Can’t See The Forest For The Trees (January)


“A Story Untold”
Story #1
January 21, 2016

The travelers assemble at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. Dominus appears before the crowd per a bolt of lightning. His exquisite taste of entry startles those within the area. Dominus cannot be troubled by such whimsical problems. He bares news and does not hesitate. He addresses the travelers once more:

Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Good Evening everyone.
I hope you all are well rested, as we have a lot to do tonight!
Some of you may know and some of you may not know…
Last week, there was an attempt at the Kings life.
During the Governors Meeting, a group of assassins came together to assassinate the King.
Fortunately, the Governors of Britannia stepped up and protected the King.
To the Governors of Jhelom, New Magincia, Minoc, Britain, and Vesper…
King Blackthorn sends his greatest appreciate for protecting him that night.

Emote: clears throat

The assassins were sent by a figure that goes by The Storyteller.
We have yet to track him down and gather information on him.
A messenger of the void warned us that if we continue to interfere in the Storytellers plans…
That we and the King will meet our fate and demise.
The Storyteller, whomever he may be…
Is the one who designed the scheme to bring life to the ancient titans of a fabled world.
The next Titan is called Lithos, who reigns over the forest.
I do not own the books that give details regarding the story fiction about Lithos.
However, a great friend of mine currently owns these books.
I would like for you all to go speak with Matthaeum in the city of Heartwood.
He can lead you in the next direction.

Dominus the Seer gazes unto the heavens as a lightning bolt comes smashing down where he stands. Where once was a Seer now lays a charred platform. The travelers make their way to the city of Yew. They seek a Scholar that dwells within the elven city of Heartwood. Sitting in his cozy elven chair, the travelers locate Matthaeum and begin speaking with him.


Matthaeum the Scholar (Speaking):
Can I help you all with anything?


The travelers tell Matthaeum that a Seer by the name Dominus sent them in search for the elven scholar. They inform him of threat of Lithos that wages Sosaria and the need to further research those stories he has in his possession.


Ahh yes.
I knew Dominus may come for that book one day.
I am sad to say that I do not have the manuscripts anymore.
They were recently stolen by a rouge of some sort.
I was able to track him but was unable to retrieve the books.
The location is heavily guarded and a measly elf such as myself cannot stand against those brutes.
The only way I can retrieve those books is if I had the help of a strong militia.

Emote: eyes the crowd and whistles a tune

Perhaps you all could aid me in this adventure, yes?

The travelers reluctantly respond to the cynical remark with a heaping yes.


You see the snowy scene over there?

Emote: points toward the table

Well, through elven magic, I was able to create a portal from myself to the fortress.
In order to activate it, you must place your hands upon the globe and envision the fortress itself…
After that… you should be at the desired location.
I should warn you though… those with bad karma will not be treated nicely.

Emote: laughs

Go ahead. Give it a try. I’ll be waiting here watching you all through the magical snow globe.

Emote: smiles

l1 l2 l3


The travelers hesitantly walk towards the mystical snow globe artifact and place their hands upon the round dome. Each envisioned a fortress described by Matthaeum and were transported through time and space to their desired location.

Once arriving, the travelers are overwhelmed by the magnificence of the fortress. It’s scenery gives the illusion of divinity but the sense speaks volumes of darkness. The travelers wander to the entrance of the forest and are greeted by Fortress Guardians. They have the likeness of a modern Minotaur but are created entirely of something different. Their eyes glow a certain yellow and their skin pigmentation resembles a dark maroon. Their design is something of fiction as if it belonged in a story once told many centuries ago.

The battle continues as it progresses into the Temple area. Solid gold monuments that resemble the Fortress Guardians stand above the travelers. At the base of the monument stood a plaque that read, “Temple Guardian Dweller”. Many travelers observed its peculiarity but only for a short time. As the final Fortress Guardian was slain, the Dwellers assumed life and with their hammers, crushed the few travelers that stood before it. The Dwellers were not difficult to demolish once they became the primary targets. Once slain, the travelers progressed through a tunnel that led beneath the Temple. 

Below the hollowed fortress were the undead that invoke the fortitude of the Temple. The undead had a pale reflection as they wandered aimlessly. The Temple Dweller Priests were stuck in time. They had no purpose anymore and were awaiting such times of distress.

l4 l5 l7

The travelers continue to lay waste to the dwellings of the temple until the reach the corridor of the Temple that bestowed a platform. A swirling mist of darkness arose on the platform as a person of darkness emerged:


The Storyteller (Speaking):
You fools have yet to learn.
After I created and turned mere fictional stories into real life… you still pursue me?!
I should destroy you all where you stand.

