am very sorry but this is how it should work
Dark Messenger: yes i do understand
tinkerbell: the suit could be better… but she seems nice
Dark Messenger: it suits my needs
King Blackthorn: On this note see you everyone

** City issues in the air **


General Idea from Governors:

-Holding Chicken Fight between all city (King’s Cup), Rule set currently in construction.  

Nothing said about it in this current meeting.

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====



Sign: Royal Scribe