2015 January 15th

====Governors and Governors-Elect Attending====

Jhelom – Macalister – Here

New Magincia – Dimitri – Here

Minoc – Elixar Eldurane – Here

Britain – Night Shift – Abs

Trinsic – tinkerbell – Here

Moonglow – ANITSA – Abs

Skara Brae – Jacob – Here

Vesper – Capricorn – Here

Yew – Pink Ninja Gecko – Abs

====Meeting Script====

Count Silverbow: king
Count Silverbow: i declare
tinkerbell: *looks at the king*
Count Silverbow: that
Count Silverbow: your lord
King Blackthorn: *Wondering…*
Count Silverbow: count silverbow
tinkerbell: *HUGZ King*
Count Silverbow: shall
Count Silverbow: rid the lands
Count Silverbow: of the betrayers
Count Silverbow: infidels
Macalister: your grace
King Blackthorn: Please everybody sit
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: What is it all about ?
Count Silverbow: tinkerbell stole my vesper seat
Count Silverbow: i have called this meeting to order
tinkerbell: *looks at Cap…*
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell?
Capricorn: i am vesper
Count Silverbow: i count silverbow
Count Silverbow: shall rid the land of all the chuckless feinds
Capricorn: holds up hand
tinkerbell: good sir… me’s the govener of Trinsic
King Blackthorn: What is it all about Vesper Seat and Tinkerbell?
Capricorn: just had to be one my citizens went all crazzy
Count Silverbow: looks inocent
Capricorn: bad drink i think
Count Silverbow: gets scissors ready for tinkerbells wings
King Blackthorn: *Look at Vesper governor*
King Blackthorn: *Look at Tinkerbell*
King Blackthorn: Could you fist explain me the situation ?
tinkerbell: *gets out her Snip,Snips*
Count Silverbow: the situation
Count Silverbow: is dire
tinkerbell: me has no clue M’lord
Count Silverbow: tinkerbell promise me a lap dance
Count Silverbow: if i attended
tinkerbell: *looks clueless*
King Blackthorn: *Go back to his meeting*
Macalister: accept
King Blackthorn: Sorry all governors for this interuption
King Blackthorn: Let’s start the meeting
tinkerbell: *shrugs*
King Blackthorn: We have many to discuss about
tinkerbell: *waves too Bill*
Dimitri: *rolls cigar*
Macalister: 🙂
King Blackthorn: I first would like to congratulate all new Governors
Capricorn: ahh there he is
King Blackthorn: What can I do for you ?
Count Silverbow: looks sad not a governor
Macalister: thank you
Capricorn: you have seat at table
Jacob: *Smiles*
Count Silverbow: im invisible
Riga: Sir Jacob takes his seat
Count Silverbow: you cant see me
Capricorn: i can grant you a town title later
tinkerbell: *feels glad too see full seats*
Bill: am i not supposed to be here?
Count Silverbow: im the true governor of vesper
Capricorn: silver
Aideen Delaney: Can we drown him in the vesper waters
Macalister: lol
Count Silverbow: this other governor is a usurper
Capricorn: you dident even run aginst me
Riga: an usurper
King Blackthorn: I do elect my people by vote
Count Silverbow: give him some shanty town like skara
tinkerbell: he got the votes… he won…. sorry
Count Silverbow: i challenge that vote
King Blackthorn: and And the citizen voted for Him
Dimitri: *puffs cigar*
Count Silverbow: i was off defeating villans on sonoma
Riga: villans?
Riga: is there a town by that name?
tinkerbell: *loads pipe*
Count Silverbow: and have returned now to reclaim my seat of vesper governor
King Blackthorn: So you were not present during the election
Capricorn: you dident even run
Riga: as vesper Governor
Count Silverbow: i was doing minax’s dirty work on sonoma
King Blackthorn: So you can run for the next election
tinkerbell: a Traidor
King Blackthorn: And perhaps help The governor
Riga: *casts spell of silence on Count Shadow*
Count Silverbow: ill be no pawn for this puppet governor
tinkerbell: he just admited too helping Minax
Count Silverbow: hes just keeps my seat aflame for me
tinkerbell: *points at Silverbow*
Capricorn: * holds the brige of his nose*
King Blackthorn: I have no intention to move the current governor of his seat
Count Silverbow: hrmph
Count Silverbow: the people of vesper are not pleased
Aideen Delaney: Can you remove Silverbow from the castle at least