Emote: shimmers

You all are too late.
I know you’re here for the gem and the books of Lithos.
Unfortunate for you, I have no more need for them.
I have completed the transfiguration of Lithos.
He awaits your demise.

Emote: evil smirk

You see, my dominion know me by the name of The Storyteller.
Although, I like to reveal my true self to those that fall victim to my sorcery.




Maverick the Conjurer (Speaking):
Behold… now you know my true identity.
I am the last remaining sorcerer that learned the ways of the Shadowlords.
You see… these Titans are mere puppets in the grand scheme of things.
I do not care if you destroy their existence… as I have already used them to their fullest.
Actually, you all have been very pleasurable and beneficial to my cause.
I will not disintegrate your bones just yet.
I will make a wager with you.
If you beat my guardian’s, I will give you the books and the Heart of the Earth.
Consider it a gift….
That is… If you can surpass my guards.

Emote: touches amulet that is caressed around his neck

l9 l10 l11


With a flame empowerment, Maverick the Conjurer vanishes before their eyes. What is left is a trail of ooze that leads to a horrifying and bludgeoning monster: The Guardian of Fables. Used as a ploy to escape by Maverick, the Guardian lasts not fore the travelers killed the beast where it stood.



Matthaeum eases his way inside the temple and sneaks unto the crowd. He startles the travelers with an excited and animated shout!


Matthaeum the Scholar (Speaking):
I have been watching you all through the crystal ball I have in my possession.
I felt it safe to come here now and collect the books and gem for Dominus.
I can sense great danger, are you all sure you defeated everything?


The travelers ensured with a hesitant reply of ‘yes’


Emote: observes the crystal case

Hmm. There appears to be a runic trap setup to explode at the slightest touch.
I am surprised it hasn’t been set off yet.

Emote: adjusts arm cuffs

Emote: raises hand and points his palm to the crystal display

Emote: amin faina i’ ‘ksh- tanya naa yassene


The crystal display shatters as a plume of plasma eroded the case where it stood.


I have deactivated the runic magic.
I will now gather up the books and the gem and return them to Dominus.
Thank you all for your help in this matter.
I have but one more little elvish magic to show off in order to send you home!




Emote: Επιστροφή από τη στιγμή που ήρθε


Matthaeum places a magical snow globe onto the floor. It swirls as it displays a miniature appearance of the city of Britain.

As the one in Heartwood…
Tap the snow globe to return back home.

Emote: smiles


The travelers placed their hands onto the dome as they did before and were transported to the bridge that stood before the Castle. Lord Blackthorn was not within the Castle and Dominus could not be found either. With confusion, the travelers dispersed while waiting for their next call to arms.



“Can’t See The Forest For The Trees”
Story #2
January 28, 2016

The travelers gather once more at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn. There is a fine oak table stationed at the footsteps of the giant matte black statue in the center of the room. Dominus is seen atop a pillar that are positioned in the courtyard. He finds himself contemplating something in deep thought before addressing the travelers:


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Good evening everyone.
I would like to thank you all for aiding Matthaeum in the recovery of this book.

Emote: places book on the table

I have read over the story very carefully.
In the story, they describe the personality that is Lithos.
He is unlike any other Titan we have faced in the past.
Unlike Pyros and Hydros, he is the peaceful one.
However, do not mistake his peace for kindness.
These Titans are bloodthirsty and will find any opportune time to strike.

Emote: flips the page

Lithos is the Titan that rules over the dead.
It is presumed that he resides in a crypt of some kind.

Emote: pauses at a sentence within the book

“His location is here in another parallel realm.”
We have seen this before throughout history.
I have deciphered the text to the extent to reveal the use of ancient magics.
The ability to cloak the location of Lithos is of ancient sorcery.
Twisting the balance that is our physical plane….
Can create an illusion so severe that it can hide objects within plain sight.
It would appear that Maverick twisted the planes of Trammel and Felucca.
In doing so, he created a parallel plane to hide the Titan Lithos.

Emote: closes the book and looks at the crowd.

