A Great Loss (April)

“A Great Loss”
Story #1
April 20, 2017

Everyone meets Leif the Lackluster at Castle Blackthorn to start the event

Leif the Lackluster (speaking)
Hello again.
I am thrilled to see everyone rested and here this evening.
As you all know, we had helped Sokar escape the hands of something that has been hunting him.
I fear it is a threat far greater than we have faced thus far.
Dealing with fictional gods is one things.
They all had a hidden weakness. It was written about within the child’s fable.
Your adventures with Dominus that led you to defeating the four element titans had led you to us
Those elemental gods were written about and their weaknesses foretold within a fable.
This… this threat that looms is far greater.
It’s weaknesses. It’s image. It’s power.
We know not of any of this.
Anything that will directly target a Dragonlord has a will of power above us all.

Emote: clears throat

Sokar has not briefed myself or Petronius on the events that took place before his escape.
He wishes to speak to us all as a unit so to not spread false stories.
If you all will follow me, I will take us to Sokar


Leif opens a portal to a gypsy camp outside of Compassion shrine. He is met with Petronius and Sokar. The nervousness that consumes the dragonlords is felt throughout the crowd. Sokar shifts his large wings before speaking.



Sokar the Dragonlord (Speaking)
I am sure you all have been met with well greetings so I will get to the point.
Tonight, we will attempt something that may have severe consequence.
Some of you may be wondering who, or what, it is that I escaped from.
Petronius and Leif are familiar of this individual fore she is of evil and of our world.
A draconic goddess walks Sosaria – Andromeda.
Her purpose for being here is to kill us Dragonlords.
She killed our King and set on a quest to kill the nine lords that were prophesied to end her reign.
She commands five draconic guardians that are under her lustful call:
Octavius, Alexandros, Morpheus, Sethos and Damos
They were once guardians of the King.
They grew corrupt and lust of power. With their help, Andromeda overthrew our King.
As far as we know, it is only Andromeda that walks this land.
Let us hope we can accomplish tonight’s mission before the five guardians appear.
If they are here, then penetrating Andromeda will be impossible.
The five guardians are what tethers the life essence of an individual.
They protected the King until they turned on him – leaving him vulnerable.
If the five guardians walk among us, we will have to turn them against her or kill them.

Emote: sighs

This is a task no one should be conscripted into.
You all are here by your free will and that means so much to us.
You should know, there will be casualties. This is not a war that can be easily won.
We will lose many allies and we risk losing our own.
I witnessed Andromeda’s deceit.
She killed many of my friends before I crossed from our world into this one.
Malevolent is only a term to describe her and even then, it cannot come close to her evil.

Emote: clears throat

There is an old draconic ritual that can be performed to bind an individual power.
It takes three gems forged from a dragon’s flame.
The gems associated in Draconic lore have their equivalents here in Sosaria.
I’ve taken the liberty of researching their counterparts.

The Gem of Light.
Associated with the power of psychosis.
The gem belongs to the leader of an ophidian camp, Kundalini

The Gem of Mortality
Associated with the power of life.
The gem belongs to the leader of the ethereal beings, Tamadial.

The Gem of Decay
Associated with the power of just cause.
The gem belongs to the necromancer leader, Zhelut.

Once the gems have been collected, the ritual can be performed by aligning them together.
Leif will lead you on the journey of collecting the gems. He has already been briefed about them.
You all should be forewarned.
Once collected, you must align then and the return here. No questions asked.
If Andromeda is walking this world, her terror is unimaginable.
One can only hope that kills you quickly.
She has… a sense of humor when it comes to kill her prey.
Get the task done and get to safety.
I will gate you all to the first location. Leif will lead from there.
If you all are ready, then let’s get this started.


Sokar summons a portal to the first location: an Ophidian camp on a mountain top. With a gust of his wings, Sokar takes to the air and vanishes. Leif walks to through the portal and leads the travelers on their journey to recover the Gem of Light. Many perish while fighting their way through the Ophidian camp. Kundalini appears with her minions of cockatrice’s. The travelers persist and fight there way through




Success! Kundalini has been slain and the Gem of light retrieved. Leif speaks to the travelers once more:



Leif the Lackluster (Speaking)
We have slain the beast known as Kundalini. We have recovered the Gem of Light.
Let us go forward to the temple of ethereal beings to recover the next gem.


