Until The Water Runs Dry (November)

“Into The Deep”
Story #1
November 12, 2015

The travelers gather at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn and await their orders from Dominus the Seer


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Greetings again, my friends.
I hope you all are energized, as we have quite the adventure ahead of us yet.

Emote: pauses for a moment

As you all are aware….
When we went to place the Tongue of Flames on the sacred brazier…
We were ambushed and attacked by Hydros herself.
We were not ready for such attack but we managed to hold our own.
I am afraid that her forces grow in power and in numbers each day.
She has been attacking our cities by sending mass waves to destroy the city.
With the unity of you all, we have kept her at bay.
Now we must issue a counter strike against her.

Emote: stares into the crowd

I have been researching extensively to outline the weakness of Hydros.
I’ve found two manuscripts that gives details of the fabled Hydros of Pagan.
Come. We must go to my study in moonglow.


Dominus summons a portal that leads the travelers to his study in Moonglow.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):

Emote: pulls manuscripts from the bookcase

Here we go.

Emote: places the manuscripts onto the table

I’ll give you all a few to read the manuscripts.


After a few moments of allowing the travelers to read the manuscripts, Dominus begins speaking to them.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
It appears that the source of Hydros’ power is a gem by the name Tear of the Sea.
It was discovered by Hydros, where she eventually hid it in a sunken city.
The stories say that it is in a city of Chaos…
I have looked over maps and I believe I have found the exact location of this sunken city.




Dominus places a map onto a nearby table and points to a specific location on the map.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
In the lands of Ilshenar, off of the coast of Chaos, there has always been ruins…
Ruins as such that had always puzzled travelers because these ruins were….. strange.
The remaining architecture bore symbols that could never be identified.

Emote: takes mental note for later

Come. We shall travel.


Dominus takes a sextant and locates the coordinates of the ruins from the map. He readies the coordinates and summons a portal to the desired location. Once there, the travelers encounter beasts they had fought once before: Ghouls of the Sea, Servants of Hydros and the sea’s Tempest. 

Through their last encounter, the travelers learned the weaknesses of these creatures and had slain them with ease. Once the threat was defeated, a lonesome sea spirit appeared on a piece of wreckage on the waters surface. It lingered for quite some time before walking ashore to speak to Dominus:


hd2 hd3 hd4


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Dear dwelling spirit of the sea.
Question you, I must. Why have you been imprisoned?

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
I was once a loyal sailor to the beast known as Hydros.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
I see.

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
I realized her true corruption and had turned my back on her.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
What corruption do you speak of?

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
She forever imprisoned me here for eternity so that I may suffer perish of the sea.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
You have my sympathy, lost spirit.

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
I do not seek your sympathy. I only wish to be released from torment.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
I understand.

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
What is that you seek that is important to disrupt the tides of the sea?

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
We wish to recover the lost gem known as the Tear of the Sea.

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
Lost, it is not. To recover the gem, one must use the tools that lay before him.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Where might I find these tools?

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
Hydros hid the gem in the simplicity that those who believe it is lost shall never find it.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Thank you, dwelling spirit of the sea. How can I repay you for your help?

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
I wish to be free. Once Hydros has been defeated, my fellow companions and I can be in peace.

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Very well. You have my promise that we will destroy the beast that imprisoned you.

Imprisoned Sea Spirit (Speaking):
Thank you. *appears to be consumed by the sea and is lost within the tide*




After the spirit vanishes into the sea, Dominus turns toward the travelers and speaks with them.



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
We must look around for tools that can reveal the location of the gem.

Emote: looks around

Could it be that simple?

Emote: picks up the fishing pole

Give me space at the shore so I can cast the pole.


Dominus casts the fishing line unto the sea and gives it a few moments before casting again. He switches spots a few times before casting into a shallow current. Dominus notices the fishing line snagged onto an object. Without hesitation, he began to reel in the line. From the shore of the Chaos shoreline, Dominus recovered a flawless gem.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
We have uncovered the Tear of the Sea.
We must now unite to destroy Hydros…
Not just for ourselves, but for those she has imprisoned in the afterlife.
I must go now and map out the location of Hydros’ Temple.
If any of you see Lord Blackthorn before I do, please inform him that we need military troops.

Emote: pauses for a moment

I must confess something to you all.
Since the defeat of Pyros, I have had a strong fear for the upcoming events.
Have you all noticed that these stories are from Child Fairy tales?
These stories were created from pure fiction… but now they have been given life.
I may be talking out of fear, but I sense something bigger is at works here.
The power to conjure of fiction and make them reality takes power… power beyond myself.

Emote: exhales a sigh

I will not trouble you all anymore.
Go. Rest and prepare yourselves.
We will be fighting Hydros before too long.


hd6 hd7


Dominus summons a portal to lead the travelers home. The recovery of the Tear of the Sea beckons the future for survival. Dominus sets out to discover the location of Hydros, the Titan of Water.


“Until The Water Runs Dry”
Story #2
November 19, 2015

The travelers follow their normal routine and gather at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. There, they find Dominus already waiting for them.


Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Good evening, everyone.
Tonight shall reveal the fate and truth in regards to this vile beast known as Hydros.
After the death of her brother, Pyros, she has been sending mass waves to destroy our cities.
Her ambition for vengeance is something we must be mindful about.
She will stop at nothing to destroy the lives that are in her path of anger and vengeance.
It is unfortunate that I must bear grave news…
In my efforts to map out the direct location of Hydros…
My attempts failed due to a rocky barrier in the middle of the ocean.
This barrier prohibits the use of ships, which ultimately cuts off the path to Hydros.
Alas, all hope is not lost.
We must travel back to the location we recovered the Tear of the Sea.
There, we will look around for any clues that could lead us to Hydros’ Temple.
Let us make our way to this sunken city.