I do believe we have found the entry way to the Crypt that Lithos resides in.
A few of our men came across it while scouting the lands.
I must warn you though… I do not know what to expect within this crypt.
What I do know… from history…
Whenever strong magic such as this is used…
And the planes were manipulated…
We could be in Trammel first and then in Felucca within but one footstep.

Emote: pauses for a moment

If you all are ready to continue, we shall make our way to the Crypt Entrance.
Pay close attention and work together. We must be unified for whatever may come next.




Dominus summons a portal that leads to the entrance of an ancient crypt. Corpses of the dead and the living scatter the grounds.



Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Follow me and be on guard.


The travelers wade their way toward the crypt entrance. The sound of the ghouls ravishing on flesh could be heard. A few travelers pose a distraction on the other end of the crypt so that the rest could sneak inside without creating a scene. There, Dominus notices a tablet that is positioned on the side of the mausoleum.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
There appears to be runic markings written on the tablet.
It reads: “In order to activate the ancient magic..
one must evoke the spell used once before to restore balance in a world of chaos”

Emote: thinks to himself

Emote: remembers the spell used to summon a hero during the war of the Shadowlords

I need everyone to step back.
If the spell works, the pathway will highlight a bright color to signal the entrance.
If the spell does not work… we die.

Emote: begins the incantation

Έχω καλέσει την ικανότητα να αποκαλύψει το μονοπάτι από την αρχαία μαγικά κάποτε πριν.




With the incantation recited, a blast activates a chain of events that reveal the entrance within the crypt.

The travelers walk through the crypt and are ambushed by Crypt Guardians – a bright greenish resemblance of a ghoul. The location of the crypt is that of deceit. What once was Trammel is now Felucca as the tables were turned with a single step. The corruption of Felucca swayed the morality of a few travelers, turning them against their fellow warriors.

The ground began to tremble and what came from beneath were Crypt Zealots and their leader – a Crypt Overlord. The travelers were heavily outnumbered. The gaining advantage was that with the effects of Felucca that ravaged the travelers, it too effected the creatures that dwell there. Bloodshed was eminent. Many casualties were lost in the fatal encounter but peace is found from within the sea of blood.

li3 li4

The ground began to tremble once more and there that stood before us was Lithos of Pagan, Titan of Earth.



Lithos of Pagan (Speaking):
Who goes there? Reveal yourself to the Titan that is I… Lithos.

Emote: low grumble as the momentum of his body shifts

Why do you disturb the dead that I do so reign?
What is your purpose for coming here and disturbing the silence?


The travelers were speechless and could not answer the Lord of the Earth.


Only a fool will come into the domain of another being…
And defile its very existence.
Go now.. leave my sight.
I do not wish to be bothered by your kind any longer.


li5 li6


The travelers remain motionless following the command of Lithos. The disrespectful inquisition caused by the travelers upsets his Lordship.


Why do you not leave when requested?
I have done nothing to earn your disrespect.
I am the Titan Lithos!!!

Emote: gets angry

In the essence of discontent will you surely know the meaning and power of the Earth.
I am the Titan that causes the earth to tremble…
I am the Titan that commands the dead to walk…
I am the Titan that gives life to the very ground you walk upon..
I am the Titan that no one disrespects.
I see you have challenged me, a Titan…
I do so accept this challenge.
Only at the time of your death, when you are under my legion.. will you realize my true power.


li7 li8 li9


Emote: emits a powerful shriek that pierces the ground

If you wish to carry out this challenge…
I will be waiting in my domain.

Emote: drops mystical vortex

Lithos disappears inside the vortex – ushering the travelers to follow him. Once through the vortex, the travelers are immersed within a battlefield of greenery. Marble pillars formed of a circle with a flame atop them each. Lithos is seen in the center as a challenge of approval from those he seeks to battle.

Outlined of the forest from the pillars are Protectors of the Grove. They tower above the travelers and are resilient to the effects of magic. Their bark is hardened of infused greenwood.

From the treetops came tiny white creatures known as Forest Sprites. Their ambiguity is cunning but dangerous. With higher magika than a leveled elf, these Sprites were malevolent with their victims.

From the ground formed the Keepers of the Earth. Molded into a moving shield, the Keeper used it’s earth crust body to protect Lithos from the incoming forces.

