Two Souls With But A Single Thought, Two Hearts That Beat As One (February)


Two Souls With But A Single Thought, Two Hearts That Beat As One
Story #1
February  11, 2016

The travelers gather at the bridge front of Castle Blackthorn. They stand in a total loss as the entrance way was blocked off. Dominus nor King Blackthorn were in sight. The travelers grew weary until a pearling white portal appeared before them. The beauty of such a portal amazed everyone. Stepping through, the travelers were sent to the Shrine of Sacrifice where they begin speaking with an Acolyte of Amor.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Greetings travelers.
I presume you are here in regards to the ongoing war?


The travelers speak among themselves and are dumbfounded in regards to the Acolytes claim. A voice spoke up that assured the Acolyte of the miscommunication between beautiful, white figure and the travelers.

Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
I must enlighten you then.
I am a servant of Amor.
My obligation is to uphold the boundaries of love.
Over the course of thousands of years, there has been a war being fought unbeknownst to mortals.
Until now of course.
I had sent out sigils to mark the pathway for our infantry.
It appears you mortals intercepted the sigil and are now involved within the war.

Emote: hovers above the ground

Nonetheless, we can use your skills to aid us in this war.
Do you all so choose to aid the legion of Amor?


With a hesitant yes, the travelers agreed to the terms of the Acolyte of Amor.


I must enlighten you all on the ongoing history of this war.
At the dawn of creation, a battle on morality commenced.
The Phantom of Hatred has existed for well over thousands of years.
He is the leader of the evil done throughout this ongoing battle.
He has an equivalent counterpart…
During the creation of life, love and hate lived simultaneously together.
One cannot exist without the other.
The Phantoms counterpart is Eros.
You all know him as Cupid.
It is because they cannot live without the other, this war will never end.
You cannot live in a world with love and never be subjective to hate.
As the same, you cannot live in a world of hate and never be subjective to love.

Emote: eyes the crowd

Through the ages, the only way to subdue the Phantom was to empower it with its own hatred.
One thing to be aware of is that vengeance lives within us all.
Be careful not to be submissive to these emotions.
There is no way to defeat the Phantom.
All we can do is keep it at bay until the next encounter.

Emote: exhausts a sigh

Before I can take you to Eros, I must first test your strength.
Only the strong are permitted to enter the sanctuary of Eros.
Prepare yourselves!


am1 am2am3


The Acolyte of Amor hovers above the ground as he calls unto his soldiers to test the trials of the travelers. Prophesying in a language unknown to mortals, the Acolyte ascends unto the firmament – calling on the Voice of Amor to appear before the travelers.

The Voice is considered to be the vessel for Eros, or Cupid,  to test the will of any soldier willing to partake in the fruits of war. It is a test of many and a test of one. The Acolyte of Amor completes his call unto Amor and thus commenced the test of the travelers.




The travelers seek to maneuver past the Voice but with little success. The winged creatures knew the path towards revelation and thus were no competition concerning the frightened mortals. The test of Amor is does not concern itself with the will to fight battles and win them. It concerns itself with the courage to do just cause in the name of sacrifice.

A brave, lone traveler stood up against the power of Amor and thus the Voice dissipated. This lone traveler sought courage, found it and became the champion of his people. With a leader to guide the travelers, the Acolyte resumes speaking:


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
You all did very well.
You have passed the test and can now be permitted to meet Cupid.
Please do so with love and respect.
May we fight hand and hand to push back the forces of the Phantom!

Emote: smiles


The Acolyte of Amor summons a portal. It is adorned with rose white embodiment. The travelers attempt to go through but with no success. The portal engulfs into void as it assumes the tone of hatred and anger. With caution, the Acolyte readies for combat and precedes  through the portal along with with travelers.

The portal placed the travelers on the outskirts of the intended location. The ready for combat as Dominion of the Phantom attacks the travelers. With long, spiny necks and legs that count to six, the Dominion were savage creatures. Their skin emits poisonous gases that weakened and killed many travelers. 

am5 am6

The barrier gave way as the last Dominion was defeated. The travelers now dwell inside a garden of beauty. A tall oak stood before them with leaves of purple. It is unlike any tree seen before. The travelers observe the tree with amazement. The surrounding area became peaceful and the minds of the travelers soothed as a winged figure approached. There, before the tree, was Cupid the Beloved.


Cupid the Beloved (Speaking):
Greetings friends.
I welcome you to this beloved grove, even if it may be unsafe.
Our forces are currently at a standoff with the Acolyte of Detest.
I fear we may not have enough strength to push back their forces.

