A Riddle Insooth (September)

“Fire From Above”
Story #1
September 10, 2015

The travelers gather at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. They await their quest from Lord Blackthorn but different figure appeared before. From a placement of flame and a bolt of lightning, Dominus, the Seer of the Moonstone greets the gathered travelers.


Dominius The Seer (Speaking)
Greetings again my friends.
I call you all here today because another tremor in balance has occurred.
These shifts of balance in time, I fear, comes from something bigger than ourselves.
It appears Rodrick was but one of our problems.
We have yet to uncover how drastic this threat is.
I have talked to Lord Blackthorn in regards to this matter.
We have both concluded that whatever it is, is something of great power and not of our realm.
A great conversion of time and space transpired…
thus, resulting in the cataclysmic events before us.

Emote: stares out into the crowd

A great and mysterious object has been discovered in the polar ice caps of Sosaria.
The object is frozen with a thick layer of ice and engraved with markings not of this world.
It is uncertain as to what the object could be or if it is to any danger to our realm.
However, Lord Blackthorn has ordered archeologists to excavate the site.

Emote: lowers head

It seems that Rodrick wasn’t our only threat.
I know you all went to great lengths to defeat Rodrick and rescue me.
I hope it wasn’t for nothing and we all face our demise tonight.
It appears Rodrick was merely a pawn in the games we are about to play.
My faith is placed in the hands of you all.
May we protect this land from whomever or whatever seeks to destroy our world!
Now come, Knights of Britannia. Let us go investigate this frozen object.



Dominus the Seer raises his head and points his stave to the sky. He closes his eyes and whispers a murmur as the tip of the stave emits a radiant light. A portal appears before the travelers and through it is the mysterious object at the polar ice caps. Fire surrounds the area but no ice is melting. A strange mixture of magics surround this object.



Dominius The Seer (Speaking):
Oh my!
What is all of this chaos!

Emote: Habemus fortitudinem!

Brutus the Archeologists is standing nearby giving out orders to his fellow peers. Dominus walks up to him and begins conversing:


Dominius (Speaking):
You sir. What news do you bring in this time of chaos?

Brutus (Speaking):
Hello again, Dominius. We are being attacked by monsters of the skies!

Dominius (Speaking):
What creatures do you speak of Brutus? What do they look like?

Brutus (Speaking):
Look above you! Here comes one now!! Its flames are coming for us!

A soaring whistle engulfs the air as a blast of fire consecrates the ground – killing many archeologists.



Dominius (Speaking):
Brutus, gather as many men and run for safety! I sense an attack by land approaching!

Brutus (Speaking):
Yes, sir! Right away!

Brutus rushes to gather as many men as he can. The ground trembled as the beasts of the air land for their attack. Their scales reflect blue from the northern ocean and their growl suspends fear unto the air. Ice serpents of the north known as Glaciem Serpentem and Gelida Basiliscum.

Many were killed and then a great sound came from the sky. A rumble that shook the mountains. The remaining ice serpents took to the sky as their leader landed onto the ground. Acrotis, the Dragon Legionnaire stands idol as he observes the humans beneath him. Dominus confronts him with courage that of an ancient seer.



Dominius The Seer (Speaking):
You foul beast! Go back from hence thee came and never return again!
By order of the Seers and His Imperial Majesty, you are here by banished from Sosaria!

Acrotis (Speaking):
No… No! Wise Seer, it is I that commands you to leave this area!

Dominius (Speaking):
By what measures do you proclaim such a degree of intolerance?

Acrotis (Speaking):
I am but a messenger for my humble master. Leave now…. Or die!


Acrotis took to the sky as he commanded superior ice serpents to attack. These serpents radiated ice shards from their scales that shoot like darts. Their growl was unmatched as they sized up their prey. They reign from within the mountains of the north. They are the Gelida Elder Draco.

The Elder Draco’s formed a circle around the travelers and began taunting them. Each one of them shot ice shards at the travelers feet. In unison, the ice serpents lifted on their hind legs and smashed the ground beneath them, sending a shock wave toward the travelers. With the threat of death looming, Dominus desperately shouts to the travelers.