Count Silverbow: he leaves them poor
Count Silverbow: and without weapons
tinkerbell: sire… he just admited too helping Minax… the enemy
Count Silverbow: to defend themselves
Loki: but he gives them plenty of liquor
Capricorn: ok you can for get the town title
King Blackthorn: So why doing Minax work ?
tinkerbell: *nods*
Count Silverbow: sits quitely behind vesper throne
Count Silverbow: sharpens dagger
King Blackthorn: We are no friend with minax
King Blackthorn: So first
tinkerbell: *thinks we should hang him high*
King Blackthorn: I would like every governor to introduce themselves as we got some new one.
King Blackthorn: please starting by Jhelom
Count Silverbow: also known as slumlom
Macalister: good evening all im macalister new goovernor of jhelom
tinkerbell: *looks at Macalister*
Aideen Delaney: *claps*
tinkerbell: *claps*
Dimitri: Dimitri, second non-consecutive term. Bartender.. lover, fighter.. Like to drink and have a good time
vans: *clap*
tinkerbell: *claps*
Macalister: *claps*
Riga: Hurray!
King Blackthorn: Thank you
tinkerbell: well.. as you all know me’s Tinkerbell… master armorer… and loved govener of many moons
Dimitri: *claps*
Aideen Delaney: *claps!*
tinkerbell: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Thank you
Macalister: *claps*
tinkerbell: *Does A Little Faery Dance*
Jacob: I am Jacob new governor of Skara Brae and Keeper of the Freehold
You see: Governor of Moonglow
Count Silverbow: thinks fairy dance routine is old
tinkerbell: *claps*
Capricorn: chuckles
tinkerbell: *burps*
Macalister: *claps*
Aideen Delaney: *claps*
Count Silverbow: thinks burps routine is old
tinkerbell: *sticks out toung*
Capricorn: i am cap but you know me term 2 for vesper
tinkerbell: *claps*
Aideen Delaney: *cheers*
Macalister: *claping*
Count Silverbow: i challenge that !!
Count Silverbow: he is not the true protector of vesper
You see: Governor of Moonglow
Count Silverbow: i am
tinkerbell: well… he has the seat
Count Silverbow: my castle overshadows all that occurs in vesper
Count Silverbow: good and evil
Capricorn: how much gold have you put in the towns treasury
Riga: A Spy!!
Count Silverbow: i have put none
Count Silverbow: but i have fought off invader from the north
Count Silverbow: of vesper
Count Silverbow: on several occasions
Macalister: then silence, you fool
Riga: That weiney Minoc?
Dimitri: Miners?
Capricorn: i have run enught orders to go from 0 to venrated
Capricorn: every day
tinkerbell: *claps*
Riga: Off with his Head!
Count Silverbow: this makes you nothing more than an efficient errand boy
Capricorn: you should be using the buff
Macalister: and few men better tahn Cap
Capricorn: if you not
Capricorn: hope you are
Capricorn: as i bee woorking to keep it up
Macalister: all we’ve seen of you is obnoxious fool
Count Silverbow: name me one guild that you have toppled ?
Dimitri: Silverbow, if you settle down, we might be able to make you governor of Nu’jelm…
Count Silverbow: for i have destroyed many from the inside out
King Blackthorn: *Listen to the argument*
Aideen Delaney: Is the meth making you hit tab
Count Silverbow: nujelm !!!
Loki: that is not the purpose of a governor
Count Silverbow: nujelm !!!
Dimitri: After we annex it that is…
Riga: *hanks hair*
Count Silverbow: i will not be governor of a city named after a jelly
You see: Elixar Eldurane- [K0N]
Riga: *hands hank to Aideen
Aideen Delaney: *hanks it hard! rawr*
Dimitri: Suggest you cut your losses
Dimitri: Hello Elixar
Elixar Eldurane-: sorry i am late
Capricorn: sire
Elixar Eldurane-: ‘it started raining on me
Dimitri: Not a problem
Jacob: Silver is this the firt meeting you have ever attended?
Jacob: first even?
Capricorn: i think we should just get on with the meeting and let him blather to the walls
King Blackthorn: I do not like late people, but today is a first day for many of you
King Blackthorn: Could you introduce yourself ?
Macalister: second
Elixar Eldurane-: caught in a downpour
King Blackthorn: Sir
tinkerbell: *waves too Eldurane*
Elixar Eldurane-: I am Elixar Eldurane, newly elected gov of Minoc