Emote: sighs

This has been an exhausting battle, but now that you all are here, there is still hope.
I share the power of the Voice when it concerns my Acolytes – my followers.
I witnessed your strength when tested with the Voice.

Emote: looks onward

I can perform a ceremony that could probably aid us.
I will need two volunteers to approach me at this alter.
The binding of a friendship through the means of love and respect is a beautiful gift.
A gift bestowed not only on those who are there, but on the entirety of this world.
You may wonder how this can help us?
At every moment love in any form is bound together, it extinguishes the force of hatred.
With my help and blessing, the Phantom cannot ignore the power of love.
It is a beacon so bright, it would summon his very essence unto us.
He cannot ignore this summon.
However, I must warn you though.
We will only have once chance at this.
If we summon the Phantom, he will come prepared for battle.
Are you all prepared to do the ceremony?


am7 am8


The travelers assure Cupid that they are prepared for battle if it results to that.


I will need two volunteers to approach me at this alter.


Cupid places himself at the center of the alter. Two travelers walk up to him and places their hand in friendship on the ornate table before them.


Cupid the Beloved (Speaking):
I would like for you both to cleanse yourself of any ill-will you have for another individual.
In order for this to work accurately, you both must have purity in mind and body.
Please repeat these words after me:
Et purgare mentis,

Emote: a wave of magical energy flows from Cupids hand and cleanses the two individuals

You both have been cleansed.
Now we can begin the ceremony.
I call unto the magic’s gathered from the creation of time.
I call unto the authority of serenity.
I call unto the authority of endearment.
With these powers I do so weld..
I bind the friendship of these two individuals as a unity of amity.

Emote: Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one

I now conclude this ceremony by speaking the mantra that is love…


The Acolytes that stand to the sides of the Cupid begin speaking in unison: Omnia Vincet Amore, Et Nos Cedamus Amori.


Cupid the Beloved (Speaking):
The time has come, friends.
I sense the appearance of the Phantom.


Dark Essence portals begin generating around the great tree of the grove. Dominion of the Phantom, Acolytes of Detest and the Phantom himself come from within. A great battle waged against the Acolytes of Amor and Detest, Cupid and the Phantom, the Dominion and the travelers.

As it was some thousands years ago, Hatred and Love clashed their swords of might. As was then is of now and Hatred was pushed back again. The Phantom was engulfed by flame and thus his physical manifestation went with it.


am10 am11 am12


Cupid the Beloved (Speaking):

Emote: exhales a deep sigh of grief

I was afraid this might happen.
The magic I spoke of, the same one that was present from our creation.
He too can use it to bend to his will.
Even though we slew the Phantom, his presence is still of this world.
His defeat does not signal the end of the war, I fear.
His Acolytes are still here and will ultimately restore his reign.

Emote: whispers to himself

“Through the act of sacrifice can one extinguish the realm of hatred,”
There is an alternative, however.
It goes back to what was said at the beginning.
Hate and love must correspond hand and hand.
There can be no bias towards them both.
Through magic not of this world but of the afterlife, can I destroy the dominion of the Phantom.
I must sacrifice myself in order to restore the balance and keep the Phantom at bay.
Do not fear, my good friends.
Do not be sad, either.
I do not know what awaits for me, but what I do know..
Is that you all have done this world a great service for pushing the evil at bay.
Please remember, that we must love one another through every obstacle thrown at us.
Love can never die if the collective teachings are being practiced.

Emote: smiles deeply

am13 am14 am15

I offer myself up for sacrifice so that the balance can be restored!
Let it be done!


Cupid the beloved, with tears in his eyes, sacrificed himself to the blade of the travelers. With  fiery passion he imploded unto the stars so that Hate and Love balanced each other out. At the sacrifice of Cupid, the remaining Acolytes of Detest withered unto the ground.




Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Even though our leader is no longer with us, I can still feel his comfort.
Thank you all for your help.
We have pushed back the forces of Hatred once more.
I do not think we will ever have to deal with them for another thousand years.
I am sorry to end abruptly but mortals are not suppose to intertwine with divine forces.
We’ve violated our most sacred law thus far and we appreciate your help.
Here is a passageway back home.
Stay safe, my friends.

The Acolyte of Amor summons the final portal that sends the travelers back home. Love won and will always win in the battle between the beloved and the detest.

A Passionate Rosebush Augmented With True Beauty: “Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori”