A Souls Demise (August)

“The Depraved”
Story #1
August 7, 2015

The travelers are summoned to the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn by his Majesty. It has been a long while since Lord Blackthorn commanded a militia to defend the land of Britannia. The travelers gather and silence fills the room as He enters the room.


King Blackthorn (Speaking)
Good Evening Citizens of Britannia.
I am sure you all are wondering why you have been summoned here today.
There is a great force at large that threatens our existence as we know it.
A shift in time and space brought forth a tremor of fear to our lands once more.
I am unsure of what we are against, so your help is needed the most at this time.
I would like for you all to meet my Royal Alchemist at the Spirituality Moongate in Ilshenar.
He will lead you to where we think the shift in time has occurred.
Go now. Hurry!

Emote: walks off into the distance

The travelers meet Erik the Royal Alchemist waiting at the Moongate of Spirituality.



Erik The Royal Alchemist (Speaking)
Greetings all.
There is no time to waste so I am going to get to the point.
There is a force field of some kind blocking our path into the depths of the dungeon.
According to ancient apothecary recipes, I can create a potion to destroy the force field.
This is no easy task, however.

Emote: sighs

The only way this potion can be made is with the hearts of Depraved Succubi
Fortunately, they are located within in the same dungeon as the force field.
If you all would follow me, I will lead you to the entrance of the dungeon.
Furthermore, once we get there, please do not go ahead, as I need to give further instructions.



Erik and the travelers walk ever so swiftly toward Blood Dungeon. They come across many fey creatures before appearing at the grand entrance of the dungeon.



Erik The Royal Alchemist (Speaking)
Okay. Listen to me closely please.
Once again, we need the hearts from the Depraved Succubi.
Be aware though, there are guardians that protect the force field, so stay on guard.
Whatever is being hidden from us must be powerful…
and will not hesitate to deliver a fatal strike if given the chance.
Once the task is done, we will meet up again, and I will collect the hearts.
For the moment, I am going to stay outside of the dungeon for my own safety.
Now, hurry and go retrieve those hearts for me.


The travelers venture inside Blood dungeon to retrieve hearts of the Depraved Succubi. Many beasts roam the dungeon but a new peculiar breed dwell within. The deepest parts of darkness gave birth to the Death Raven and the Depraved Succubi. Yet, there is another threat that looms. The travelers fight their way through the dungeon until the Succubi nest is slain. Through shadow appears a beast and she is a Servant of Tyball.



Servant of Tyball (Speaking)
What do you think you humans are doing?
I should smite you all down where you stand!
I have a lot of preparation to do for the resurrection of Lord Rodrick.
Leave now or forever regret the day you challenged my kind.


The Servant rhetorically waits for the imputant humans to do as she commands.

Emote: smirks

It appears you aren’t going to leave unless forced.

Emote: whistles

The Servant of Tyball emits a radiant darkness and from her shadow spawns the Daemon of Fear. Blood smears the walls and screams echo through the halls. At last, the Daemon was struck down. The travelers stand toe to toe with the Servant of Tyball.



Servant of Tyball (Speaking)
No one, beast nor man, has lived through the bane of my henchmen.
I do not know where you came from – nor do I care.
I have little time to be messing with useless mortals.
Rodrick the Chaos Knight will rise once more and seek vengeance on those that killed him.
You wanted a war…
So be it.


The Servant of Tyball erupts into rage as she charges the travelers. Her claws reach out, lashing at any pitiful soul that stood in her way. Alas, she was outnumbered and she had fallen. While the travelers observer her corpse, Erik the Royal Spy comes into view and begins speaking to them.



Erik The Royal Alchemist (Speaking)
Seems I got here just in time to see that beast being slayed.
What was that thing and what was it doing here?

The travelers inform him on the circumstances that placed these fowl beasts within the Dungeon

Erik the Royal Alchemist (Speaking)
Yes, very well.
It seems the tactics of such a creature is something to consider with caution.
Does anyone have any hearts for me so I can brew up this potion?
I need as many as I can get.


Many of the travelers searched their pouches and gave Erik the hearts they retrieved from the bodies of the Depraved Succubi.

Erik the Royal Alchemist (Speaking)
Thank you all.
Please meet me back outside the dungeon. I feel it is not very safe in here.


The travelers walk to the entrance of the dungeon where safety awaits. The stench of bodies fills the area.


I will go report our findings to King Blackthorn and then brew up this potion.
I give you all my thanks for helping me with this task.
I couldn’t have done it alone.
Keep a look out for my next call to arms.
We have not seen the last of these foul beasts.
Now, I must go speak with King Blackthorn at once!
Here is a gate back home.


Erik summons a portal that leads the travelers back to their homes. The criers await in silence as they prepare their next call of the travelers.

“A Souls Demise”
Story #2
August 20, 2015

Everyone gathers at Castle Blackthorn courtyard as they await their next journey. Lord Blackthorn is seen coming down the stair case and towards the travelers. He stands bold and stern before the group.

King Blackthorn (Speaking)
Greetings again my friends.
I want to thank you all for helping Erik recover the ingredients needed for this potion.
This potion is designed to destroy any object it comes in contact with.
We must proceed carefully.

