Templar of the Alliance

Many years ago, in Britannia, some good and some bad things happened. Citizen of Britannia divided themselves in 4 groups True Britannians, Council of Mages, Minax and Shadowlords. Those four groups were called factions. Each of them fighting for a more prosperous Britannia and for what they believed good for them in the Fellucia facet leaving Trammel on its own.

The True Britannians were lead by Lord Dupre, the Council of Mages were lead by the high parliament of Magincia (Anon), the Minax group were lead by Minax herself and the Shadowlords that were lead by these 3 demonic entities also known as the shadowlords.

But as usual when we have many different groups and many different visions in the same area, problems rises. The fall of Lord British and the invasion of the Shadowlords then Minax attacks via a mechanic reproduction of Blackthorn, Exodus with all its minions and many other events all that brought Britannia a less virtuous and a more chaotic place.

Then a well-known person, Lord Dupre, came and help us all to fight the evil and make Britannia a better place. bringing down Exodus and bringing back a true King to us which is Lord Blackthorn.

The problem now is that we need a constant group of people to look after the king and fight to make all the virtue respected for the good of Britannians. That is why the Templar of the Alliance has been created. They are the the best people remaining from the True Britannians with the ones from the Council Of Mages that returned to Trammel to serve the King and protect the land against Minax, Anon and all other future threats as an Alliance. A new elite section of knights, an alliance formed from the toughest fighters of True Britannians and Council of Mages.

So it is up to you to join and fight for a virtuous Britannia! Make all 8 virtues be respected for a better world!


Chaplain brothers:  Internal priest for the Order. Have the power to hear confessions and to give absolution for sins. Templars are forbidden to say their confession to anyone else.
Templar Squire: Assist the knight in any way possible, from polishing his weapons to feeding his horses. They are testing themselves and their mettle to climb to the order of knight.
Templar Treasurer: The Treasurer’s duties are clear, they are the people who keep the books.
Templar Sergeant: Usually from a lower social class than the more noble knights, the Sergeant is still a young officer
Templar Knight: Backbone of the battlefield.
Templar  Standard Bearer: Also called the Confanonier, the Standard Bearer is in charge of the Squires
Templar Under-Marshal: The first officer under the Marshal, the Under-Marshal is in charge of the lesser equipment, bridles, padding for saddles, barrels of water, and other supply problems.
Templar Marshal: The Marshal is in charge of all arms, as well as all horses. He is very much a military man, and a Master would usually consult with him, as well as the Seneschal and the Turcopolier, before making any final decisions on tactics.
Templar Turcopolier: This officer is the third in line militarily. He was in command of the Sergeant brothers.
Templar Seneschal: The Seneschal is the right-hand man for the Master and is sometimes called a Grand Commander. In peace, the Seneschal administered all the lands belonging to the chapter house. In war, he handled the movement of the men, the pack trains, the food procurement, and other issues of moving an army.
Templar Master and Commander: The Master and Commander is the local commander in charge of the commandery. He has complete command in the field.
Templar Grand Master:  This office is for life, and the Grand Master was in charge of the entire Order, worldwide.

You earn points in multiple ways:

-Attending an event (Must be present for roll call)
-Turning in a book with an event recap
-Attending a Governor’s meeting

1. Point totals needed for each rank are kept secret.
2. Ranks are scaled to become harder to obtain as you progress
3. Promotion ceremonies will be held around every 6-7 months.
4. Roll call will occur at the beginning of every event
5. All events will now meet in the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn
6. Books can be submitted to the Mailbox at Orix’s Office next to the EM/Counselor Hall in Britain. (Location may change in the future)