Leif summons a portal and sends the travelers to a divine temple outside the Shrine of Spirituality. The divinity of the temple has resurrected the lost souls that perished from their battle against Kundalini. In the distance a piercing echo shatters the air as a winged beast known as Tamadial. He commands the legions of the Temple and has dominion over its beasts. Divine mutants begin attacking the Travelers as they attempt to land a fatal blow at Tamadial.



The winged creature was slain and thus the retrieval of the Gem of Mortality.



Leif the Lackluster (Speaking)
We have slain the beast known as Tamadiel. We have recovered the Gem of Mortality.
Let us go forward to the dungeon of the undead beings to recover the next gem.


Leif summons a portal to the undead dungeon to recover the last and final gem of the set. The travelers walk through and some perish as the undead feasts on their flesh! Zombie, Gouls, Liche and Skeleton all rise a the command of Zhelut, the elder Liche of the crypt. Adorned with his victims flesh, Zhelut sits high on a pillar. His elite guardians known as the Manticore charges the crowd for a fatal attempt at death.



Leif the Lackluster (Speaking)
We have slain the beast known as Zhelut. We have recovered the Gem of Decay.
Something seems off.
These gems were too easy to recover. It is as if they were willing to hand them over.

Emote: shakes head

Let’s move forward and purify the gems so we all can leave.
The ritual calls for the gems to be forged by a dragon’s flame.
I can summon the flame that fuels us Dragons. It will manifest in a form of a creature.
Once killed, the gems will have been purified.
Prepare for battle

Emote: si lasau wer ibafarshan di darastrixi

Leif speaks the ancient draconic language that summons the source of a dragons flame. A fuse of fire erupts above the travelers as the fire consumes the surrounding areas. From within a beast emerges created of flame and ember. The physical manifestation of a dragons flame challenges the travelers.


Leif the Lackluster (Speaking)
The gems have now been forged from the flame of a dragon.
We can now align them to unite the power for binding.
I will begin.

From darkness comes light that shall reveal the righteous path to revelation.

Emote: *places the gem of light on the table*

From divine intervention comes life, a suitable understanding of mortality.

Emote: *places the gem of mortality on the table*

From mortality comes decay, a formal passing unto the next stage of consciousness.

Emote: begins to feel a pull at his life essence

What.. what is going on?
I cannot breathe. I cannot move.

Emote: drops the gem of decay

Tony… I..

Emote: Leif has succumb to paralysis and is thrown against the wall

The travelers look at Leif with bewilderment. Blood trickling down is face as he was smashed against the wall. He attempts to speak but only gasps of air resonate. He cannot move. He cannot talk. His eyes fill with fear as the room turns cold and the light goes out. A clash of lightning fills the room as a beast of beauty stands before them all. She is adorned with soft bronze tones to enhance the green in her eyes. She is fear; she is desire; she is vengeance; she is Andromeda the Matriarch.


Andromeda the Matriarch (Speaking)

Emote: laughs

It is a pity to go through all of that trouble just to lose a Dragonlord.
You all basically gave him to me.
I will show my deepest gratitude by killing you all quickly.

Emote: Andromeda’s eyes shift to a clear white

What was nine will now become eight as the moons align to foresee a change in prophecy.

Emote: raises hands and begins ripping the flesh from the bones of Leif

Through the grip of paralysis, Leif lets out a shriek of pain as he holds to dear life. With force of might, Andromeda peeled what was his face. Muscle tissue lay bare and blood everywhere. She quivers as he succumbs to paralysis once more.


Andromeda (Speaking)
Silent, you joke of a serpent.

Emote: turns back to everyone and laughs


I do not take kindly to puny mortals meddling in business affairs such as this
You really think you can bind my essence into those three gems?
Even if you all somehow managed to pull this off, what makes you so sure it could work?
I am a draconic goddess after all. My power is limitless.

Emote: laughs


The final strength of Leif the Lackluster is seen as he shouts at Tony to complete the ritual that would bind Andromeda.