Emote: pauses for a moment

The report Erik sent me has some disturbing evidence.
It appears the fabled Knight, Rodrick, has been resurrected.
He was a follower of Tyball in his time.
This shift in balance could have given Tyballs followers enough power to resurrect Rodrick.
Alas, I bear grave news, my friends.
In this Kingdom, we seldom put the citizens in harm’s way.
We try our best to fight the battles so that no innocence is lost.
I sent a brigade out to investigate the dungeon further.
Ten cavalry were sent and only one returned.
My heart aches at the lives lost through this careless command.
That is something I will forever live with.
The time has come that the defense of Britannia calls to its citizens for help.
We must stop Rodrick before his tyranny reigns from above.
I would like for you all to meet one of my guardsman at Spirituality Moongate.
He was the one left out of the ten sent to investigate the dungeon.
Please. Go now.


Lord Blackthorn exits the room with his head lowered. The weight of carrying a regretful decision that claimed the lives of many lingers. He is seen ascending the staircase and entering the Throne room. The travelers make way to the Spirituality shrine where they meet Blaine, the Guardsman of the King.



Blaine, Guardsman of The King (Speaking)
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am sure you all have heard the grave news of our recent events.
I cannot tell you how dishonorable I feel.
I ran from battle and watched as my fellow comrades were slain.

Emote: seems to shed a tear

I cannot dwell on my past actions.
The only thing I can do now is to tell our story and make things right.
Our journey lasted around four hours before we met our demise.
We had cleared the halls enough that we felt it safe to setup camp.
It was around midnight when we awoke to a ritualistic battle cry.
A cold chill ran down our spines…
It was then that blood was shed.
We were outnumbered drastically.
My brothers and sister fought while I ran for safety.
I looked back one final time only to see them fall.
That is why I volunteered to lead tonight’s hunt.
I feel it is my obligation – even if I am in harm’s way.

Emote: wipes sweat from brow

Be on guard at all times.
We have awakened the undead that has inhabited that forsaken dungeon.
There are many creatures that guard the entrance.
If you all will, please follow me.
We must lay to rest the foul beast known as Rodrick the Chaos Knight.

Blain leads the travelers to the entry way of the dungeon. A grim shadow falls unto them as they are encountered by a Spirit of the Damned. Draped in black silk, the spirit attempts to communicate with the travelers.


Blaine (speaking):
Wait! Don’t go any further!
Spirit. What is your reason?

Spirit (speaking):
*ghostly whisper*

Blaine (speaking):
Do you wish to communicate with us?

Spirit (speaking):
Do not trespass unless you want to join me and my brethren!

Blaine (speaking):
What evil do you possess foul spirit?

Spirit (speaking):
I harbor no evil young swordsman. I only exist to do once what I was meant to.

Blain (speaking):
What deed do you speak of?

Spirit (speaking):
Only once can one live, yet out of great strife can one die.

Blaine (speak):
Get on with it, damnit!

Spirit (speak):
To know of what you ask, you must join us in death!


The spirit shimmers and then vanishes before the travelers eyes. Blaine is left speechless. Tensions are high as they have been forewarned of their trespasses and the sealed consequence that lay ahead. Blaine manages to regain control and rallies the crowd once more.


Blaine, Guardsman of The King (Speaking):
Please follow me and be on guard.
The danger has increased than I had anticipated.
Rodrick must be expecting us.
Let us continue.


The travelers and the guardsmen enter the dungeon and are ambushed by Daemons of Fear. The blood thirsty beasts begin feasting on the flesh of those that fell victim. Many souls perish in their battle with the Daemons but all hope was not lost. A sounding instrument can be heard in a distance and the Daemons vanish unto shadow. In confusion, the travelers regain their footing and continue forward within the dungeon.

Turning the corner, Blaine is hit with deep emotion as he encounters the camp where his fellow guardsmen were slaughtered. He quickly regains his composer and continues forward into the dungeon.

Blaine, the Guardsman of the King (Speaking):
This is where it all happened.
The men I was supposed to protect.
Here they are, dwindling away for eternity.

Emote: sobs

We must go further.





The travelers and the guardsmen reach the center of the dungeon. A pulsating force-field stands in their way from reaching the source of the dungeons mystery. The presence of Rodrick is eminent thus concludes a sorrowful decision.



Blaine, Guardsman of The King (Speaking):
We finally made it to our destination.
There is something I forgot to mention to you all earlier.
This potion that King Blackthorn instructed me to carry….
will destroy the object and the object that threw it.
The blast will be malevolent enough that it will destroy any its way.
This is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
I live to protect the citizens of this Kingdom.
It is my duty.

Emote: clears throat

Please stand back.
Once I throw this potion, I am unsure as to what may happen next.
What I am sure of is that I will not be here to fight with you guys.
Please avenge my fallen comrades. They deserve it.
Here it goes.


Emote: throws potion


A series of reactive blasts engulf the room as the potion shatters against the force field. In the wake of the blast, Blaine is disintegrated and is left to ash. 