The travelers fight for a long while. Some perished in the line of combat and some were able to stay alive. Through the many adventures of the travelers, they were able to gain the skill set needed to encounter such a battle. Though, while they fought with bravery, mortality still lingers for each of them. They are not above the power of a Titan.

li10 li11 li12

Dominus positions himself before Lithos of Pagan. He places the Heart of the Earth onto a brick pillar and confronts the Lord of the Earth.



Dominus the Seer (Speaking):
Your time has come, Lithos, to join your brother and sister. Pyros and Hydros.
Your creation, while it stemmed from mere fiction, must come to an end.
With your demise, we can put forth an end to your creator: Maverick the Conjurer.

Emote: begins the ritual

Αρχίζει η τελετουργία για να δεσμεύσει λίθος


I bind your powers, once and for all, and call an end to your tyranny…



Lithos shifts as the prophecy unfolds before his eyes. With anger in his voice, he threatens Dominus and the travelers one final time:


Lithos of Pagan (Speaking):
You will not destroy me!!
Even if I may die, my physical form will be gone…
My astral form will still live on… and with it…
I will see to it that you all will die with me..

*I now summon the speck of power that is to come…*

*join me… brother and sister… as I shall be with you soon… but not just yet*


Consumed of earth and then born of it, the astral spawn of Hydros and Pyros emerged from underground. The projection from the netherworld were mere spectacles of power that were transformed into a physical vessel. Their placement here were symbolism from Lithos that even though he may fall, he will never perish eternally.

Lithos of Pagan (Speaking):
I do not fear death, as that is mine to reign.
What you must fear, is the possibility that my death will not be the last you see of me.
I henceforth conclude this challenge.
Be prepared to face your death…
I will meet most of you in the afterlife…

*evil grins*

Lithos sheds his outer shell to reveal his true antiquity. His skin forebears the chislement of time and power as he is branded with runic markings. To dwell of the earth means to reside with absolute power over her dominion. The forest become one with the living and the ground shakes with breath.

The activation of Lithos’ power also activates the Heart of the Earth fore they are in unison with each other. The gem consumed the spirit of Lithos and with it came the life of the forest. Lithos stood there, defenseless, as the travelers worked to dismantle the existence of Lithos of Pagan.


The reforging of solid rock comes with great strife but it can be managed. The mages of the travelers conjured a small likeness of Hydros by manipulating her water crystals. With the crystals playing as a creature of water, they attacked Lithos until his skin became sludge. The warriors of the group disembodied his limbs until they were scattered. For the final conclusion, the travelers that controlled friend-beasts used their fire to reassemble the hardening of the crust. Lithos lay deformed, unattached and dead.

With Lithos’ lifeless corpse scattered on the ground, Dominus addresses the crowd with a stern voice. No celebration was to be had that night as his intent was to complete the mission.


Dominus the Seer (Speaking):

Emote: takes the Heart of the Earth from the pillar

I would like for all of you to follow me.

Emote: Vas Rel Por


Dominus the Seer summons a portal that leads the travelers to the ice lands where the ice block remains.


In the binding of Lithos, we now have the sacred Heart of the Earth.
I am sure you all remember..
Our mission is to unify the balance of all the elements that occur in nature:
Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
We bind the elemental Titans into the sacred gem that is their source of power.
With the unification of these gems, we can trigger sorcery beyond our comprehension…
The same sorcery that brought creation to our realm.
With this magic, we can remove the protective barrier from this ice capsule.
Acrotis the Dragon protected this capsule with his life.. yet another creation of Maverick.
There is something within this ice capsule that was guarded extensively…
I will now place the Heart of the Earth to align its magic with the rest

Emote: places the gem onto the brazier

Through the nourishment of nature and the power of the Earth comes life.
Without the sediment and stability of nature, we are but fragile beings.
This portion of the quest is completed.
Our next task is placing the gem that is bound to the Air Titan – Stratos.
With the final gem, we can confront Maverick and end this war.


li15 li16


Emote: lets out a sigh

I thank you all for aiding me in this quest.
I will summon you all again when it is time to confront Stratos.
Until then, go home and rest up. You all have done well

Emote: Vas Rel Por

Dominus opens is reagent pouch and summons a portal for the travelers to return home. He stands there, observing the capsule. He knows his powers grow weak each time uses them. He does not know how long he has before leaving the travelers. With his head lowered, Dominus walks off into the distance.


An Alluvium Vessel Encompassing The Residue Of The Legendary Lithos – Titan Of Earth