Lover’s Leap (February)

“Lover’s Leap”
Story #1
February 24, 2018


The travelers gather around a wooden platform in an area adorned with beauty. Fairies, Centaurs and neutral draconian beasts roam the surrounding area. Placed on the wooden platform is a composite bow blessed by love, which was seen in other times. A figure emerges behind the stage, his identity unknown. His complexion is drained. He walks onto the platform, holding a leather journal in his right hand. He looks to the crowd of travelers and addresses them all in the name of Amor.


Sebastian (Speaking):
Good evening.

Emote: smiles

I know that you don’t know me and I have yet to know you..
.. but if you will, I’d like to tell you a story.
The journey to find love is a journey we take to seek out our other half.
It is a reckless journey; a journey of adventure and of desire. It is a journey like no other.
My name is Sebastian and I am still on that journey.
My story is an unusual one and I am not alone.
I am accompanied by another and his name is Vaughn.
This story does not begin like most romances or mythical loves.
Our story begins with two individuals becoming friends and then something much more.
The world was our opposition, but our hearts were our unity.



His domain was within the valley of springs..
…and impeccable distance from the realm of Native nations where I reigned.
We had love – gifted by Amor and blessed with a fiery passion.
Vaughn and I began talking through technological air waves.
We were at a disadvantage because of our distance but we never let that get between us.
We would talk each morning and night and throughout the day..
..become adapted to each other and eventually falling for each other.
We spent many of moon speaking across romantic airwaves, delivering letters



And even planning our future.

Emote: laughs

For his birthday, I tamed a wild bear and gave it to him.
Along with such, I got some old parchment and wrote him a manuscript depicting our love.
His gift to me were his heart, neatly crafted by colorful material
and paired with obsidian earrings.

Emote: smiles with delight

Their value in currency was obsolete but their value soared above any monetary gain.
To bestow me his heart was the simplest and most thoughtful gift one could acquire.

Emote: gets lost in his thoughts

Our first time meeting was an adventure through time and space.
I traveled through a portal to meet him at a local convention. I remember our first encounter.
He was standing idly in front of black curtains barred with booths and tables.
The carpet was cherry red that matched his rosy cheeks.
He was browsing items at the market area that was adorned with trinkets inspired by space.

Emote: snickers

He had dyed his hair lush black and had a goofy expression on his face.
At first sight, we embrace each other with such serenity. I can still feel his warmth.

Emote: lowers head

After we parted ways, we still kept in touch.
The love that grew that evening was so natural. So pure.
I was there with him when he came out to his loved ones – fully embraced and loved.
It was an exciting moment to accept and be accepted.
Over time, the love grew stronger but so did the need to see each other.
We were separated. We were without each other and that tore at the soul.
We’ve been separated for quite some time and I seek to find his love once more.
Now, my heart must conquest the feelings of Amor; of love.
A dear friend of mine, we must meet, and confront the tests of Amor.
Let us venture unto a land of mystifying beauty. Let us meet the Acolytes of Amor.



The travelers surround Sebastian as he opens a portal to the Well of Amor. There, the waters of Amor sway as they react to the power of an Acolyte appearing before the travelers.



Sebastian (Speaking):
Greetings, old friend.

Acolyte of Amor (Speaking): 
Good evening to you too, ancient one.


Sebastian (Speaking):
We have summoned you to fulfill the tests of Amor; the tests of love.

Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Very well. Peer unto the well of Amor and tell me what you see.


Sebastian (Speaking):

Emote: peers unto the well

I see a reflection of a man that use to be. He is now lost. He is broken, and he is without love.

Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Why do you see a man without love when you embellish in its favor?


Sebastian (Speaking):
I lost the love I most cared for. We were plagued by an enemy of distance and desire.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Then you have lost what many fought for. What of you now? What do you seek?



Sebastian (Speaking):
I seek answers to the path that leads to my heart and the heart of Vaughn.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Peer unto the well once more and answer me these five questions.


Sebastian (Speaking):

Emote: looks unto the water that reflects his heart

What does thou ask of me, Acolyte?


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
What of him is of beauty?


Sebastian (Speaking):
His soul.
The stars blink as they watch him carefully, jealous of the way he shone.
The way he walks. The way he smiles.
From above, twinkling light reflects the iris of his eyes.
In this tonight, the stars envy him.

Emote: notices the water shimmer

Asketh again, beloved Acolyte


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
What of him is pure in heart, mind and body?


Sebastian (Speaking):
His humanity.
Never a being existed so kind or so loving. So humane.
He is an angel among us all.

Emote: notices the water shimmer

Asketh again, Acolyte of Amor.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
What of him demands sacrifice?


Sebastian (Speaking):
His Love.
Birthed by passion, our love was pure.
Sacrifice, we must, to be together. Two halves meeting as one.
His love is infinite and deems commendable and must be respected.

Emote: notices the water shimmer

Asketh again, Acolyte of grace.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
What of him is free?


Sebastian (Speaking):
My Love.
Though it were and though it may, I have to love him the right way so that he may be free.
Thus, love is infinite for him, but his soul must accept the invitation of unity.

Emote: notices the water shimmer

Asketh again.





Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
What of him must be understood?


Sebastian (Speaking):
His acceptance.
To be loved is to be free and to be free is to be accepted and to accept is of Amor.
Love giveth, so in turn, love must taketh back when deemed needed.
If it is the will of Amor, I must let him go.

Emote: notices the water shimmer

What of me now, beloved Acolyte?


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
You view him with beauty and grace. You view him with admiration.


Sebastian (Speaking):
I do.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Your sacrifice is great because he is bound within Amor and you are without.


Sebastian (Speaking):
What do you see within my heart, sacred being of Amor?


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Your love with Vaughn is pure but any future must counter the scales of time.


Sebastian (Speaking):
Fore time alone can bear the memories of such unrequited desire.
In time, if I must let him go then I will do so.
The greatest act of love is to allow that individual to be happy.
I will let him go if I must.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Very well. You have acknowledged the will of Amor; the will of us all.





Sebastian (Speaking):
Very well, kind Acolyte.


Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Let us travel to the eternal portal of realms. Amor is waiting.



The Acolyte of Amor appears to hover above the travelers. He summons a portal that is at the front of Cove, a distant city in the Kingdom. Before them, the Acolyte hovers near a stone platform. A crystal portal opens up between the two stone pillars. Strange sounds can be heard from the centre of the Portal – a call to another realm.




Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Sebastian, you have survived the tests of Amor, though the future lay meek.
However, you must conquer the creatures of Spatium to gain access to the portal.
Only then can you gain access to Amor.


Sebastian (Speaking):
Very well. Let me go forward and conquer the beasts known as Spatium; distance.



From the crystal portal to other realms, five figures emerge that glow with a purple hue. There name is Spatium, a grueling and merciless creature that spars with those that falter on love. Sebastian, with the help with the travelers, fight and are victorious. They have slain the Spatium; distance.





Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
You have done well, Sebastian.
You have gained access to the inner circle of Amor.
This is a onetime opportunity to ask of Amor. What is it that you seek?


Sebastian (Speaking):
To see Vaughn, even if it be for the last time.
I miss his smile, his gentle touch… his love.
He was of virtue; and I, his vice.
I need to see if he is okay, even if it may be for the final time.



Acolyte of Amor (Speaking):
Follow me unto the portal. Let us speak with Amor.



Sebastian and the Acolyte walk unto the crystal portal. Their figures fade as the portal closes behind them. Moments pass. Maybe hours? Emerging from the portal first is not of human features. Kevin the Opossum crawls from the crystal portal, confused by the confrontation of the travelers. Kevin quickly goes towards the pillar but finds comfort when his owner, Vaughn, emerges from the crystal portal. Vaughn, embellished with calmness, greets the travelers with kindness. Sebastian emerges next to Vaughn and the two look aimlessly into each others eyes, bewildered and amazed that they are, at last, together for the moment in time.





Sebastian (Speaking):

Emote: takes Vaughn’s hand

I had so many words to say but I have lost the will. I just know that I am happy to see you.


Vaughn (Speaking):


Sebastian (Speaking):
Our time here is short be it the grace of Amor.
My time with the Acolyte has shown me much in return to the answers I seek.

Emote: gently caresses Vaughns hand

What is the greatest gift to bestow unto him who you love and cherish?


Vaughn (Speaking):
*looks at Sebastian* What is it?


Sebastian (Speaking):
The gift to be free. Free from fear. Free from harm and from sorrow.
I was there with Adonis and with Psyche as I am here with you now.
I am love incarnate and I am here with you, in your heart.
Our time together is very brief but I wanted to gift you a part of me before we depart.
The last gift I can bestow unto you from my heart is a story – our story.
I’ve given you love, joy and happiness – now let me give you memory.
I made this relic for you after we last met. It is of infinite beauty that matches your heart.



Emote: laughs

Do not get mad at me, I know you’re favorite stone is turquoise but I chose a different gem.


Vaughn (Speaking):
*laughs* It’s fine bug.



Sebastian (Speaking):
I gift you a necklet forged by love from my heart to yours.
Blue diamonds are the hearts of the ocean..
..the voice of the skies and the eternal vessel for the stars.

Emote: places the necklet around Vaughns neck

Now you have a piece of my heart wherever you may go from one land to the next.
Distance separates us and now it can no longer.
Where we go from here, I do not know. What I do know is that we will be together in some way.
What path that may be, we go forward without fear.
You are the star to my night sky and I have to let you shine.




Emote: peers unto the crowd of travelers

Manifested by the will of Amor, we must fight through distance and unrequited desire.
This is the will of Amor; the will of fate.
Our gift to you all is helping us with this battle. Go forward and go now, and fight for Amor!


From the hearts of Vaughn and Sebastian and through the will of Amor, a creature emerges from the crystal portal and unto the crowd. The Lover of Amor, a sacrificial festival in the name of Amor comes to a head and then concludes.

The Acolyte of Amor allowed Sebastian and Vaughn to meet briefly, shattering the boundaries of time and space. As their time together came to a close, Vaughn called to Kevin the Opossum and the two walked toward the opening of the crystal portal. Vaughn turns around to see Sebastian next to him. A tear crosses Vaughns face and Sebastian takes his hand and wipes it away. The two enter the crystal portal – going their separate ways but have a piece of each other. Although distance separates them, they will always be together in one form or another. This is their story, the story of two individuals who fell in love and countered the world together and will continue to do so in the name of Amor; the name of Love.


Reward: A Blue Diamond Necklet Forged By Love for Him, from Sebastian