Dominius The Seer (Speaking):
We must escape.
Our battle it not for today, but for another time. When we are ready.
Come, follow me, and hurry.


Dominus raised his stave to the sky and summons a portal to the outskirts of Castle Blackthorn. The travelers ran through and are speaking with Dominus the Seer.

Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
We must gather the forces of Britannia and confront this serpent called Acrotis.
If any residing city Governor is here today, we could use the defenses of your city.
It is in our greatest need now that we all unite as one and protect this realm.
Our fight is long from over, as previously noted.
The battle with Rodrick was only the beginning.
We now must face Acrotis and whomever his loyalty belongs too.
I will summon you all once the infantry have all been accounted for.
We will lay to rest this beast known as Acrotis.
Now, I must go see Lord Blackthorn at once.
May you all have a safe journey back home!


Dominus dismisses the travelers once more as he seeks out the guidance of Lord Blackthorn. The testament of Acrotis was not foreseen which troubled the Seer of the Moonstone.

“A Riddle Insooth”
Story #2
September 17, 2015

The travelers gather at castle blackthorn courtyard. A figure is seen walking down the staircase from Lord Blackthorns office. This figure is Dominus and he greets the travelers.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Greetings again my friends.
Our last call to arms has proven to be a great strife in today’s struggles.
This serpent named Acrotis forced us to retreat at our last encounter.
We were not ready for the ambush that had await us.
Saying that, I am reluctant to say that we have beaten down their numbers.
Lord Blackthorn has ordered guards to patrol the massive ice block.
He shares the same fear that we all do. The fear that more shall attack at any moment.
Tonight we will be ready if any creature attempts to ambush us.
But first….
We must learn more about this object before we put any more men in harm’s way.
We will be going back to my old home town…
Let us travel to Moonglow and search for more information regarding this block of ice.


Dominus summons a portal that leads to the lyceum of moonglow. There, he continues with his instructions.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Please search around for any manuscripts that could aid us.

Emote: searches the area

The travelers search the bookcases for any tomes, parchments, novels or manuscript that could aid them in regards to the mysterious block of ice. An excited shout comes from behind a bookcase that signals something of great intrest was found. Dominus scurries toward the shelf and addresses the travelers:



Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Good! Let me take a look.

Emote: reads the old parchment

There is nothing about a block of ice….
However, this parchment describes an event of the past that resembles today’s current events.
A mysterious object once appeared in this world….
It had come from another parallel universe. One of which resembles our world.
This object was used as a key to unlock a chain of events that would later corrupt us.
Our ancestors saved the continent when they destroyed that of which brought the frozen object.

Emote: clears throat

We must make way to this frozen object.
Our archeologists have almost broke free the smaller block of ice.


Dominus summons a portal that leads the travelers to the frozen block of ice. Dominus notices Brutus, the archeologists and walks up to him.

Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Greetings again Brutus.
Any news to report for the time being?

Brutus (Speaking):
Greetings again friend. We have kept the serpents at bay thus far.

Dominus (Speaking):
That is good to hear. What have your men uncovered from the Ice?

Brutus (Speaking):
We have uncovered an ancient manuscript with incantations marked on the cover.

Dominus (Speaking):
Incantations? May I have a look?

Brutus (Speaking):
Go right ahead, sir. Our men can’t figure out how to translate it. Maybe you can help us.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):

Emote: nods


Dominus walks closely to the manuscript that lay intact with the smaller ice block.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):

Emote: examines the manuscript and notices draconic inscribed incantations on the cover

This manuscript is encrypted with very sacred runic markings.
To unlock the binding, I must recite these incantations.
Under different circumstances, I would never do this, as it could unlock doors we wish to remain closed.
Please stand back and be on guard.



Emote: starts to chant the runic incantation from the manuscript


Zu’u nu kovaat daar ziik nau daar pahelrot do wuth
Drun wah mii nu funrah hi ful tolaan
Mu bex un honiir ahrk strin un zahr wah hin bonaar rot
Drun wah mii nu hin tey zoor!