Aideen Delaney: *claps*
Aideen Delaney: err
King Blackthorn: Congratulation
Aideen Delaney: *claps*
vans: *claps*
tinkerbell: *claps*
Riga: ghis shuts him up
Macalister: *claps*
King Blackthorn: *Scuses the governor for a moment*
Count Silverbow: yes ghis
King Blackthorn: Sir !
King Blackthorn: In front
Count Silverbow: gimmie big orc kiss
King Blackthorn: I would ask you to please take a seat
Count Silverbow: smootch
Riga: kiss your own pattuti
Elixar Eldurane-: Count is what we call a special player
King Blackthorn: And if you have anything to discuss
King Blackthorn: Say so and we can manage that on another time
King Blackthorn: We have an extremely busy meeting
King Blackthorn: and I do not have anytime now
Dimitri: *puffs cigar*
Elixar Eldurane-: *listens*
tinkerbell: *packs a fresh pipe*
King Blackthorn: Do you have anything else to say before I start ?
Riga: *sniffs snuff*
Elixar Eldurane-: nay, sire
Dimitri: *shakes head*
Macalister: nay
King Blackthorn: Would you like to speak with someone else ?
King Blackthorn: *Look at the men dressed in black*
King Blackthorn: *Wait…*
King Blackthorn: Ok
King Blackthorn: So let’s start
Count Silverbow: yes lets
tinkerbell: *smiles*
tinkerbell: *wonders how hard a mussel would be too craft*
King Blackthorn: Welcome ne welected and people that are re-elected
King Blackthorn: So we have done the presentation
King Blackthorn: next
tinkerbell: *hugs king*
Aideen Delaney: *hides eyes*
King Blackthorn: I would like everyone to tell me what is your future plan for your city, your goal
King Blackthorn: Starting with
King Blackthorn: Vesper
Loki: now I know why Tink picked Trinsic, the seat is next to the king
Riga: *watches for assassin’s knife in Tinkerbell’s hand*
tinkerbell: *looks at Cap*
Capricorn: ok sire
Count Silverbow: glares
Count Silverbow: eyes burn with ember glow
tinkerbell: *would never harm the king…. now that guy in black is another story*
Capricorn: well i am going to start hosting tavern night i think 2 times a month
Elixar Eldurane-: *passes Cap cup of coffee*
Riga: that’s what’s wrong with him. His brain is afire
King Blackthorn: That look very interesting
Capricorn: we will start next wensday at marsh hall
Count Silverbow: rolls eyes
Loki: yay Cap
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: ok
tinkerbell: booz
Riga: *cheers*
tinkerbell: booze
tinkerbell: *claops*
Capricorn: ive been cleaning marsh hall up and geting it ready
King Blackthorn: Very nice
King Blackthorn: Any plan of entertainment ?
Riga: infant
Capricorn: i have as well gathred all the parts for vespers govners office
King Blackthorn: Ho that is great
Capricorn: would you like them now sire
tinkerbell: parts?
King Blackthorn: So you would like to get it built ?
King Blackthorn: I will take them later
King Blackthorn: At the end please
Capricorn: ok
Capricorn: i might like to borrow alfred for the drinks night least this frist one
King Blackthorn: That is a great things that you are planning
King Blackthorn: Alfred
King Blackthorn: I do believe he would be ok with that
Capricorn: we have done well even with light citizen ship at keeping the coffers filled
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: So Any plan on what you would like Alfred to do ?
Capricorn: and have been able to keep the trade buff up and running
Capricorn: i think he should bring some darts and ill bring the drinks
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: That looks very interesting
Capricorn: we can get drunk and toss daggers at them
King Blackthorn: Ok I would avoid that
King Blackthorn: I will let him know
Count Silverbow: would anyone like to hear my ideas for vesper now?
Capricorn: it at least half the fun
tinkerbell: *thinks we should make shure we have a healer presant*
Count Silverbow: that we have all fallen asleep listening to his
Jacob: *Chuckles*
King Blackthorn: your interest and will ask him to meet with you
Macalister: ?not at all 😉
King Blackthorn: Next
Count Silverbow: i suggest we build a shrine of bones near the bank in honor of pagan