A flailing shriek fills the room as Gate Keepers begin attacking the travelers. They were the undead guardians that protected the dead from within. Rodrick must have enslaved them to do his bidding. The keepers were ploys of distraction as the Servants of Tyball were seen readying for war. With the last keeper slain, the Servants of the dark lord, Tyball begin attacking the travelers.  The Servants summon their vile dominion against the travelers: Awakened Undead Cultists, Depraved Succubi, Undead Servants and Rotting Corpses. While many travelers perished, the final beast was slain.

What stood before the travelers was Chaos Knight himself. His transparent likeness bewilders the crowd surrounding him. A spirit so powerful and so cunning. Rodrick stands tall as he addresses the crowd.



Rodrick The Chaos Knight (Speaking):
Why must you pathetic mortals intervene in matters beyond your control?
It is unfortunate for you all – really.
You all live to satisfy your Lordship.
You fail to grasp the meaning of life until death greets you eternally.

Emote: ghostly laugh

Nevermore will I suffer the eternal torment of those that murdered me.
I seek vengeance on those that call themselves the Knights of the Ankh.
I too had been a knight long ago.
The difference between them and I is that I am not guided by fools.
I lust for absolute power and did not let anyone control me.

Emote: smirks

It wasn’t until before my death did I realize true power.
I found the teachings of Tyball to be….. Extremely beneficial.
Thus I swore in life and in death to forever serve Lord Tyball.
In return for absolute power, I must do his bidding.
As you see behind me, I have in my possession a fabled Seer of the Moonstone.
As long as I shall live, the seer will always know what true pain feels like.
Those damned Seers will stop at nothing to enforce the side of morality.
As long as I live…. and so shall it be.
You mortals need run or face your emanate death.
My transformation is almost complete.



With a swift wave of his hand, the room filled with smoke and from within the Vile Essences of Tyball were summoned. Their physicality was non existent as they were just groups of smoke but they were infused with strange magic – dark magic. The waging battle was on the spectrum of good and evil. The Essence comprised itself of evil and the travelers aligned as good and with this mixture intact, the battle was won.  The travelers numbers continue to fall short as each battle that transgressed swayed the outcome of the militia.

The strange aura was seen throughout the hallowed halls of the Blood dungeon. With the dark magic of Tyball, the mass resurrection of the undead was still enforced. Many of the fallen travelers surrounded the gates of Rodrick as they prepared to battle his shade from within the afterlife. The remaining living travelers followed suit. The living and the dead allied themselves to take on Rodrick the Chaos Knight.


Rodrick The Chaos Knight (Speaking):

Emote: chants an ancient spell

Ex Corp Rel
Ex Copr Rel
My transformation is almost complete.

Emote: chants an ancient spell

Ex Corp Rel
Ex Corp Rel

Emote: screams a battle cry

My time to be reborn has come. Feast your eyes on my true form!!


With a flash of light, Rodrick the Chaos Knight created himself a physical vessel that strengthened his power and his might. His armor plated with void metals not of this land. His power knew no mercy as the undead that gathered were obliterated where they stood. Waves of unimaginable magic swept through the area as it hits every traveler in its path.

The travelers stood strong. With every strum of a bow, swing of a sword and chant from a spell book, Rodrick grew weaker fore he was of mortality now. Many lives were claimed but the battle was a success. Rodrick underestimated the bravery of the travelers and had fallen in battle. With him now dead, the remaining Servants of Tyball shimmered unto shadow fore they bear no leader.

The cloaked prisoner that lay clasped to a charred timber was released of his imprisonment. Rodrick the Chaos Knight took and withheld a Seer of the Moonstone as a trophy against the Knights of the Ankh. Dominus, the Seer of the Moonstone, addresses the travelers.


Dominius The Seer (Speaking):

Emote: gasps for air

How long has it been?
For ages now, I have been chained up.
Night turns to day and day into night. I have lost track of the years gone by.
I still remember as if it were yesterday.
Centuries ago, the order of Seers of the Moonstone were under attack by Tyball.
After his defeat, the followers of Tyball swore by loyalty…
to always do the bidding of their master.
I was in great study at the Moonglow mage building when I was captured by Rodricks Servants.
I do not know how long it has been since I have been in bonds.
You all have my thanks for freeing me.
You all have defeated that of which has imprisoned me for quite some time.
It seems at Rodricks death, his dominion were released on the remaining Servants.

Emote: grabs gear from chest

Dominus opens a pearl-lined chest and grabs a dusty shroud and stave. Both resemble light and is symbolic to the teachings of the Seers of the Moonstone.


These are more fitting.
I do not know what lengths you all had to go through to rescue me and to put an end to Rodrick.
You all have my thanks.
An eerie feeling this place still has, but the great battle is over and the souls can rest peacefully.

Emote: grins

I must return to my studies in Moonglow.
This will not be the last we see each other.
I thank you once more.
My vision can guide me enough to bring you all home.
Take care, my new found friends. We will meet again in the future.


Dominus summons a portal that brings the travelers safely back home.

Ancient Sarcophagus Containing The Vile Shade Essence of Rodrick The Chaos Knight