Emote: notices the ground begins to shake as a plume of smoke come from within the manuscript


The manuscript begins to shake as it attempts to break free from the ice. The pages are flipped repeatedly to signify a search of a some kind. Once from ice but now of air, the manuscript hovers above the travelers and in a loud voice, it began to speak:


Ancient Manuscript (Speaking):
From fire and ice, a monarch shall rise …
Birth to Death and Death to Birth … his kingdom shall be avenged ….
To escape imprisonment, the elements must be in unity ….
Awakened from a great slumber… these deities show no mercy …
Renowned to the world of Pagan, their task is under one supreme ruler …
Come one, come all …. for a great empire shall fall.


***the pages of the manuscript seem to glisten before the book slams shut***

Dominus looks at the travelers in amazement before addressing them.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
This is grave news. We must take all precautions that are necessary.
It appears we have just found the very thing that stirred the rifts of time.
Whatever…. Or whomever… is frozen in this block of ice……
These dragons are wanting it to stay frozen.
I want you all to search the area around the block of ice.
See if you can possibly find other clues.
I am going to report our findings to Lord Blackthorn.
I shall return immediately.

Emote: searches for scroll
Emote: Kal Ort Por

Dominus vanishes before the travelers eyes. In the meantime, everyone begins searching for any clues that could lead to Acrotis or the mystery of the block of ice. Through the transparency of ice, an inferno of flame laid across the icy plain. It appeared to have come from the sky. Dominus has not returned and the travelers are under siege.

From the sky came Ignis Glaciem, a dragon birthed of both ice and fire. From underground came the Basilisk, a serpent whose gaze is its weapon. From the mountains of the west came the Nagini, a serpentine monster.

The travelers fought the beasts until each one were slain. All seemed to be well until Acrotis, the Dragon Legionnaire appeared before the travelers.




Acrotis the Legionnaire (Speaking):
I thought I told you all to leave this area and to never return!
You insolent humans never learn, do you?

Emote: glances over to the smaller block of ice

I see you have discovered that blasphemous manuscript.

Emote: grumbles

My mother’s magic was only strong enough to create a shield around the biggest one.
So it is no secret of what the manuscript entails…..
Yes…. My mother has awoken powerful deities from another realm.

Emote: sinister growl

My mother is of no match for you all.
So leave now… or face your deaths prematurely….
I have been instructed to guard this block of ice with my life….
And I’ll do just that!!!


dr5 dr6


Acrotis bellows unto the air which signals the remaining infantry of his army to attack. Sentinels that are the legion of the Dragon appear and began attacking the travelers. While they were strong, the were not the strongest of the two. The travelers saw it through to victory and are not confronted by Acrotis.



Acrotis the Legionnaire (Speaking):
I underestimated your power and loyalty to your kingdom.
I have warned you all to leave… and you refuse.
I must take care of you all myself.
You will not destroy everything we have set out to do.
I will not tolerate it!!!!


Acrotis claps his teeth around the skull of a traveler and throws him against the mountain side. Fire and Chaos erupts and the travelers begin their strike against the Legionnaire. With a flurry of his wings, Acrotis paralyzed the travelers. The wind that picked up had caused an avalanche on top the mountain. With the travelers paralyzed, boulders begin smashing down from above – crushing some that stood in its path.

The witnessing of your comrades being crushed infuriated many of the travelers. Once the paralysis broke, many brave knights charged the scaled beast. Acrotis towered above the knights but even that did not sway their courage. A knight climbed onto Acrotis and with his blade he pierced the skull of Acrotis, the Dragon Legionnaire.

Dominus had returned just in time to witness the defeat of the scaled beast. He now addresses the travelers:




Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
I cannot believe my eyes.

Emote: observes the serpent’s corpse

During my brief meeting with Lord Blackthorn, we have concluded that a war has begun.
A war that will bring great trials to our existence….. a war between mankind and dragonkind.
We must ready our forces, for this will be a great trial to our strength.
Please… go now.
Go and prepare yourselves for our journey is not over.
Not even close…

Emote: sigh

Dominus summons a portal for the travelers to go back home. With an eerie expression on his face, Dominus stays behind and observes the corpse of Acrotis. He cannot help but wonder what events may happen in the near future.

A Prophetic Manuscript Scribed In An Archaic Draconic Language