Macalister: sorry
Capricorn: why the sudden change of heart silver i ask you if you like town title few times you have blown me off repetled
Capricorn: now this
King Blackthorn: Let’s continue
King Blackthorn: The meeting
Elixar Eldurane-: Count is a bit of a jester i suppose
King Blackthorn: Jacob
Capricorn: so far as i know ive never done a thing to you
Jacob: *Smiles*
Jacob: *Looks around*
Dimitri: *rolls fine Magincian cigar and passes to Elixar*
tinkerbell: *clpas*
Jacob: Well King Blackthorn
Elixar Eldurane-: 🙂
Jacob: I have a report from Skara
Dimitri: =)
Jacob: But, I am not sure it is one you will want to hear
King Blackthorn: What kind ?
tinkerbell: *looks interested*
Jacob: *Scratches chin*
Dimitri: Magincian long-leaf
Jacob: Have you heard of the Freehold of Skara Brae?
King Blackthorn: I havent
King Blackthorn: no
Jacob: In the year of 304
tinkerbell: *thinks she rembers something*
Count Silverbow: grr
King Blackthorn: *Listen*
Jacob: When Lord British left the lands of Felucca
King Blackthorn: Yes
King Blackthorn: Yes
Jacob: Skara declared themselves free
King Blackthorn: ok
Jacob: And to become our own state
Jacob: Once I was elected Governor
Jacob: We took an official vote of the citizens
Jacob: And then have all voted to uphold the rights of the Freehold
Count Silverbow: grrr
Elixar Eldurane-: Doth I smell treason?
Jacob: While we do not want any conflict
Riga: you smelleth naught
Jacob: We have decided to reassert our freedom from any rule
Count Silverbow: grr
tinkerbell: *sharpens dagger*
Jacob: This document
Jacob: Was so declared
King Blackthorn: *take document*
Jacob: But, the orginal government of Skara
Jacob: By even
Jacob: We would like to continue to work with the realm
Jacob: But, it must be understood we govern ourselves
Elixar Eldurane-: But how can you accept Governorship without swearing fealty to the Crown?
Jacob: And we will not be party to any taxes or such
tinkerbell: *wonders if she could close there borders*
Count Silverbow: grr
Jacob: That is just it
Jacob: The freehold is free
Jacob: It has been so decided once again by our citizens
Count Silverbow: hmm freeholders
Count Silverbow: thinks
Jacob: We would like to remain at peace with the realm
Riga: *cheers*
tinkerbell: *smells disloyalty*
Jacob: And would extend our hands in help when needed
tinkerbell: *guards the king*
King Blackthorn: So your city and your people
King Blackthorn: want to halp us and be aside but not officially with us
King Blackthorn: So that mean
Jacob: We will soon have a webscroll on thw winds to explain it all
Riga: indeed
tinkerbell: *thinks this one spits on the generosity of the crown and all it stands for*
King Blackthorn: If any problem occur there
Jacob: Aye that is when the citzens have so decided
King Blackthorn: it is your responsability
Elixar Eldurane-: The guards are paid by the Crown
Jacob: We take that responsibilty gladly
Elixar Eldurane-: the guard zones exist by the king’s word
Jacob: However,
King Blackthorn: So I will retire ALL my personal guard from there
Jacob: If you should rely on us for help
Elixar Eldurane-: the Moongates and banks work by order of the Crown
King Blackthorn: As Elixar
Jacob: We would return reserve the right to ask for your help when needed
King Blackthorn: stated
Elixar Eldurane-: your Vendors work through the Crown
King Blackthorn: Wait
King Blackthorn: everyone
King Blackthorn: As Elixar state
King Blackthorn: Some of the service
King Blackthorn: are from the crown
King Blackthorn: And cannot be alter
King Blackthorn: If so you want to be
Jacob: We understand this
tinkerbell: your trade orders and buff are at HIS doing
King Blackthorn: Ok
Jacob: We will continue to fill trade orders
Jacob: Commerce must continue
tinkerbell: *sharpens dagger…. Glares at Jacob*
Jacob: We understand thart
Count Silverbow: hey
Count Silverbow: thats my line
Count Silverbow: get your own
King Blackthorn: So by doing that You agree that the crown wil do the strict minimum to Skara Brae
tinkerbell: *gives silverbow… “The Look”*
King Blackthorn: And then