Leif the Lackluster (Speaking):
Tony! Place the third gem on the table! Hurry!




Andromeda (Speaking)
Quiet you filthy scum!

Emote: notices Tony scuffling to pick up the gem

Fine. You want to play this game? Let us play!

Emote: *Efecto Tramanta Exactronomae!*

A fire storm rains down from above and blasts Leif the Lackluster – leaving him motionless and dead. The travelers panic and are unable to respond with enough time.


Andromeda (Speaking)
Let’s see who wins this battle

Emote: cloaks herself

A trail of mysterious crumbs scatter from the body of Leif the Lackluster towards the alter with the gems. From a place of shadow a hero emerges. Tony picked up the last gem and places it on the alter – thus completing the ritual to bind Andromeda the Matriarch. At the placement of the final gem, Andromeda reappears and this time.. paralyzed.


Andromeda (Speaking)
You… have actually paralyzed me.

Emote: mumbles

Good work for filthy mortals.
Tell me, did Leif ever say what to do next if I were to be trapped?
Oh yes. I killed him before he could say anything!!!

Emote: *begins having convulsions*

Ah yes, Tony! I almost forgot about you as you seem to only dwell in the shadow.

Emote: blood trickles down her face

You’re a sly individual are you, Tony?

Emote: *begins to scream as her bones start shattering*

I’ve underestimated you, Tony!
It is easy to forget that Leif had another half instilled someplace.
You were left to carry forth the binding ritual.
Well played.
While you’ve successfully bound me, you cannot keep me!

Emote: *Insperimus tado equium*

Let us see how you do with fate.

Emote: grins

Andromeda summons a death dealer created from ember and grave dust. His presence rings the bell of regret as travelers are slaughtered. One by one each individual falls at the hands of the death dealer. Andromeda takes this opportunity to break free and escape the binding of Leif the Lackluster and Tony the mysterious.



Tony The Toast, The Unsung Hero Of Leif The Lackluster


“A Hallowed Embodiment”
Story #2
April 29, 2017

The travelers join forces at Castle Blackthorn courtyard. The sorrow feeling feels the room as each member awaits their orders. The adventure of before left everyone in shock. A special gathering was called by Petronius for tonight to embark on a new adventure. A bronze portal appears within the courtyard and everyone ventured through. A tomb sat closed in the center of a cave, Sokar on its right and Petronius walking towards the crowd.


Petronius the Dragonlord (Speaking)
It is sorrowful indeed that we meet under these circumstances.

Emote: looks down

I cannot begin to explain the sadness of losing a brother.
Leif the Lackluster may have fought bravely but was an even stronger leader.
He fell prey to Andromeda. We all have, it seems.
A dragonlord’s death is symbolic in the sense that they now reign above us.
A lord bound by mortality escapes to lordship within the heavens.

Once a Dragonlord perishes from its vessel, the life essence remains with us.
The life essence crosses into the afterlife per a ritual performed specifically for Draconic Lords.
Once in the afterlife, well, no one knows from there.
Each specific Draconic Lord has a destiny for each life.
Mortality serves as a path to discover fate.
Death serves as the path of fate that leads to fulfillment.
A Draconic Lord can serve as an oracle, death dealer, prophesy or even revelation.
Their destiny is always uncertain.
After death, the soul gains its energy and can manifest as an apparition.
But even that is uncertain.

Emote: frowns


Petronius the Dragonlord (Speaking)
Many of you are probably wondering what lay for the future of us now.
While we do not know the future of Leif’s life essence, we do know one thing.
As with any being that has dragon blood flowing through their veins..
The soul of a dragon can be consumed to fully destroy the individual.
Andromeda had full intent to devour Leif’s soul so that he cannot return in any form.
It is because of Tony and the rest of you that she was stopped.
The binding of Andromeda had weakened her enough to flee to safety.
She failed at her mission of destroying Leif the Lackluster.
One thing she did not anticipate is that the spirit of Leif would still be intact.
What was nine will remain nine.
So while we do not know Leif’s destiny, we do know he will still be here with us.

