The Ritual (October)

“Digging Ones Own Grave”
Story #1
October 15, 2015


Dominus the Seer waits at the Courtyard of Castle Blackthorn as the travelers make their way to him. One by one the travelers line up and are prepared for tonight’s journey.



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Greetings again my friends.

Emote: clears throat

Tonight we will investigate the prophecy given to us in the ice lands.
On our journey, we have defeated Rodrick and Acrotis…
But I fear they are just the beginning.
The prophecy spoke of four Legendary Beasts that have supremacy over the basic four elements:
Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.
The Manuscript mentioned another realm from which these Beasts reign in: Pagan.
In my life time, I have only heard this word once… and it usually goes with a child’s fairy tale.
Maybe some fairy tales are true after all. I am uncertain at this moment.

Emote: observes the crowd

I see here before me brave Knights that defend their countryside when deemed needed.
You all have my utmost respect.
Let us travel to my study in Moonglow.
We must learn more about this world of Pagan and what we may be up against.


Dominus summons a portal to the Lyceum in Moonglow. There, he addresses the travelers.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Please follow me.


Dominus leads the travelers to the study and begins searching for a book with a dusty bookcase.

Yes…. This appears to be the bookcase.

Emote: searches the books

There it is!

Dominus takes the books and walks to the nearby table where he gently lays the old novel onto the surface.


I would like for you all to read those books.
We must figure out where to start our journey.
I will be looking for other books in the process. If you find anything, let me know.

Emote: searches the bookcase


Dominus gets lost in his train of thought while searching for other books that could be of use. “How to slay the undead”, “What not to do if captured by a Wendigo”and “A Royal Plea: The secrets of the Britannic Gardens”. Dominus looks at the bookcase in disappointment. He overhears a nearby scholar helping one of the travelers in their search:


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Hmm. Deceit you say?

Emote: ponders the thought

It appears it would match the description given in the book.
Let us make our way to the dungeon of Deceit.
Be on guard at all times, as we are dealing with a Legendary Titan that isn’t of this realm.

Dominus summons a portal that leads the travelers to the entrance of Dungeon Deceit. The dungeon walls smell of decay and the undead that dwell there. The travelers venture their way through the dungeon, slaying any undead that may challenge them. They made their way toward the back of the dungeon where a great flame resides.

The Flame of Pyros, it called itself, as it stands idling by. It spoke with a gentle and soft voice but with such sternness.  Its light glistened off the plate armor that protected the travelers. The Flame, with its soft embellishment, began attacking the travelers.

The Flame was not a difficult enemy fore one only had to reveal its reflection to itself. The Flame of Pyros divided into five beings and had gathered in a circle around the travelers. They each spoke in unison before giving their attention to the first flame.


The First Flame of Pyros (Speaking):
There he slumbers in the great volcano…

The Second Flame of Pyros (Speaking):
Guarded by lava and a draconic beast…..

The Third Flame of Pyros (Speaking):
Once awoken, he will bring terror and strife….

The Fourth Flame of Pyros (Speaking):
He resides inside a mountain… of great paragon creatures….

The Fifth Flame of Pyros (Speaking):
To summon him festers a great wound on this world….


After the fifth and final flame spoke its oracle, the flames in unison shimmered into nothing. The travelers progressed their way toward the very end of the dungeon. The lighting of the room dimmed to a soft blue as Flesh Eating Corpses woke from their slumber and began attacking the travelers. Dwelling in the corner the Inferno of Pyros stood – glistening with its blue aura.

A brave Knight crept toward the Inferno and with a swing, the Knight deminished its existence. The remaining corpses fell unto the ground – lifeless and the rooms lighting became normal. In the center of the room lay a stark flame that dwindles in the air. It attempts to communicate with the travelers:


Inferno of Pyros (Speaking):
His location is under, within, and beside the great volcano of Ilshenar


The dwindling flame subsides into the air and is no more. Dominus talks with the travelers once more.

Dominus The Seer (Speaking):

Emote: ponders

Please search the area for any other clues.

The travelers search the area of the dungeon for any hidden clues. A shout can be heard across the room as someone has discovered a chest that is covered in mold.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):

 Emote: walks over to the chest

The story is true indeed.
It is the fabled Tongue of Flames the stories mentioned.
Come, we must get to a safe place. There, we will talk.

Dominus and the travelers retrace their footsteps to escape the dungeon. Once outside, Dominus summons a portal back to his study in the Lyceum of Moonglow. There, he addresses the travelers:



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
We have recovered the great and fabled Tongue of the Flames.
According to the text, we will use this to bind and ultimately destroy Pyros of Pagan.
The only problem we have is locating this Legendary Titan of Fire.
Give me a moment to gather my notes.
Each ‘Flame of Pyros’ we fought gave a clue to his whereabouts.

Emote: scrambles through loose parchment

Here they are.