King Blackthorn: When taking decision
King Blackthorn: Your word will have less weight
King Blackthorn: As a freeholder
Jacob: That is to be expected
King Blackthorn: at this table
King Blackthorn: All Governor You got his word
Dimitri: *looks at map in front of him*
King Blackthorn: as of this meeting
Dimitri: *nods*
King Blackthorn: if this is what they want
King Blackthorn: I do not want other problem
King Blackthorn: of resistance
King Blackthorn: Then so be it
Dimitri: *drinks cider*
Jacob: Nor do we
Jacob: We wish to remain in peace
King Blackthorn: I do not like this idea of separating my cities
Jacob: But, maintain our Soverntry
Elixar Eldurane-: You can have peace, and you can have freedom, just dont count on them at the same time
Jacob: My lord it was done in the year of Lord Brithcs exodious
King Blackthorn: but as I can still keep partially my hand on a part of the city so be it
Jacob: *Nods*
Jacob: The people of Skara thank you for your understnading
Dimitri: *snaps fingers*
King Blackthorn: Ok please take your seat and I will keep your declaration
Dimitri: *snaps fingers*
King Blackthorn: in hand
King Blackthorn: as a proof
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell
King Blackthorn: I do now need to accelerate
King Blackthorn: as I will run out of time
Count Silverbow: grkiss
King Blackthorn: Tinkerbell what is your plan and goal
Riga: kiss
Count Silverbow: uh oh here we go
Count Silverbow: tinkerbells plans
tinkerbell: kk.. well me is gunna do another fishing contest me thinks this trem but not shure the date yet
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: That is great
tinkerbell: *term
King Blackthorn: I am sure Alfred will be able to give you some help
King Blackthorn: Please let me know
King Blackthorn: and I will arrange meeting
Count Silverbow: fishing !
Count Silverbow: really
tinkerbell: good me was verry happy for his help last time…
King Blackthorn: *Turn his head to Eldurane governor of Minoc*
Count Silverbow: rolls eyes
Elixar Eldurane-: Well Sire, I am a first time governor
tinkerbell: *sticks out tounge at Silverbow*
Elixar Eldurane-: so I cannot say that my goals are as plain as others
Elixar Eldurane-: However I do know this
King Blackthorn: No problem I did expect it a little bit hard
Elixar Eldurane-: Minoc suffers from underpopulation
Count Silverbow: buying virtue items
King Blackthorn: Please have a look at your city
King Blackthorn: and next meeting
Elixar Eldurane-: So I would state my goal of attracting more citizens to my city
Count Silverbow: buying viture items
King Blackthorn: perhaps you will have a better vision ?
Count Silverbow: 80k
King Blackthorn: I do agree with that
Elixar Eldurane-: Micoc is a crafting town
Elixar Eldurane-: it is my hope to have contests involing crafts
King Blackthorn: That would be very good for economy over there
Elixar Eldurane-: but the exact nature of these games would be according to what is availalbe
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Please if you have any idea
King Blackthorn: let me know
Elixar Eldurane-: I shall
King Blackthorn: and I will see what I can do
King Blackthorn: Thank you Elixar
Elixar Eldurane-: You are most welcome Sire
tinkerbell: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Lord Dimitri of New Magincia
Dimitri: *puts out cigar*
Dimitri: Ill keep it short and simple, sire… three points to make:
Count Silverbow: grr
King Blackthorn: *listen*
Dimitri: One: I am opening a tavern… I will be in touch with Cap to set a date and time.
King Blackthorn: Great idea
Dimitri: Will be on the Island of New Magincia
Dimitri: Two: The citizens of New Magincia would like a bench placed on the beach.
Riga: hurray for the bench!
Count Silverbow: is the bench made out of bones?
Aideen Delaney: There is no where to sit 🙁
King Blackthorn: *note point one…point 2…*
Dimitri: Three: The citizens are contemplating annexing the city of Nu’jelm…
Count Silverbow: ouch
Count Silverbow: poor nujelm
Count Silverbow: just because the city sounds like a jam