With the memory of the coordinates intact, Dominus summons a portal that leads back to the sunken city of Chaos.  Once there, Dominus addresses the travelers:


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Everyone, please look around for any clues that could aid us.

Emote: looks around


Dominus and the travelers look around the ruins for any clues that could be given. A gust of went swept down the mountain side and brushed away a layer of sand. A miniature monument stood in place and had the runic markings that symbolize water. Dominus observed the markings and speaks to the travelers:


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
This must be a shrine to Hydros.
A land marker used by her servants in their time of worship

Emote: studies the object closely

There seems to be an inscription of some kind engraved in the shrine.

Emote: Volentes igitur probatio debet aqua.

In translation, “Those who wish to pass must face the test of water”.

Emote: Ad hoc testimonium invocamus et vocavi sacerdotes templo lustrare fortitudo aptitudine.

“To invoke this test, I summon the Temple Priests to survey my strength and aptitude.”

Emote: fiat.

Let it be done.




With the final phrase echoing through the ears of the travelers, the monument began to glow. Untapped spouts within the mountain side began to surge water onto the ground. From each spout came a puddle of water and from each puddle emerged a priest of water known as the Templo Sacerdos.


Before the water priests completed their transformation, the travelers began desecrating the creatures. Some, though, were able to complete the transformation and thus began the trial of water. These beasts countered every blade and arrow fore they were no match against water. The travelers that commanded the a fleet of flying serpents worked together to target each of the Templo’s. Fire mixed with water creates a bargaining chip of evaporation. One by one each of the water priests vanished.

A spout concreted within the shrine began to pour a bright blue liquid. The liquid was impenetrable from an attack and had no sign of transgression. It transformed into a Templo Sacerdo. The travelers grew uneasy as the water priest began to speak.


Templo Sacerdo (Speaking):
By order of the ancient code, those who have defeated the guardians of entry shall come through.
Though, be mindful.
Her Empress, Hydros of Pagan, does not take well to those who oppose her.
To go to the Temple of Hydros, simply step on the glowing rune that lay before me.
So be it.


The Templo liquefied and became one with the sand. The travelers crossed the glowing rune and were teleported to an unknown beach. Many creatures inhabited the sandy beach. Some the travelers previously encountered: Ghouls of the Sea and Tempest. There were some, however, that the travelers had not encountered.

There were many transparent figures that bore the likeness of the lonesome sea spirit. These were tethered to the shore as if they had been killed there. Forsaken spirits roamed the shores and act as vengeful spirits lustful of blood of those that killed them. The other creature bore the likeness of Hydros in many ways. Besides the sparkling white/blue scales, these scales were dull and stained with sea moss. The Spawn of Hydros prayed on the Forsake Spirits.

These creatures quickly noticed the travelers and began their siege. With a slight advantage as before, the travelers were able to defeat the accustomed beasts. Though, the Spawn of Hydros proved to be challenging. With the combination of those that fought with weapons, spell and friend-beasts – the Spawn too were defeated.


hf3 hf4 hf5


The sand glistened with blood and from the depths of the sea emerged Hydros, the Titan of Water.


Hydros of Pagan (Speaking):
You dare come to my temple and oppose my power?!
Your death shall come swiftly but will forever embody torment to your quivering flesh.
I shall destroy you all before tonight is over!




Hydros called unto her priests and with them she commanded them to kill the travelers. The water priests that were before came again to rid us of the shoreline. Those in the group that commanded the friend-beasts targeted them once more and pulverized them. Dominus asserts himself between the travelers and Hydros.



Dominus The Seer (Speaking):
Hydros, you will meet your fate as it has been forseen!!

Emote: raises the Tear of the Sea in the air


With the Tear raised in the  air, the aura that surrounds Hydros is consumed by the gem. Hydros does not notice her weakness of power before charging the group.


Hydros of Pagan (Speaking):
So it seems I must take care of you myself.
I will enjoy ripping your flesh from your bones and feeding them to my followers!
So be it!




Hydros initiates the first attack by creating a plasma ball from her heads and hurling it at the travelers. Waves crash against the shoreline and sea serpents crawl onto shore causing the chaos throughout the beach. Hydros power draws short as the Tear of the Sea captured her mana. Growing weaker with every usage of power, Hydros attempts to flee into the sea but is beheaded before reaching the shoreline. Her corpse lay in pieces as thick, golden blood ooze unto the shore.


Dominus picks up the Tear of the Sea and speaks with the travelers.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Is everyone okay?

Emote: sighs

A tough battle it was, but we managed to defeat the Titan of Water..
In doing so, we brought peace to the water and to the souls she kept from moving on.
We have one more journey tonight, then we can be done.
Come. We must pay a visit to the frozen ice pillars.


Dominus summons a portal to the ice lands where the frozen block of ice awaits. The Tongue of Flame glistens on a brazier. Dominus reaches the block of ice and turns towards the travelers.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
I must complete one more part of the prophecy by placing the Tear of the Sea on a brazier.
From fire came the Tongue of Flames…
The gem that controls the volcanic activity of our realm.
I now place the Tear of the Sea at the opposite side of the spectrum…
The gem that controls the raging power of our oceans.
Balance is the key to maintaining order.
Without balance, our lives will forever live in chaos.
On the elemental spectrum, fire and water are complete opposites…
However, they complement each other in the eye of balance.

Emote: pauses for a moment

I will not trouble you all anymore tonight.
You all have fought very well.
Go now, and rest for the evening.
We shall meet again, soon.


With the both elemental titans dead, Dominus goes on the search to find manuscripts that would lead to the next elemental Titan.

Ancient Pottery Jug Containing The Water Crystals Of The Legendary Hydros – Titan Of Water