Emote: clears throat


“There he slumbers in the great volcano…”
“Guarded by lava and a draconic beast…..”
“Once awoken, he will bring terror and strife….”
“He resides inside a mountain… of great paragon creatures….”
“To summon him festers a great wound on this world….”
“His location is under, within, and beside the great volcano of Ilshenar”

Emote: thinks for a moment

There are many great volcanoes in the land of Ilshenar.
I would like for you all to go to your homes and think about tonight’s quest.
We must figure out which volcano he resides in.
We shall meet again in the near future.
For now, I relieve you for tonight.


Dominus summons a portal that takes the travelers home. Each individual is left with a piece of tonight’s adventure to think about. Where is this mountain? What can lay within? What threat looms? What is our next mission?

“The Ritual”
Story #2
October 22, 2015

The  travelers gather at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn once more. Minutes go by without a notice from any superiors. The travelers began to get worrisome and then a bolt of lightning came down and Dominus emerged from its blast.



Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Hello again, everyone.
I hope you got your rest and are prepared for tonight’s journey.
Our last gathering, we located and recovered the fabled Tongue of Flames.

Emote: carefully places the fragment onto the ground

From the old folklore stories, this gem fragment will be used to bind Pyros so we can defeat him.
King Blackthorn issued a search party to go out and investigate the volcanoes of Ilshenar.
We believe we have found the right volcano, as there are symbolic markers of flame there.
Before we venture to this volcano, I would like to take you all to my study once more.
I uncovered another book that will greatly benefit us.
Let us make way to my study in Moonglow


Dominus summons a portal that leads everyone to the study of Dominus the Seer.

Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Follow me please.
One moment while I search for the book we need.

Emote: searches the bookcase

Ah, yes. Here it is.
Please read this and let me know when you all are ready to move on.
From my guess, I would imagine these Theurgists to be within the volcano as well.
It seems we will need to recover ritual candles from the Theurgists.


Dominus sits by as he gives the travelers enough time to read the manuscript that lays before them. After a few moments pass by, he continues:


Is everyone ready to travel to the volcano?


Dominus searches through his pouch and locates a parchment that has a fire rune pinned to the surface. He lifts it up into the air, murmurs a chant and summons a portal for the travelers to go through – leading them to the Volcano outside Ilshenar Honor shrine. The travelers ran up the spiraling ladder that is the volcano’s front. The travelers are stopped in their tracks as they approach a landing that cannot be reached on foot. Dominus thinks quietly to himself.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):

This must be the markings described in the Kings report.
Give me a moment to examine the markings.


Dominus walks up to the object and begins analyzing the markings

Emote: attempts to translate an ancient language found on the markings

In an attempt to translate the markings, the travelers are ambushed by Cherufe, sly gargoyle beasts that dwell near the mountain. They’re difficulty is not of concern. They are pesky and annoying at their best. The travelers slay them all except one. With the threat of death, the Cherufe offers information for the pardon of his life. The travelers agreed to let it live under the condition of the information he offered.


Cherufe (Speaking):
You has bested our defenses in today’s battle.
To enter the volcano, you must speak the name of the guardians you so defeated.
Beware though, that your death shall come swiftly if you do so enter the volcano.


The Cherufe ran to safety after being released by the travelers. Dominus turns back and addresses the masses:


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
It seems in order to go through the entrance, we must speak to the wall.
We must say the name of the creatures we just defeated.
If it is so true, then the sacred word would be: Cherufe
Everyone, give it a try, but also beware for there may be danger.


The travelers make their way into the volcano. Seen in the distance, the Theurgist are gathered as they pray to their Titan. Dominus commands the travelers to slay the Theurgist in order to gather ritual candles needed to summon Pyros. The travelers do as they were told, slaying each individual Theurgist that were there. Once collected, the candles were placed in around the pentagram that formed of the blood of the Theurgists. Dominus enters the circle and begins to chant the ritual to summon Pyros – Titan of Flame.



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
From the depths of the underworld, I summon this foul creature by the name of Pyros.
I now illuminate the Northern Pentacle to end the suffrage of Pyros.

Emote: illuminatione ignis magnus

From the tears of innocence, we challenge the Lord of Flame to reveal himself to us.
I now illuminate the Western Pentacle to bring down the tyranny of Lord Pyros

Emote: illuminatione ignis magnus

From the veil of betrayal, I summon the master of lies and deceit known as Pyros.
I now illuminate the South-Western Pentacle to bring truth to a world of deceit.

Emote:  illuminatione ignis magnus

From the vengeance of four blood-kin, I summon the bringer of inferno and pain.
I now illuminate the South-Eastern Pentacle to bring peace to the suffering.

Emote: illuminatione ignis magnus

From damnation and power, I summon the Lord of Flame himself.
I now illuminate the Eastern Pentacle to bring an end to Pyros himself.

Emote: illuminatione ignis magnus

With the Ritual candles in place and the Tongue of Flames in the center….
I now summon Pyros, the Lord of Flame to confront us!!!


Flames began erupting out of the ground as the volcano shook and trembled. The ceiling of the volcano collapsed and lava began pouring onto the pentacle. The lava began taking a physical manifestation and what formed was of darkness and decay. Pyros, the Titan of Flame stood before us all.


pyros1 pyros2 pyros3 pyros4


Pyros, the Titan of Flame (Speaking):
For what pathetic reason have you summoned me mortal….
I will feast among your entrails before you defeat me…
I am The Fire that burneth through the night..
I am The Fire that devours souls in the Netherworld.
Your flesh will burn in my Volcano…. Stupid mortals.
You all impress me with your impudence….
For your reward… you shall inherit eternity of torment!!





Pyros ascends unto the air as the volcano continued to shake. He raised his demonic hands and with a gesture toward the center of the pentacle, a star of fire shattered the ground. Pyros’ eyes hallowed as they had succumb to fire. Pyros unleashed his fiery wrath among the travelers that stood there.

Before the sphere of fire had the chance to disintegrate every living thing inside the volcano, Dominus picked up the Tongue of Flame from the center of the pentacle and raised it in the air. The shattered gem acted as void and became a beacon of Pyros’ powers. The sphere of fire that outlined the arena was consumed by the Tongue until it was no more.  The Tongue of Flame stole the source of power from Pyros and he is left defenseless. With mortality at his reckoning, the travelers were able to fight and defeat the Titan of Flame.

Dominus appears at the center of the group and begins speaking to them:


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
I cannot believe my eyes.
We have just defeated the Lord of Flame.
You all have done very well, tonight.
I won’t indulge you all any longer, as I am sure you all need your rest after this battle.
Please keep a look out for my next call to arms.


With exhaustion fleeting in for everyone, Dominus summons a portal to bring a close to tonight’s adventure. With Pyros defeated and the Tongue of Flame infused with the power of Pyros, the travelers have earned their rest for that evening.

Antique Crucible Containing the Scorched Remnants of the Legendary Pyros – Titan of Flame



“Insight Into The Future”
Story #3
October 29, 2015

The travelers meet at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. Dominus is seen walking down the staircase reading a book before engaging with the travelers.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Good evening my friends.
Last night I woke from a terrible vision that had intercepted my sleep.
In this vision, I was greeted with the overwhelming scent of death.
Those that stood before me, the remaining three elemental titans…
Each sent their vial instruments to do their evil doings.
From the Water Titan came floods that would consume our cities and destroy our families.
From the Air Titan came strong winds that would destroy our infrastructures.
From the Earth Titan came a disease to kill our lands greenery – thus our food source.

Emote: exhales a sigh of grief

In order for us to prevent them, we must bind their powers and destroy them.
We must uncover each gem that is associated to their power and use it against them.
In this vision, after we defeat each titan, we must take the gem back to the frozen ice object..
The one we fought so hard to protect.
We must place each gem on a corresponding brazier.
Once all gems have been placed, we all must chant a mantra of Sacrifice.
When we do this, the Prophecy that was told so long ago shall be fulfilled.
Can you all please come with me?
We must go place the gem that bound the powers of Pyros on a brazier.


hydros1 hydros2 hydros3 hydros4 hydros5


Dominus summons a portal to the frozen object and the travelers go through. The aroma of sea salt lines the air which fills the minds of many with worry. Emerging from the snow came creatures belonging to the dominion of Hydros, Titan of Water. The Ghouls of the Sea taunt the likeness of mortal men and Hydro’s Servants slaughter those they could. The rounds were weak and thus this was no army. It was a warning. Also emerging from the salty snow came an evil cackle and with it, Hyrdros.

hydros6 hydros7 hydros8


Hydros of Pagan (Speaking):

*evil cackle*

You pathetic mortals do not know when to give up.
Even though my brother, Pyros, and I never got along, his death will be avenged.
You all have insulted powers beyond your comprehension.
When we are finished, your world will perish, and with it, so will your legacy.
I must go and prepare for the destruction of one of your beloved cities.
This should keep you all busy.

*evil laugh*


Hydros opens her mouth and came forth many storms known as Tempest. Hydros melted unto the snow – thus leaving poisonous ice shards in her place. Tempests roam free and are causing chaos for the travelers. They are silenced but at the cost of many. Dominus regroups the travelers and speaks with them urgently:

hydros9 hydros10



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
It seems Hydros is already making plans to attack our cities.
Let’s finish what we came here to do.
Then we will talk more.

Emote: walks up to the brazier

Emote: places the fire gem onto the brazier

There we go.
The gem has been placed onto the brazier and is ready for the upcoming events.
We must all prepare for the upcoming events concerning Hydros.
She is preparing to sink our cities into the ocean – to her Kingdom.
I urge you all to explore each of the cities throughout the upcoming weeks.
Her attacks can leave us defenseless if we let them.
We must keep her at bay.
Thank you all for coming with me to fulfill this quest.
I relieve you for this evening.


With the final adventure concluding for the search of Pyros, a new threat was awakened. His sister, Hydros, is looking for vengeance and has threatened to wipe the cities from Sosaria. The travelers have been instructed to keep patrol until their next call to arms.