Elixar Eldurane-: Annex sounds awfully like “invade”
Dimitri: If it what the citizens want… I am behind them one-hundred percent
Riga: *cheers for annexation*
King Blackthorn: I am not sure Nujel’m citizen want that…
Count Silverbow: kicks skull
King Blackthorn: Have you met the Sultan there ?
Dimitri: Nu’jelm would be made a city of the kingdom… and as such, laws would hold ground.
Dimitri: I have heard of the Sultan… a devious character indeed.
Elixar Eldurane-: Let me think about it. IF I wanted to be a citizen of Jhelom, wouldnt I just joint that city?
tinkerbell: *burps*
King Blackthorn: I did have good relation with The Sultan of Nujel’m
King Blackthorn: I would be curious to have a meeting with him
Dimitri: ‘did’ ?
Dimitri: *nods*
Dimitri: I would love to make you aquaintance
King Blackthorn: *note point three*
King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do
Dimitri: (will be in touch with you via email)
tinkerbell: *debaits premptive invasion of Skara*
Count Silverbow: hugs
Riga: hahaha
Dimitri: *open to alliances*
King Blackthorn: *curious about all those change …*
Elixar Eldurane-: That’s ok, I am not speaking with Britain, so this is just a love fest here
Count Silverbow: an orc a pixie and a drago walk into a bar
tinkerbell: *giggles*
tinkerbell: talk about drama
King Blackthorn: I will definetly open that case
King Blackthorn: if it is your desire Governor of New Magincia
Dimitri: Other than those three points… We are still waiting for basic needs, sire.
Riga: drama drama
Dimitri: An alchemist in the city… a mage…
Riga: hahahaha
Aideen Delaney: a chipendale
Riga: and the bench!
Dimitri: *nods to bench*
Riga: yes, that kind
King Blackthorn: Thank you very much
Count Silverbow: a bench of skulls
Riga: buhahaha
King Blackthorn: Last but not least
King Blackthorn: Macalister
Dimitri: *leans back in chair and rolls cigar*
King Blackthorn: of Jhelom
Macalister: thank you my grace
Count Silverbow: rolls eyes
Count Silverbow: grace
Riga: You are skating on thin ice
Riga: there little dude
Macalister: as im a new governor as well i have not much planned execpt
You tell Jacob: Please e-mail me after meeting about RP situation of your freeholder
Macalister: rasiing funds & perhaps some events
You see: Count Silverbow [^V^]
King Blackthorn: I agree
King Blackthorn: please look at what is going on and next meeting bring me a report
King Blackthorn: and we will wor from there
King Blackthorn: governor
Dimitri: *leans over and eyes Cap… what days you thinking of for the tavern?*
Macalister: will do my grace
Capricorn: wensday
Dimitri: *nods*
You tell Lord Dimitri: Please e-mail me after meeting about RP situation of your Annexing situation
Capricorn: then i think skip a week then the next wensday
Capricorn: 2 a month is my goal
King Blackthorn: This term look like we will have some stuff to take care off
Capricorn: looks like he gave up at greifing us
King Blackthorn: *Think Annexing… Freeholder…*
Dimitri: *winks at the king*
tinkerbell: Sire.. a question before we are done….
King Blackthorn: Yes ?
Jacob: *Scratches chin*
tinkerbell: Has there been any talk on the idea of having more than one trade deal up?
Chemos: *bows
Capricorn: on the anexing think in my hot tub house in you town
Riga: Cheers!*
King Blackthorn: Not as of now
Capricorn: there is a book you should read
King Blackthorn: Sorry
tinkerbell: *pouts*
King Blackthorn: but I need to talk to you about one more thing
tinkerbell: me?
King Blackthorn: Any Templar here ?
Chemos: *winks*
Capricorn: aye
Riga: Hugs Chemos
King Blackthorn: That went to Trinsic or Perhaps governor know more …
tinkerbell: sort of… Penny has been helping
King Blackthorn: *Point at the book on the table*
Capricorn: we gathers these
Capricorn: and found a strange man
King Blackthorn: I do not know what it is about
King Blackthorn: but I do not like it !
Dimitri: *wonders how to send a sky message to the king*
tinkerbell: the Minax legends?
Capricorn: tink are you up to date or would you like me to up date the king
You tell Lord Dimitri: on the website there is my email
tinkerbell: uh.. i missed the last one… go ahead
Capricorn: ok
King Blackthorn: *listen*
King Blackthorn: I did read the 4 book
King Blackthorn: books
Capricorn: so i went with benard to trist docks
King Blackthorn: yes
Capricorn: and we had a large army that night
Capricorn: we found odd foot ptints all over trist
Capricorn: and tracked them to a celler
King Blackthorn: *hum …*
Capricorn: we could not get in so we did
Capricorn: reserch
King Blackthorn: Why was those foothprints so important ?
Capricorn: they leed to an old man who may be sorgus
King Blackthorn: Isn’t it against privacy to follow people
King Blackthorn: Sorgrus is not human ?
Capricorn: the books tell of a shape shifting sickness
King Blackthorn: ins’t he/it?
King Blackthorn: HOOO
King Blackthorn: *Think…*
Capricorn: at least that how i read them
King Blackthorn: So you would believe
King Blackthorn: that ….
King Blackthorn: Sorgrus
King Blackthorn: that I heard about
Capricorn: he hides in celler and gose to the docks
King Blackthorn: would be an old men..
Capricorn: as of now this is all i know
King Blackthorn: ok
Capricorn: we brought the books for you to read
King Blackthorn: What I understand
King Blackthorn: is
King Blackthorn: Minax
King Blackthorn: *Don’t like the sound of this name at all*
King Blackthorn: Cursed or infect
King Blackthorn: someone
King Blackthorn: then
King Blackthorn: this person is in control of himself
King Blackthorn: but when needed Minax
King Blackthorn: uses that poor soul
King Blackthorn: So it is the link between Minax and here
King Blackthorn: Like a puppet for Minax…
: This item is protected by EM Glue
Capricorn: that would fit
tinkerbell: *wonders about sick sea creatures*
: This item is protected by EM Glue
Riga: hmm? wonders too
King Blackthorn: I would like to listen to the mage
King Blackthorn: which name is mising
Capricorn: sorgus did try to get us all to work for minax
King Blackthorn: That is not acceptable !
King Blackthorn: And I would not accept my guard to be working for Minax !
King Blackthorn: EVER !
Capricorn: well we dident take him up on the offer
tinkerbell: *burps*
Dimitri: *wonders if Cap has a pigeon number (icq)*
: This item is protected by EM Glue
Capricorn: sire we squished him
: This item is protected by EM Glue
King Blackthorn: The tome 4
King Blackthorn: really bug me …
King Blackthorn: The mage was
King Blackthorn: killed
King Blackthorn: was he ?
King Blackthorn: Is it what it said
King Blackthorn: Torture
King Blackthorn: *poor him*
King Blackthorn: But
King Blackthorn: the person who is trapped from Minax Curse
King Blackthorn: Apparently
King Blackthorn: met with the mage now dead
King Blackthorn: So if this talk is very old
King Blackthorn: The person cursed should be Old
King Blackthorn: Do I make sense ?
King Blackthorn: *confuse …*
Capricorn: aye
King Blackthorn: But then this is a legend
King Blackthorn: and not always true …
Capricorn: how old is the tome
King Blackthorn: I can’t say that
King Blackthorn: I would have to get them to my Scribe
King Blackthorn: and maybe they would know
King Blackthorn: maybe not
Capricorn: some sire elves live a verry long time
King Blackthorn: It could be a good idea
King Blackthorn: But returning to our old man
tinkerbell: *looks at books*
King Blackthorn: Would going to meet that men
tinkerbell: *sniffs books*
King Blackthorn: very usefull ?
King Blackthorn: I do not want to make cold between citizen
King Blackthorn: or false accusation
Elixar Eldurane-: An expiring source is best tapped sooner than later
King Blackthorn: But then
Capricorn: the old man is for sure sick
King Blackthorn: I would order Bernard to lead and be VERY gentle!
Capricorn: everyon in town thought he was sick
King Blackthorn: ok
King Blackthorn: Sick old man
King Blackthorn: hum …
King Blackthorn: Maybe I would try to get a small group
Macalister: i shall send forth my best men to investigate & find a solution to the kings question
King Blackthorn: to go and meet with him
King Blackthorn: Maybe we can find more
King Blackthorn: Ok
King Blackthorn: I would like your opinion everyone
King Blackthorn: Who would go and visit him ?
Dimitri: *contemplates*
Macalister: i will
tinkerbell: *burps*
Capricorn: we could right now just to talk to him
King Blackthorn: ok
Dimitri: *slams fist down*
King Blackthorn: I think it is best
Dimitri: I am in’
King Blackthorn: Last thing I want is lose information
Elixar Eldurane-: aye
King Blackthorn: I think a small talk would help fill this puzzle
King Blackthorn: So
Riga: *nods*
King Blackthorn: I believe
You see: decorative carpet
King Blackthorn: Sooner is probably better so we can choose our next piece to complete this game
King Blackthorn: *Think like a good ols chess game*
Capricorn: lets go then sire
tinkerbell: *thinks we should send in the Bishop*
King Blackthorn: I will let Bernard know on 19th from 7pm
Dimitri: Or are we the pawns?
Riga: hehe
Elixar Eldurane-: Every Pawn a king…
King Blackthorn: Bernard
King Blackthorn: will plan the meeting
King Blackthorn: and he will explain how it will be done
King Blackthorn: He is the commander and the best we have
tinkerbell: *rembers when he was just a footman*
King Blackthorn: So
King Blackthorn: anything else to birng on to the table ?
tinkerbell: dinner?
Dimitri: *wonders if Elixar needs any virtue armor*
King Blackthorn: I did got a request
Elixar Eldurane-: aye
Elixar Eldurane-: 🙂
King Blackthorn: before the meeting
Capricorn: just this bundle stuff to build office
Dimitri: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: from Vesper governore
King Blackthorn: I got the request processed
King Blackthorn: Capricorn
King Blackthorn: could you give the requirement
King Blackthorn: of each for everyone
Capricorn: 100 stones
King Blackthorn: if an offfice need to be made
tinkerbell: granite?
Capricorn: 50000 wood
Capricorn: 5000
Capricorn: 100 iron
Capricorn: and 250 sand
King Blackthorn: 100 granite, 5000 wood, 100 iron, 250 sand
Capricorn: the sand sucked to get i had to mine
King Blackthorn: I will give that to my architecht
King Blackthorn: Architect and they will built it
tinkerbell: do we get to chose where?
King Blackthorn: for you
King Blackthorn: No the place is already decided
Capricorn: thank you sire
King Blackthorn: You do not choose
Dimitri: *will give 10,000 wood for a bench*
King Blackthorn: where
King Blackthorn: I can see what I can do for your bench but no guarantee
King Blackthorn: governor
Dimitri: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Anything else before I call this meeting over ?
Aideen Delaney: Bench= less wood than house
tinkerbell: do we pick style or anything?
Dimitri: *hands cigar to the King*
King Blackthorn: No
King Blackthorn: It is pre-made
King Blackthorn: You do not choose
tinkerbell: can we deco it?
Capricorn: they have most them up on chessy tink
Chemos: prefab in UO?
Capricorn: if you want to see em
King Blackthorn: I do believe I will now call this meeting over
King Blackthorn: I do have a lot to do
Capricorn: thank everyone
tinkerbell: *sighs*
Macalister: thanmk you
tinkerbell: *hugs the king*
Capricorn: was good trun out this time
King Blackthorn: This is how it is Governor of Trinsic
Dimitri: *salutes King*
Riga: Until the morrow
King Blackthorn: Thank you for coming !

** City issues in the air **

Jhelom: None

New Magincia: Citizen of New Magincia are planning to annex Nujel’m to be one together. (Plan currently in development.)

Minoc: None

Britain: None

Trinsic: Some issue with a creature of the name Sorgrus The Vile, currently the city is under investigation.

Moonglow: None

Skara Brae: The Citizen of Skara Brae and the governor declared their city to become Freeholder. (Plan currently in development.)

Vesper: Tavern Night inauguration soon.  

Yew: None

NOTE: Guard from Templar Of The Alliance to be spread among cities to increase protection. 

====Submited Proposal (Reviewing Pending)====

Vesper: Request and brought resources so that their Governor Office could be build. Requested as well to get the hep of Albert the Referee to the inauguration of their Tavern Night.


Sign: Royal Scribe