Emote: looks down

While that may come off as a victory, there were no winners on the field that night.
Yes, we weakened Andromeda but at the cost of our own.
Without Leif’s physical presence, we are left weak.
If Leif were to join us again, he would only be a spirit manifestation of himself.
He would not be able to do things that he once could.
This involves fighting, traveling or the consumption of power.
He would be a vessel unto the afterlife.
When a dragonlord passes, their purpose is to be a voice between the living and the dead.
In a sense, they are an oracle to our people.
Tonight, we will lay his remains to rest and then perform a ritual to release his life essence.
Where it will go and what path it may take will be unknown to us.
It will take some time for him to gain energy but gain it he will.
Once he has gained his strength, we will attempt communication unto the afterlife.
It will be a direct voice-line into the afterlife.
As was said before, nothing is certain, though.
His destiny could very well be to let this battle play out without interference of the supernatural.
If it be as such, then that is the will of our ancestors and shall be respected.

Emote: looks sternly

Leif’s sacrifice was for the success of our survival.
He died a hero’s death.
It is with great appreciation to you all that his essence can progress on its path.
You stopped Andromeda from completing her task. You all have my gratitude.

Emote: looks at the sarcophagus

I think it is time to initiate the burial of Leif the Lackluster.
If you all will repeat after me, the ceremony will transfer the transition of his soul to the afterlife.

Emote: places his hand on the sarcophagus and reads from an old manuscript

I will translate the script into the tongue of your people so that you all can understand.

Emote: a surge of fire engulfs Petronius as his eyes shade to white


From flame to ash a spirit resides
Of ancient lordship, this being arise
Take him now a draconic son of high
Essence of old with essence anew
Release thee now to a sanctum so few

With the final incantation recited for the ritual, a swirling ring of fire emerged from within the sarcophagus of Leif the Lackluster – sealing the transition of his soul to the afterlife.




Petronius the Dragonlord (Speaking)
It is finished.
His life essence is on its journey to fulfill his destiny.
We await his return if he shall return at all.

Emote: looks to the heavens

wiap yoweth isthasy persvek navnik
We will meet again, brother.

Emote: looks to everyone


Thank you all for aiding me with this.
For now, Sokar and I will remain hidden until further notice.
Which reminds me..
There is one other thing that needs to be discussed before we go our separate ways.
With Andromeda roaming Sosaria and her guardians not too far behind, our survival is crucial.
…Us Dragonlords I mean.
Sokar and I have set out on a quest to recover a lost cavern of your world.
Its purpose of existing are unclear but it dwells beneath the rock.
Its location is the perfect cloak from Andromeda.

Emote: clears throat

The reason for us discussing this in its simplicity is the fact that without you all…
..we would be dead.
We came to your world blind and in terror.
If you all did not rescue me from that ice capsule, Andromeda would have found and killed me.
The remaining Draconic lords would be next.
We are indebted to you all.
I bring this up to seek approval before venturing on this journey.
Your aid would be crucial in the recovery of this cavern.
Would you all mind aiding us of its discovery?


The travelers, in unison, agreed to aid the Dragonlords with this next adventure



Very well. Each of you have my gratitude.
It will not be an easy task, though.
We must first locate the cavern that hasn’t been touched in many centuries.
We are dealing with ancient times when it comes to the likeness of such a place.
Leave the location of the cavern to Sokar and me.
We can use what gifts we have to locate any lost places.
Your objective is the most difficult of the two.
Dealing with what enemy lay inside comes at no easy cost.
While we are uncertain of what is within the cavern, we know it has been guarded for centuries.
Lives will be lost and destruction is potential.
Defend the cavern at all costs and buy Sokar and I time to cloak the area.
Once cloaked, it will be our domain and can be our place of refuge until Andromeda’s demise.

Emote: looks at Sokar

We will begin our search immediately.
I will return you all back to your headquarters.
Sokar and I will signal you all once more for our next journey.
Until then, lay low and do not attempt to contact us.
Andromeda could intercept and smite us all. We are not yet strong enough to take her.
Be well and be safe, my friends.

Petronius summons a portal that brings the travelers back home. The two remaining Dragonlords, Petronius and Sokar begin their exploration for the hidden cavern. What awaits the travelers on their next adventure?