Trip the Lights Fantastic (December)

“Trip the Lights Fantastic”
Story #1
December 17, 2015


The travelers gather at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn and await the arrival of Dominus the Seer of the Moonstone. To their surprise he never showed up but instead Lord Blackthorn walked down the staircase and addressed the travelers.



King Blackthorn (Speaking):
Good evening, everyone.
I would like to thank you all for meeting me tonight, as we have a lot to get done.
As your leader, it is my utmost responsibility to protect our lands from evil.
We live in a time where great forces tend to collide with our moral compass.

Emote: sighs

Unfortunately, at times of distress even our militia cannot do the task that needs to be done.
This is why you all deserve the most honor.

Emote: pauses for a moment

Tonight, on the eve of the Winter Solstice, a Shadow has been cast upon our land.
This Shadow was foretold and is meant to destroy our holiday celebration…. and more.
There is only one way to get rid of this Shadow.
We must seek out the help of a fabled being.
It is not human.
Nor creature.
It is a being of beauty and purity.
It is the fabled White Stag.
In times of great darkness, only the White Stag can illuminate that which was once in darkness.
The last time the White Stag revealed itself to us mortals…
He was seen around the Ilshenar Shrine of Spirituality.
I would like for you all to go there and seek out clues of his whereabouts.
Only he can save us from this foretold evil.
Please be careful and fare thee well!

The travelers venture to the Shrine of Spirituality and discover golden hoof prints on the ground. The travelers follow the footprints until they end at a farm north of the Shrine. From inside the farm, the White Stag reveals itself.


The White Stag (Speaking):

Emote: notices the crowd gathered around him

Welcome, friends.
Your arrival was foretold but might I ask what is it that you seek of me?


The White Stag awaits the travelers replies. After the travelers reveal that shadow dwells within the lands, the White Stag speaks with the them.


It is true that at times of gloom and darkness do I fight to keep it at bay.
The novelty of darkness in itself is that it never truly is defeated…. but subdued.

Emote: The White Stags vision begins to cloud as he peers into the future

As I mentioned before, your arrival was destined and is aligned with the Winter Solstice.
As I have had this vision before, I found it crucial to wait here once more in my time of need.
I will give what aid I can provide to help restore balance in the scheme of things.
Follow me. We must travel to the land of the dark in order to restore what once was.




The White Stag leads the travelers to a cave opening. Everyone goes through and are confronted by Daemons that go by the name of Nights Deception. Their skins radiates shadow as their eyes resemble darkness. Considered a lower level daemon, their skill set matches not with the travelers. Each were slain and thus appeared an invisible deity adorned with a cloak of void. The White stag confronts the deity of shadow and speaks with it.




The White Stag (Speaking):
You fail to interpret the ancient magics that govern our land?

Champion of Shadow (Speaking):
Do not lecture me on the principle of sorcery, you hind! I was there when it was written!

The White Stag (Speaking):
Then you should know that Chaos can only work with equal balance of Order.

Champion of Shadow (Speaking):
History can be rewritten… and it shall!

The White Stag (Speaking):
Restore once was and there will be no need for bloodshed.

Champion of Shadow (Speaking):
On the eve of the Winter Solstice the world will turn to Shadow, and thus fall under damnation.

The White Stag (Speaking):
If you must, then we shall stand hand to hand on the battle field.

Champion of Shadow (Speaking):
This world will once more know the power of the dark side. It shall commence!


stag3 stag4


The Champion of Shadow chants a mantra that reveals the monsters that have been lingering here this entire time. Sentinels of Shadow embark on the task of dismantling the light from the White Stag by protecting the Champion with their lives.

The antlers of the White Stag begin to glimmer as Shadow and dusk begin to fade away. Shadow derives itself from light but cannot exist within. The Sentinels and the Champion are no more.



The White Stag positions itself at the construct that is of darkness.



The White Stag (Speaking):
It appears to be a shrine of some sort.
From the markings and manifestations it projects, I would assume it be a shrine to darkness.

Emote: notices the glowing book on the pedestal

There seems to be a manuscript written in demonic runes.

Emote: presses a cloven hoof against the pages of the manuscript

Listen well, all of you… for you are going to witness ancient magic at its best.


From the touch of the White Stag, the manuscripts comes to life and begin speaking in prophecy to the travelers.



Shadow Manuscript (Speaking):
In darkness there is only anguish, peril, destruction, and death.
In days of past, our ancestors use the power of the Northern Lights.
These beings were not from here, but guardians of our night sky.
Through guidance we learn to trust.
Through trust we learn to protect.
The Northern Lights, through guidance and trust, expelled the Shadow.
To reveal the path that you seek, speak the tome hidden from and to darkness.

*the pages glow with silver light as the tome slams shut*

stag6 stag7


The White Stag turns toward the travelers and speaks to them.


The White Stag (Speaking):
We must search around the area for a tome that will reveal the passage way we seek.
We must find what is hidden.

Emote: searches the area


The travelers search the area for a hidden tome and discover it on top a bookshelf. The White Stag asks a traveler to flip the pages so he can read the manuscript.


Written in the book:
Go unto the shrine of darkness and speak the curse “Illuminate semita tenebrarum” and the path shall open unto you.



The White Stag (Speaking):

Emote: reads the tome out loud

Go unto the shrine of darkness and speak the curse “Illuminate semita tenebrarum”….
and the path shall open unto you.
Everyone. Chant this curse unto the shrine itself and the pathway will be revealed.


The travelers begin chanting the curse and the boulder beside the alter shatters – revealing a portal. The travelers run through the portal which leads to the Sacred Conclave of the Northern Lights.

Something is not right. The Northern Lights became corrupted by the Abominations of Shadow that linger in the area. Each Light became tethered to an abomination. The travelers were bombarded by shadow as each of the Abominations shredded those that stood in its way.

In the wake of the corpses that lay scattered on the tiled floor, the White Stag appears from a glimmer of light. The Stag presence weakens the Abominations enough for the travelers to defeat them. As the tethered Abominations are slain, the Corrupt Northern Lights become vulnerable for purification.


stag8 stag9

When a Corrupt Northern Light becomes purified, their originating forms appear at each of the Virtue Tiles to symbolize the unity of light. After the final Corrupt Northern Light had been purified, the White Stag placed himself in the center of the room.


The White Stag (Speaking):
As we stand here today, recognize that we are before the ancient gathering of Northern Lights.
It will be the first time in over a thousand years.
Stand with honor as this is a rare privilege to work alongside them to rid the land of darkness.

Emote: arches back

It would appear that through the force of evil, the Northern Lights were tainted….
thus consumed by darkness.
We must begin the ritual by speaking the phrase once again.
I and the conclave of Light will do the ritual. Please stand back and be on guard.

Emote: prepares to do the ritual

“Illuminate semita tenebrarum”

Now observe as we join in unison to cast the Shadow unto Oblivion!


The Northern Lights begin chanting the ritual to cast the shadow back unto Oblivion.

stag10 stag11 stag12 stag13 stag14

The White Stag (Speaking):
Together, the Northern Lights will join as one to reveal the Shadow.


The Northern Lights begin merging together to form one sunburst of light that will ultimately push the shadow back into Oblivion.


The force of Darkness is upon us! Prepare yourself for the coming of Shadow!




With the conclave of the Northern Lights together in unison, the White Stag summons the Shadow Daemon to reveal itself. The room was immersed with shadow as the Shadow Daemon appeared. Little was said before the Stag and the Daemon clashed thus commencing war.




A Captured Northern Light Used To Guide The Way Of Wandering Travelers